Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: A strangely blended saint.

 After all, no one knew the truth.

 Just because Viscount Given was too suspicious, there was no evidence that he had sent a monster.

 But they couldn’t stay passive.

 Baron Clausel extended the period of stay of the knights dispatched to each village by about half a year and ordered them to protect us until spring.

 Among them, the village of Ren, who had direct contact with the monster, was decided to be stationed indefinitely.

 These messages arrived after November, and another month has already passed.

 —- Things were busily exchanged, and the season quickly turned to winter.

 Far from the morning frost, the cultivated soil area is covered with pure white snow.

 Due to the presence of Ren, they were able to prepare abundantly for this winter. Not only firewood but also food is bought in a reasonable amount.

 All were the result of Ren going hunting on a daily basis.

 Besides, I still have a lot of assets related to the thief wolfen, so I think we will be able to live a comfortable life for a while.

“Ren. It was a good hunt today.”

“Yes, I thought it would be hard to move in winter, but when I got used to it, it didn’t seem like that.”

 Ren looked up at the afternoon sun and said.

 A dozen little boars piled up next to the bridge, showed that today’s hunting was going well.

(I feel that my handling of swords has improved recently)

 The reason is simple: I was fighting without relying on the natural magic (small) of the wooden magic sword.

 Ever since the knights were stationed, hunting has always been with them.

 Therefore, the improvement of my sword’s arm is the result of fighting while hiding the summon magic sword skill.

(I feel like I don’t have to hide it, but I’ve hidden it so far)

 If you come this far

 Besides, the skill level is also being obtained properly.

 Instead of the wooden magic sword or the iron magic sword, he summoned the thief’s magic sword and equipped it at his fingertips, so there is nothing wrong with it.

 At present, I’m not in trouble because I’m hiding it, so I intended to stay like this for a while.

“Ren. Please leave the transportation of the little boars to us.”

“I always say, I’ll carry it too.”

 Ren said so and carried four little boars on both shoulders.

 It’s always a mysterious sight.

 If a boy like Ren carries it so easily, the adult knights are likely to lose their self-confidence.

 But it wasn’t due to the fact that Ren subdued Thiefwolfen alone.

“Isn’t it better for Ren to leave the village?”

 The knight suddenly said this.

“What, why so suddenly?”

“You will definitely be a great success. Maybe you could be a knight who is well known in the Imperial City.”

“That’s right,  I can’t say it too loudly, but from our point of view, I think that Ren-dono is more like a reincarnation of the Seven Heroes than the heir apparent of the seven great barons.. “

 It was embarrassing.

 I’m happy to be praised, but it’s embarrassing to be praised by two adults.

“I have no intention of leaving this village, because I’m the successor to the Ashton family.”

 It’s not the first time he’s been praised like this.

 When praised, Ren always says he is the successor to the Ashton family and says he has no intention of leaving the village.

“Hmm … really regrettable …”

“Stop it. Any more will bother Ren.”

“Oh … that’s right.”

 The three of us go back to the mansion while talking. It was a heavy step to walk on the field road, which was much harder to walk on than before it snowed, and it made me feel like I was training.

 Only the sound of squeaking, squeaking, and stepping on the snow can be heard.

 The snow that fell gently seemed to envelop the entire village in a tranquility not found in summer.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 The mansion is very old as usual.

 The roof was making a creaky sound.

 …… The weight of the snow is about to break it.

(Is it possible to overcome this winter?)

 Concerned, Ren sighs and remembers making money from the thief wolfen.

I t should be able to repair the roof dozens of times.

 When I think about it, I realize that there are other uses besides medicinal herbs.

“I’m home”

 Ren opened the door to the dirt floor leading to the kitchen and called out to Mireille, who was always waiting inside.

 However, that is not the case today.

 Instead, Lithia, who sat in a chair by the table, resting her cheeks on her hands, said.

“Oh, welcome back. If it’s your mum, she’s at Grandma Rigg’s.”

 Perhaps because her response was so natural, the returning Ren adapted without pointing it out.

“I see, no wonder she wasn’t here.”

“Why don’t you take a bath first? I brought a magic tool from the mansion, so I think it’s useful in various ways.”

“I’m curious about that. I’ll take your word for it.”

 Ren walked straight through the dirt floor, past Lithia, and out of the kitchen.

 When he went to the dressing room with a familiar step, the situation was certainly different.

“Wow … it’s a hair dryer, this”

 Looking at the magic tool placed in front of the mirror, which is not very transparent, I recall the memories of my previous life.

 From the fact that I had wiped my hair with a towel and dried it in front of the fireplace until today, it feels like a sudden modernization.

 Excited Ren quickly takes off his clothes and steps into the bathroom.

“Oh, there are magic tools inside.”

 I didn’t have a shower until today, but now I have one.

 I wondered where the hot water was drawn from, and when I looked at it, it was connected to a huge crystal ball about the size of a human head at the bottom of the shower attached to the wall.

 Apparently, water is also produced by the power of magic tools.

 According to the common sense that Ren knows, magic tools basically operate on magic stones.

 Therefore, hot water and water are also generated from that power.

 It was really convenient not to have to draw water from the river, let alone a well.

“… How much will it cost?”

 Even if he said a shower easily, he felt that it was incomparably expensive compared to his previous life.

 However,  he had no intention of asking Lithia about the price. Because he was too scared to hear.

“Hmm … it feels good … it’s the best …”

 Will I be able to live a better life if I go to Clausel? No, don’t think about strange things. All you have to do is make money in this village and make this mansion easier to live in.

 In the face of the power of civilization for the first time in a long time, Ren is proud to have endured the temptation.

 I laughed softly when I saw myself in the mirror in the bathroom where no one was there.


 As he did so, a question suddenly arose.

“… huh?”

 He utters a sullen voice and folds his arms while bathing in the warm water of the shower pouring down from above.

“………… Hmm !?”

 And I noticed a feeling of strangeness.

 It’s a mystery why I didn’t notice until now.

 But even Ren has an excuse.

 I couldn’t imagine the saint, who was unexpected and who I thought couldn’t come so soon, would come so quickly.

(I’m aware that I was out of sorts but …!)


 It seems that he was off guard because he was on his way home from hunting.

 Ren makes excuses in his heart, not to anyone, and taps his cheeks to tighten his mind.

 Action was quick after this, and Ren hurried out of the bathroom.

 Wet hair was roughly wiped with a towel, then he changed into clothes and rushed through the mansion.

 The destination was the kitchen where Lithia was for some reason.

“Why !?”

 He opened the door in a hurry and uttered an unreserved voice.

 Then, when she saw Ren who appeared in a noisy manner,

“Why did you scream so suddenly! My ears hurt!”

 Lithia lifts her eyebrows and says.

 She then held her ears down and twisted her lips.

“So why are you here !?”

“That’s because I came!”

“If you come, of course you’ll be there, but that’s not what I’m asking …! I’m saying! Why is the young lady who should be in Clausel in this village!”

 It’s also a problem that I’ve been accepting too much naturally until now.

 But more than that, the fact that Lithia was here was more shocking.

 …… Lithia, who was once surprised by Ren’s voice, gradually regains her composure.

 This time, she looked at him again and smiled daintily, somewhat triumphantly.

“There’s only one reason I’m here. You’re not coming to Clausel, so I came instead.”

 Ren was stunned that she hadn’t given up yet.

“Oh, I heard that the lady is busy …”

“Fufu, Be relieved. I’ve done it all.”

“―――― What? Did you say all?”

“I came to this village with all the study and work done by the beginning of winter.”

 After all, there are no defects.

 She has a wonderful ability to act.

“… How did you make an excuse for the Baron?”

“In the case of Viscount Given, I said that the Clausel family should also move aggressively. The daughter of the lord … If I, a saint, would come, they might refrain from making any careless movements. He can’t refuse that, right? “

 Baron Clausel, Lithia’s father, would have had to nod to such a reasonable proposal.

 Ren soon realized it.

 After all, this girl is not just a girl who wants to hone her sword.

 Lithia Clausel is a hard worker and a smart woman.

(No way to meet again so soon)

 ―――― The only problem for Ren was that she was too active.

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