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Chapter 24: Kyle-Vermillion and the Azul Chamber of Commerce

“Kyle-sama, there’s a letter for you!”

While I’m slowly drinking tea in the guest room of the Azul Chamber of Commerce, Raymond brings me a letter. He finally received a letter from the refugee called Silva.

He was apparently a former resident of Grace who agreed to betray him as soon as we gave him money and offered to hire him as a servant after the battle was over. He was brought to me by the Azul Chamber of Commerce when I asked them to find a man who could be a spy. Even so, he was desperate for a reward.

“Hmm… the range of a gun is not that far, but they are powerful weapons. There are only 10 guards. Well… the scale is still at the village level, so I wonder if that’s natural.”

“Well, the adventurer said that it was a woman who was actually fighting the wyverns when he first attacked the village.”

Raymond nodded at my words. If you have a weapon with a longer range and more power, you don’t have to fight the wyverns when they attacked…. But some of the wyverns had their magic shot down from the inside… can you put magic into this weapon called a gun?

If there is such a thing… I think it will lead to an increase in the strength of me and my Kings guard. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of it.

“Then, there’s only one enemy. If my bodyguards unleash magic on the village from several places at the same time and destroy the walls, it will be impossible to respond. It’s best to use magic to counter the range advantage of magic, but they don’t have it.”

“Yes…. I will send out about thirty of my own private soldiers and the dragon tamer adventurer and our victory will be secure.”

“I know they won’t be able to win if we have three times the number of people plus my Kings guard. Oh, but if there’s a dragon tamer, then I have to be careful and add a bit more strategy.”

It was a battle that was almost certain to be won, but even so, they could not let their guard down. In war, the presence of wizards is important. They can cast huge spells from a range that your opponent’s bow can’t reach and their attacks with a variety of attributes can do all kinds of damage to your opponent. The conventional wisdom is to win by magic versus magic, or to go in with a large army at some cost, but they don’t have the troops for that.

Even ordinary soldiers don’t want to fight and these recently trained refugees would be no match for them. The problem is Vigna, but at worst I could fight her.

Now it’s just a matter of how Grace will react. ……

I actually think Grace is a fool, but I don’t underestimate him. He may not be able to fight, but his knowledge is nasty to have as an enemy. Well, he’ll still be outnumbered. ……

“Oh… Grace and Vigna…. and If possible the dwarf Bowman, tell everyone to capture alive.”

I’m not saying this out of any kind of compassion for my immediate family. Their knowledge of magic-healing potatoes, guns and the like could be useful to me as well. We’re going to have an overwhelming victory anyway. Then there is no harm in capturing them alive and using what is available.

“I understand. Then let’s open a bottle of wine to celebrate our victory and Kyle-sama’s glory.”

“That’s right. Here’s to our victory.”

And so we drank the wine together. The celebratory wine was very tasty.

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