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Chapter 23: Treatment of Traitors

Galatea called me to tell me she was ready and I entered the building feeling a little heavy. This place was made to hold prisoners of war in the event of a battle. I didn’t think I’d have to use it before the battle started, though. ……

“Galatea, how are you doing?”

“Thanks for your help, Master. You can leave the dirty work like this to me.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not going to let you get your hands dirty. I was prepared to get my hands dirty when I decided to fight ……. Is he asleep?”

I look at Silva, who is hanging in his cell, unconscious. He is slender and skinny and his clothes are soaking wet. He was a sight to behold.

“That’s a great aspiration, Master. I was just about to start questioning him. I’ll wake him right up.”


Galatea then poured a bucket of water over the prison and splashed it on Silva. Silva wakes up with a pitiful scream.


“Grace-sama, I’m sorry! please save me! I’ve had enough of being questioned every five minutes with a blank expression, I can’t take it anymore!”

When he saw me, he cried out for help. It’s true that Galatea can be as beautiful as a sculpture and it must be quite scary to be asked the same question over and over again with no expression on your face. To me, she’s a pretty maid and a guard.

“If that’s the case, why did you do what you did to trick us? You knew this would happen, didn’t you?”

“I was looking for a job in the city when I was approached by someone from the Azul Chamber of Commerce…..”

Silva looked away from my question and answered awkwardly. I sighed inwardly when I noticed his voice becoming like that of a bum.

Was he looking for money…..

Maybe he was intimidated, but he didn’t seem to have been traumatized and…. I’ve already given him a chance to ask for help.

“Master, this man is an enemy. Let’s kill him immediately.”

“Oh, no… Grace-sama….. help me, please…..”

“Galatea, calm down. Don’t be so frightened Silva. I’ll ask you to do something instead. In exchange, I want you to tell me all about…. the Azul chamber of commerce operations. That’s the deal.”

Silva, who was completely intimidated by Galatea, looked at me as if I was his savior. It seems that the candy and whip strategy is a success.

“I understand! The Azul Chamber of Commerce is going to have their private army and the adventurers they hired dress up like thieves and attack this village! And I heard that…. Prince Kyle will also join the fight. The plan was that I would give them information on Grace-sama’s weapons and strength and as soon as that information arrived, they would attack the village.”

“Oh, big brother, are his king’s guards there too?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t learn that much….”

I ignored Silva’s apologetic look and thought about it. Not being caught in the information network of Edward’s chamber of commerce means that some people are coming to the next town under the guise of travelers. Unlike Vigna, my damn big brother, Kyle’s King’s guard is made up of people who aren’t that good at close combat, but are good at magic. Probably a few of them, but they’re nasty as hell.

Long-range magic such as fire arrows can be quite troublesome if fought head-on, but rifles can be used to shoot them out of range. As for the rifle, it’s better to hide it.

“So how do you get the information over there?”

“Yes, when I give the signal, a reared pigeon will come to me and I will attach a letter to it.”

“I see….”


I nodded and pulled my gun out of my pocket, the sound startling him in an amusing way. Did he think he was going to get shot?


“This is the secret weapon, the gun. It can only be used at close range, but it shoots faster and is more powerful than a bow. This is the strength… about 10 people, Vigna is the leader. What are you doing? hurry up and write a letter. Galatea, give him something to write with.”

“Yes, Master! You know….. if you write anything unnecessary.”

“Yes! Yes!”

Galatea scoffed and Silva began to write a letter with a tearful look on his face. I let him write the letter, giving him information that suited me, with a little truth mixed in. Then he whistles and a white dove comes and I tie the letter to it.

Now they would be lulled into a false sense of security.

“Grace-sama! You’re going to let me go now, right?”

“… Oh, yes, of course.”

The flirtatious look on his face reminds me of the words I swore to Galatea when I first welcomed the refugees. I decided that I would judge anyone who would ruin everyone’s smile.

“Silva, I will decide whether you’ll be executed or enslaved when the battle is over. Until then, you will stay here and be quiet.”

“That’s not what you promised…..”

“You’re the one who lied to me first. Don’t worry, I’ll feed you. Let’s get ready for the battle, Galatea!”

“Yes, Master. Excellent decision.”

We can hear the resentment in the background, but we don’t care, we go out. And… the next day, the battle began.

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