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Episode 20: Aleria is too cute


Siri clicks her tongue.

“How is that ugly better than me !? That’s right! Your eyes must be rotten!”

“Who’re you calling ugly?”

“Hmm, you’re both blonde and stupid, You poor thing …”

It seems she’s calling Aleria ugly and stupid.

At Siri’s words, Aleria is frozen.

If it’s about me, I could just bear it, but I can’t stand Aleria being insulted.

“If you’re trying to raise yourself by lowering others, you’re hopeless. Even if you looked better than Aleria, there’s no appeal to a woman with no character. Well, even with just looks Aleria’s better than you. “

Aleria isn’t just beautiful. She has character suitable for a princess, there’s no clash between appearance and nature like some people.

“You don’t mean that! Throw away that little kid. You’ll see, if you touch my boobs, you’ll definitely change your mind.”

Siri forcibly takes my hand and tries to press it against her chest.

…… It seems the saying “a fool doesn’t heal until he dies” is true. In this case, it seems that even if he dies, he won’t be cured.


I slapped away Siri’s hand.

“It hurts … how could you be so violent a lady!”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve never used violence against women, and I still haven’t used it.”

“…Huh? I don’t get what you mean.”

“Then let me be clear. You’re not attractive as a woman …. No, you’re not even a woman in my eyes.”


“This story is over. As far as I see, with your blatant, forcible and persistent behavior, it seems someone ordered you to do this. Tell Fabrice, I’ll kill him the next time he tries this.”


Siri can’t say anything back, It seemed she wanted to say something but stops halfway.

I’m not interested in her.

“Aleria, are you okay? Let’s go home.”

I took Aleria’s hand.


“Ah … that! Thank you very much. Yuki, please don’t throw me away …”

Immediately after returning to the inn.

Aleria thanked me.

“What are you talking about? I don’t have such plans.”

“But she said all those things, and I couldn’t say anything back. You even had to say various things for me …”

“I only said the facts. I’m sorry I didn’t speak out earlier.”

“The facts is it … it’s not a big deal.”

“Well, to be honest, I thought you were a ridiculous girl the day we met though. I was blown away.”

For example, she ran away from the empire and became an adventurer, she refused to return, and proposed to make a marriage pact.

However, while living together, her charm naturally came to me. There are no complex calculations in Aleria’s head. It’s a bit strange considering she’s a princess, but her nature is pure.

She’s not malicious, very curious and unusual.

“And apart from the inside, Aleria is beautiful. Whether it’s best in the world or not, you’re definitely the cutest woman I’ve ever seen.”

“What? it’s the first time I’ve been praised so much … I’m glad, thank you.”

Aleria’s face turned bright red and she hid it with both hands. You don’t have to be shy, it’s true after all.

“Aleria can be confident. Well, I don’t want you to be as arrogant as Siri is, but being too ignorant of your gifts is insensitive to those who aren’t. It’s not flattery.”

“Confidence …?”

“Well, though you still have a lot of work cut out for you, you’ll naturally acquire it in time. I hope this was a good experience. Even Siri knew that Aleria is attractive. She was just jealous.”

…… Maybe.

If she really thought she’s the most beautiful and Aleria is ugly, she should go to the hospital for a while, I wonder if she’ll be cured before the doctor throws in the towel.

“Okay. Thank’s a lot Yuki. I think I can be more confident.”

“I’m glad you feel better. Actually, I was thinking we’d go get some delicious food in my original plan, but do you still want to go?”

“No thanks, the food we eat outside is good but, food eaten here with Yuki is the most delicious.”

“Yeah. you can be confident about that.”


“Hmm? Because Aleria makes the best food? There’s not much I can do though. Does that mean I’m not confident in my cooking skills?”

“Hehe … don’t be like that, it’s fun to make it with Yuki and eat together … No, it’s nothing, don’t ask!”

Why so suddenly? I’m was just complimenting her.

“And Yuki, your words that ignorance is insensitive, Please remember it too!”

“Oh, ooh … I understand.”

Did it bother her …?

I said I understood, but I don’t understand at all.

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