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Chapter 94: Opening Ceremony 2

“Then, Warrior state Galatain, please take the oath.”

After me, it was the turn of the bear beastman to take the oath. I knew that the second prince was a bear cause I’d been informed earlier, but without that information, I would never have known. He was a bear, but his hair and ears were white, and he was taller than me, with more muscles than me, but not muscular.

“I thought this year was going to end in a landslide for me, but it looks like I’m going to have some fun. But don’t let me down too much, okay?”

He said this while looking at me sideways. I’m not sure if it’s because I provoked him, but he’s aware of me as an enemy. But the elf is even more annoyed because she feels ignored after not being told anything in particular.

Lastly, last year’s champion, the sacred Taglion, please take the oath.

The Holy Taglion was the winner of the previous year’s tournament. And since they are the host nation this year, all eyes are on the Elven representatives to see what they have to say.

“I don’t know why you’re so excited. First of all, I’m surprised that you think you can get into a proper fight with me when I’m contracted with a top-tier spirit. At best, you should be miserable that you’re going to lose to me.”


And after the elf’s pledge, the crowd went wild. I regretted a bit that I had raised a flag, but I was glad that everyone took it seriously. Even so, I was worried about the spirits who were shaking their heads with their arms crossed in front of their chests as if to say that ” I can’t do it!”

“Thank you for your pledges.”

Then we went back to where we were. On the way back, my eyes met Sophie’s eyes and she looked at me with a bit of dismay.

“I’ll explain the rules of this year’s survival match.”

The rules of this year’s survival match were announced next. The rules were summarized as follows.

Rules for the survival match

  • A square forest of 300m per side will be created in the arena using magic tools, and the stage will be set there.
  • Each country will be randomly placed at the four corners of the square. It is completely random which country is next to which country and which country is facing which.
  • Prepared for each country is a ball with a radius of about 5 cm and a base with four depressions on which the ball can be set.
  • At the end of the survival match, the score is decided by the number of balls set on the pedestal.
  • 2 points for your ball and 1 point for balls of other countries .
  • Each country will be given three magic tools that can be used for long-distance communication.
  • The balls are equipped with transmitters, so there’s no point in hiding them.
  • The ball is designed to be unbreakable.
  • However, if a country intentionally destroys the ball, they will be ranked 4th in the survival match.
  • If the ball is broken unintentionally, a new ball will be restored to the country where the broken ball was last set.
  • The time limit is 3 hours.
  • If the scores are the same, the ranking’s stay the same.
  • However, if all four balls are set on one country’s pedestal, that country will be ranked first and the other countries will be ranked second equally.
  • If a player suffers enough damage to be considered lethal, the magic tool will reduce the damage and force the player to leave the stage.
  • The person who was forced to leave the stage cannot rejoin the survival battle.

“If anyone has any questions, please raise your hand.”

The announcement was made, but no one raised their hands. I looked at Sophie behind me, but she didn’t seem to have any questions, and more importantly, the rules were exactly what she had expected. If we followed the plan, we could win.

“Next, I will explain the rules of the national competition.”

Then, the representative match was explained. Here’s how it works in detail.

  • Each country will select five competitors.
  • The five competitors must not be changed unless there are unavoidable circumstances.
  • The order is spearhead, second spearhead, center, vice-captain, and captain.
  • This order can be changed.
  • From this year, the spearhead, second spearhead, center, and vice-captain will receive one point for each win, and the captain will receive three points for each win.
  • The winner will be the one with the highest score when all the players (spearhead, second spearhead, center, vice-captain, and captain have finished fighting.

“Raise your hand if you have a question about the representative game.”

Again, no one raised their hand. It seems that from this year onwards, the captain has three points.. By the way, unless there are unavoidable circumstances, an intermediate change can be made only when you suffer an injury that cannot be easily healed even if you use recovery magic or potion-type recovery medicine.

“This concludes the opening ceremony!”

When the opening ceremony was over, they left in the reverse order of when they entered from the Holy Taglion.

“Everyone! Good luck!  We’ll have a meeting after moving to the training ground!

That’s what the headmaster said to us when we went to the waiting room. It was still around noon, so there was still time.

“I’ve prepared lunch in the training area so we can have a meeting while we eat!”

I wasn’t moving too hard, but I was pretty hungry, so that helped.

“Then get on the carriage!”

Following the instructions of the headmaster, who was very excited, we got on the carriage and moved to the training grounds.

“Zero niisama, you should choose your words better.”


And as soon as Sophie, Shana, and I got on the same carriage, Sophie immediately gave me a small talk.

“But if you’re treated as if you’re not here, you have no choice but to say that, right?”

“I understand that but…”

“Then what would you guys have said?”

Shana was nodding her head as she listened to Sophie’s words, so I asked her as well.

“We’ll all work together to win the championship.”

‘We’re going to win.”

“Aaah … I should have told you not to change from the plan.”

Apparently, Sophie and Shana would say something that wasn’t too far off from what we’d planned to say in the first place.

“But I also thought that was very like Zero-niisama.”


“No, in the end, was it good or bad?”

I don’t know if it was a follow-up or not, but she praised me at the end, so I ended up not knowing how to evaluate my oath.

“I don’t think it was the best solution, but I think it was good enough to pass.”

“I think so too.”

“That’s good.”

From there, we talked about casual things that had nothing to do with the intercollegiate competition, and we arrived at the training ground in no time.

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