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Chapter 93: Opening Ceremony 1

"Okay kids! Don't be nervous, just go in there with your head held high!"

Says the headmaster, who appears to be more nervous than anyone else. Incidentally, we are now in the waiting room of the arena where the opening ceremony is held. Waiting rooms are properly provided for each country, so there are only people from our school and people in charge of inter-school competition here.

"Enter, the Anatite mining country!"

And then the participants from the Anatite mining country began to enter.  It seems that the order of entry is from the country with the lowest ranking in the previous year.

"Enter the Kingdom of Lingalia!'

"Let's go."


Then the announcement was made for us to enter, and we lined up in a row with me in the lead, followed by Sophie and Shana ....... When I saw the dwarves in the line ahead of us, I saw that they were about 5'9" tall, but they didn't look to be nearly as old as me. And the dwarves seemed to be the only men in the tournament.


"Enter the Warrior state Galatain!"

And as we finished lining up, the warrior state Galatain, led by the beastmen, entered. Starting from the front, the beastmen were bears, lions, and tigers, I guess. Maybe it's obvious, but there were only strong-looking animals... And like the dwarves, there were only men. I guess there's no demand for male kemo(animal) ears. I would have liked to see a girl with cute kemo ears. ...Sophie, please don't pinch my side. It hurts too much.

“Enter, the Holy Taglion !!"


Since it was the host country, only the Holy Taglions, led by the elves, were cheered for loudly. And in contrast to the other countries, the Elves are only females. There were many beautiful Elves, and they all had beautiful faces. Please don't pinch my armpit, Sophie. It hurts a lot. And to my surprise, the elves are entering with their spirits. A female spirit clothed beautifully in water is floating next to the one at the front, and 50cm spirits floating next to the elves at the back. The one clad in water is probably the highest rank water spirit.

(There it is.)

Then my eyes met the water spirit's. First, the spirit blinked its eyes then rubbed them after which, it shook its head and looked at me again. This time it bobbed its head vigorously and bowed to me. This action made the little spirits behind her look at me as well. They bobbed their heads in the same way as the water spirits. When the elves said something, they stopped bobbing their heads but continued to look at me, trembling slightly. When I first saw this water spirit, I had an image of it as a cool and cold spirit, but now that image has been completely destroyed.

"This is it! The opening ceremony is about to begin!"

And when the sacred Taglions were lined up, an announcement was made that the opening ceremony would begin. Incidentally, the order was: Kingdom of Lingalia → Sacred Taglion → Warrior State Galatain → Anatite Mining Kingdom. So, the water spirit next to me was looking at me like crazy.

What kind of situation is this?

『Hmm ... It’s like she’s encountered a king who is secretly out in town?』\ (Ziel)

『That's why she’s panicking!?』\ (Zeros)

If I suddenly met the king in the street, I might be as panicked as well.

『It's this child’s personality to be in such a panicked state.』\

『Oh...I see...』\

If that's the case, then the guild leader's dark spirit's calmness must be part of his personality. And when I ask Ygg, this spirit seems to be the highest spirit of water.

"And now, the pledge! Representatives, come forward!"

Oops...I was talking to the spirits and barely heard about the opening ceremony. Somehow I was able to hear that the representatives were to come to the front, so I went to the front just like the other representatives from other countries.

Anatite miners, please make your pledge.

The order of the pledges is the order of entry. By the way, you can say anything you want in this pledge. So, it is said that many of them say things that provoke their opponents every year.

"Honestly, we no longer have skills to learn in the Anatite mining country anymore. So, next year, I want to make the weapons for this tournament! I will study in the country where those who win will study. I'll be one of the best blacksmiths in that country, and I'll make their weapons myself!"



The hall is in an uproar. Well, I guess it’s natural. If all goes well, there will be foreign students from two different countries coming to one country. But why does he imply he’ll only be making weapons for foreign students? After all, they must think that anyone other than foreign students is weak.

The Kingdom of Lingalia, please take the oath of office.

To be honest, the plan was to end it peacefully with something like, "We will win” but after the dwarf's oath, it would have just looked like an attempt at a joke. So I'll add a few sentences.

“This year, I'll be the captain in the tournament. At this point, I’ve already won one match, so we will win the championship."

"Ehh ~~~"


Oh, scary. The bear beastman looks at me like he's found his prey, and the elf stares at me like she’s going to kill me while the dwarves are looking at us funny. The dwarf's comment seemed to indicate that he didn't even recognize us as an enemy, to begin with, but now I guess he does. But maybe I was a bit out of line. If I don't win this battle against the school, I'll just be a lame guy who got carried away.

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  1. Eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    Wth? So called sensitive to spirits elves didn’t nitice their spirits bowing in a direction at the same time?? Or the elf princess that her spirit is flustered as hell?

    And lmao there mc went and did it, 3 kingdoms teams as enemies.

    I agree with mc we need some cute beastkin girls.

    I’m imagining the water spirit being konosuba’s aqua acting all flustered ‘hawawa, should I pretend I didn’t notice the king?no but then it’ll be rude so i have to greet properly…. No but then that’ll blow the cover. . . What do I do??! ‘

    1. I don’t think its that. Remember that the spirits can hid themselves to everyone but their contractor.

      The elves showing up with their spirits as a show of their power instead of hiding their spirits like Zero is. Only Sophia, Shana, and the guild master knows he has spirits.

      It hasn’t been confirmed for Shana (I think) but I’m sure she may know if she and Sophia get along well.

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