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Chapter 24- Savior?

Clarissa, with her red hair that tends to fall out of place in the wind, rushes toward us with graceful steps.

She smiled happily with an arc on her lip colored with crimson.

I gulp at the appearance of the officially recognized candidate for the crown princess. The situation had become even more complicated and I almost begged, “Let me go home now…..”

Of all people, how could Clarissa-sama show up…… No, wait a minute? This could be an opportunity to turn things around. If Clarissa-sama, the official candidate for Crown Princess, is reluctant to make contact with me, I’m sure Prince Leonardo will back down for a moment….. At least I can get out of this place in one piece!

“I’m counting on you!” And with a twinkle in my eye, I give a hopeful look to Lady Clarissa.

She opened her lips, which were colored with crimson, as I earnestly hoped that she could do something about His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo.

“What on earth were you two talking about?”

“We were just making small talk. We didn’t talk about anything important. Right? Charlotte-san.”

“Yes, we were just talking about the Viscount Meyers estate. Apparently, His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo is interested in our lands and would like to visit us during his summer vacation.”

I explained the situation succinctly and politely, passing over Crown Prince Leonardo, who was deliberately trying to mislead the conversation.

‘Come on, show your disgust! Convince His Highness!’ While sending a reminder, Clarissa-sama smiles softly.

“Oh my! That’s lovely! I would love to join you────!”

With a smile that showed not the slightest hint of dislike, Clarissa said so.

I was surprised to see such a completely different reaction from what I had expected. I was so shocked that I was about to collapse and I muttered to myself, “The world is so unreasonable”.

I thought she was a savior…… Instead of improving the situation, it’s getting even worse. I absolutely hate the idea of going around the territory with these two. Just the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach…..

I hold the lower part of my chest and think seriously, ‘I might as well really travel alone’.

Aside from me finally starting to stray, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo faced Clarissa-sama.

“I’m sorry Clarissa-sama, but could you please refrain this time? Wouldn’t Charlotte-san be uncomfortable if you came?”

“Oh, if you put it that way, I’m sure even a visit by your Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo would feel like a burden from Charlotte-san’s point of view……”

“You’re right. But that doesn’t mean I have to have you accompany me, does it?”

“I don’t think so. If I, as a candidate for the Crown Princess, accompany you, I can protect Charlotte-san’s public image. At least, there will be no one who will suspect that the two of you are in love. People will assume that it is a trip between Your Highness and me.”

Clarissa smiles as she says in a roundabout way, “It’s impossible for you to spend your summer vacation with a woman who is not a candidate for the crown princess”.

In a sense, the two of them are a perfect match for each other, as they send invisible sparks flying.

As the two of them smiled at each other, I wished, “Please, do it somewhere else”.

Hmmm…. they’re talking on the premise that they’re coming to my territory, but I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet! Well, it’s true that I couldn’t find a good excuse and I haven’t turned it down clearly….!

I mean, why are these two keeping each other in check…!? Even though she’s still a candidate, they could be a couple in the future…. Have these two have always been like this?

Their relationship, so far from what I imagined, makes my eyes go black and white.

I was particularly surprised by Clarissa-sama’s attitude toward Crown Prince Leonardo. I had assumed that an officially recognized candidate for Crown Princess would naturally like Crown Prince Leonardo, but that assumption was shattered in an instant. Perhaps, what she wants is not Leonardo Ares Draconia himself, but the position of Crown Princess. For better or worse, this is a very aristocratic idea.

“It is true that public opinion is important. So, let’s do this. I will visit Viscount Meyers’ territory only as an inspection. If I take Isaac and the other followers with me, it will prevent rumors from spreading, won’t it?”

“I don’t know about that. It is obviously unnatural to go out of one’s way to inspect the relatively rich Viscount Meyers’ territory, even if it was an extremely impoverished territory, I think it would be safer for you to travel with me.”

“Hahaha. Clarissa-sama is quite the worrier.”

“Ufufu. I guess so. But we have to be careful just in case. You never know when, where, or what might happen.”

Clarissa’s peridot eyes narrowed as she said, “You’re being overly optimistic”.

The exchange was more like a dispute than an argument, but my opinion, as the party involved, was completely ignored.

Having missed my chance to say no, I look up at the sky and escape from reality, saying, “Ah, the sky is blue today”. If I could, I would have run away from here right now.

Hmm…… I wonder if I can somehow get through this crisis? It’s fine for them to come and inspect at a hundred paces, but I’m not the one who has to deal with the two of them …… hmm? Wait a minute? Why should I have to deal with ──── Crown Prince Leonardo and Lady Clarissa? First of all, that’s a strange premise. Because ──── I’m only the second daughter of the Viscount Meyers family. I’m not going to be the one to go out with the Crown Prince or Duchess, not to mention my parents and sister. If we were friends of the same age, it would be a different story.

In front of the noble seniors, who clearly cannot be called friends, I made a decision.

──── Yes, let’s throw everything to my sister…….

“Your Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo and Clarissa-sama. Please excuse me while I speak. Regarding the visit of the Viscount Meyers family, please consult my sister Scarlett instead of me. I’m certain that my sister will gladly accept your request.”


“I think my sister Scarlett would be easy to talk to since she’s in the same grade as the two of you. Especially His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, who is an officer of the student council. Therefore, please take this matter not with me, but to her.”

In a roundabout way, I insisted, “I have nothing to do with this,” and I brilliantly avoided a troublesome situation.

Standing in front of them with a smiling face, I was in a good mood no matter who looked at me.

The only purpose of the two of them is to interact with me, so I’m quite certain they’ll back off now…… even if they use my sister to visit me, all I have to do is run away. They’re only coming as my sister’s guests, so they can’t complain about my absence.

“The bloodline is open!” While I was rejoicing, His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo and Clarissa-sama frowned for a moment. But they immediately mended their expressions and smiled.

“I guess so. I’ll check my schedule again and then consult with Scarlett.”

“Yes. Maybe there isn’t one available in my schedule……”

The two dared to mince words without saying, “We will definitely consult with her”.

I inwardly let out a sigh at their sentiments, which were evident in their words and actions. I felt sorry for my sister when they showed such blatant reluctance.

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