Chapter 22 part 1

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Chapter 22: Thanks to the Knight Commander (Part 1)

  Ren was stunned by Lithia’s ability to act,

‘But I’m sorry. I wish we had more power. ……”

 Lithia said with a sigh in a rather dejected tone of voice.

 It seems that she has her own thoughts on the matter of Viscount Givens.

“You didn’t protest directly to Viscount Givens?”

“My father said It couldn’t be done. He said it’s hard to complain to higher nobility when they are from different factions.”

 The difference in ranks is more significant than Baron Clausel’s lack of compassion.

 Lithia’s lament was based on this fact.

“The only way to protest against the higher nobility is to ask a high ranking noble who has a close relationship with you. In the case of the Clausel family, it would have to be at least a neutral count.”

“Then —-“

“…… of course I’ve asked. But the neutralists are less powerful than the other two factions.”

 If they complain just because of their high title, the other faction’s even higher nobles might start to interfere.

 I’m sure that there are plenty of nobles who would like to avoid such troublesome situations.

 The fact that the power of the neutral faction is weak makes this even more so.

“So it seems that the neutral faction’s upper nobles are also taking a wait-and-see attitude.”

“This kind of thing. Hah,…… I really don’t like it,…… that we’re nobles of the same empire, but we’re made to feel like this because of our factions and titles.”

 Lithia seemed to be sincerely irritated and revealed her feelings in front of Ren without hiding them.

“I’m really sorry ……. As the daughter of the lord, I apologize for involving your village in the foolish quarrels of the nobles.”

 Her profile, as she said this while letting out a sigh, celebrated a loveliness that could be mistaken for that of a fairy.

 Indeed the saintly woman known as “the heroine who cannot be conquered” can be pictured even in such a scene.

 Ren, however, is not conscious of her outstanding appearance.

 He was fed up with the aristocrat’s tediousness.

“No, it’s not the ladies’ fault this time, you know.”

“Even if that’s the case, it’s the fact that you got involved. —- that’s right. Why don’t you sit down?”

“Oh, then I will.”

 I mean, it’s my home, so there’s nothing to be reserved about.

I didn’t sit down because the other party was a baroness.

 Lithia looked at Ren, who sat opposite her, and nodded in satisfaction.


“Speaking of which, there is one thing that has been bothering me.”

”Yes. What is it?”

“I would think that if there is a saint involved, even if there are differences in titles and factions, she would have more say in the matter.”

“What a coincidence. There was a time when I used to think that too.”

 But that is not going to happen, she said.

 Lithia let out a deep sigh once more.

“There have been many saints born since the beginning of time. But unlike the Seven Heroes, they haven’t accomplished anything, have they? Even the saints who have been called blessed by the Lord God Elfen since the …… beginning of time have not vanquished the Demon King.”

“I don’t really know ……”

It’s okay, it’s a fact.”

Ren knows what she means.

 Originally, saints, who are said to be blessed by the main god Elfen, were awe-inspiring beings.

 However, in the Reomel Empire, there are those who are held in even greater awe.

 —-These are the Seven Heroes. They are the ones of absolute lineage.

 Because of their presence, even with the presence of the saints, the faction’s overall voice has not visibly increased.

 Even the royalist faction, if one traces its origins back to the founder of the country, the Lion King, is involved.

 The founder of an absolutely undefeatable superpower also boasts great influence, just like the Seven Heroes.

I’m not saying that the saints are behind both of them, but still, as Lithia said, the saints have never accomplished anything.

 Because of this, they have not gained the kind of clout that Ren thinks they have.

“—-That’s right.Let me hear it this time.”

 And Licia leans forward on the table to look at Ren.

 Her eyes, reminiscent of jewels, were fixed on Ren’s face.

“Do you accept the Viscount’s offer? Or not?”

 Ren, who had been wondering what was going on, answered in a nonchalant manner.

“I won’t accept. As I told the young lady, I have no intention of leaving this village.”

“Really? If you lie to me, I’ll drag you all the way to Clausel.”

 She makes me think that she would really do it.

 Ren smiled bitterly and said again, “I’m not going,” and escaped from the pressure of Lithia who was gradually closing in.

 Lithia, who was moving away, seemed to have somewhat lowered her reservoir.

“Speaking of which, how was your bath?”

 Lithia, who had gotten sick of the topic so far, spoke as if she remembered.

“It felt exceptional. If I hadn’t been reminded of the young lady being there, I’d probably have relaxed for another hour or so.”

“Do you want one then?”

“I’m sure it would come in handy, but it would probably cost a fortune…… .”

“Don’t worry about the money. The magic tool I brought with me was old and no longer working. I just used my allowance to fix it, so don’t be shy.”


“Mou!What do you mean by that?”

“Because …… you’re asking me to come to Clausel in exchange for money, aren’t you?”


 Licia stammered, “Ugh!

 She seemed to have been hit on the mark, but quickly tried to appear nonchalant.

“I don’t want that much,” she said.” I just want you to be there when I’m in the village.”

“Does that mean you will continue to come?”

“I can’t?”


 I really don’t want to have too many friendships.

 But I don’t have the right to stop her.

“I don’t think the Baron will forgive you more than once.”

“He’s forgiven me twice. Three times, four times, even ten times, it won’t make any difference.”

 Ren was astonished at the tremendous force of her theory.

 After a few stunned seconds, he clears his throat and smiles.

“If the baron doesn’t have anything to say, then I have no complaints”

 Or rather, the reality is that I can’t refuse.

“Phew, good.”

 Lithia was pleased and gave a friendly smile.

 It’s probably better that he wasn’t abducted ……… and taken to Clausel. However, it was still an unfavorable turn of events for Ren.

(I want to lose on purpose)

 It was a development that could not help but make Ren think this way.

“You know, you can’t lose on purpose either, right?”

“Perish the thought. I would never do anything disrespectful to the young lady.”

“Hmm,…… considering that, you looked like you were up to no good.”

“No, it’s just your imagination.”

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