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Chapter: 77 Finals Part 2

"You’re always selfish, just like this time!" (Zeros)

"I'm not selfish!"

"Then! Stop clinging to me all the time!"

"no way!"

"See! Selfish!"

"But there were times where me being there saved you!"

"It was annoying to have you there all the time!"

"I was with you for your sake brother, and now you’re complaining!"


"Then at least leave me once in a while!"


Once my feelings exploded, everything I had been holding back exploded. It was the first time Sophie had ever called me brother. {TN: Basically she called him ‘ni’ with no honorific i.e. san or sama}  

   I was called that by my younger sister when she was in a rebellious phase in my previous life. I guess Sophie is mad enough to call me that. But even though we’re arguing so much, the battle is getting faster and faster. And I'm getting one-sidedly beaten up.

"I have a lot to say to you brother!"


"Don't be so flirtatious with women all the time!"

"I haven't!"

"You were flirting when some stupid girl in our class, who was attracted by your power and the power of our family, talked to you!!"

"I did not!"

"Yes you did!"

"Even if I did, it's none of your business!”

"It's embarrassing for me to watch!”

"Guh ..."

A good attack hit me in the face and I was kept silent. I glanced at Sophie and saw that she had a look of triumph on her face. I'm so pissed at her.

"Picon! 』\

"Magic operation has become Lv.MAX"

"Acquired precise magic operation Lv.1"

"You have acquired magic power detection Lv.1"

"Wind enchantment ..."

"Picon! 』\


"You have acquired double enchantment"

" ‘Gale and thunder’ has been acquired."

I felt like I heard something in my head, but I'm not interested. I’m only aware of Sophie’s existence right now. And I was angry about being beaten up one-sidedly, so I forcibly enchanted a second spell then challenged Sophie to close combat once again.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about when you're just my little sister!"

"It's not just!"

"Then what!"

"Gut ..."

This time I landed a good hit and Sophie was silent. I deliberately made a triumphant look and Sophie looked frustrated. From that point on, the tables were turned and only my attacks were hitting her.

"I'm telling you not to mess around because I'm watching!"

"Why the hell not?"

"because I love you!"

"Huh, yes! Thank you!"

"You're misunderstanding me!"

"No I haven't!"

"Then what do you think I mean ?!"


"As a family-member! As a sister!"

"That's why I'm saying you misunderstood!"

"No I didn't!"

"I like my brother not as family but as a man!"

"Eh!? ... Guha ..."


When I stopped moving, Sophie's mace hit me in the stomach. I was blown away a few meters and rolled on the ground, while Sophie seemed to come back to herself and froze.

"... Um, so you like me as the opposite sex, you want me to only look at you, you want to be with me at all times, and don't want me flirting with other girls?"

"Um... Yes"

"Oh, I see ..."

Both of them silently looked away. It's not the right air to have during a match.



The weight on me disappeared. It seemed the gravitational magic had been dispelled.

" Could it be, you have no more magic power?"

"I wonder if my savings are gone"

And it seems that the magic that made my movement slow and the magic that Sophie used to move fast have also expired.

"How much magic power do you have, Zero ni-sama?”

"Almost none"

To save magic power, I also stopped the enchantment when the gravity magic was removed. If I were to enchant two spells, I wouldn't last up to 10 seconds. Of course, I no longer have enough magic power to use or enchant spirit magic.

"Then shall we finish next?"


There’s no more magic power to hold back. And above all, it's not that kind of atmosphere.

"Then I'll throw this, let's start the moment it falls to the ground."


I suggested this to Sophie, holding a piece of stone that had been chipped from the arena, and conveniently, the positions of Sophie and I were almost the same as when the match had first started.

"Then here I go"


I threw the stone up with all my strength. It fell due to gravity as it lost its momentum.


"Fire Enchantment"

"Lightning Enchantment"

"Freeze! Blizzard!"

And the moment they heard the sound of stone hitting the ground, they both chanted. I later found out that there was an announcement in my head at this time, but I didn't hear it at all. I raced towards Sophie at full speed and swung my two swords as hard as I could so I could blow her out of the field with this one blow.


The loud sound of something hitting something and the fog from Sophie's magic enveloped the entire arena. It was such a fierce battle that the spectators could only gulp and wait for the fog to clear. When the fog cleared a little, a shadow could be seen kneeling on the edge of the arena.

"Out of bounds! The match is over! This year's park battle champion! Sophia Adolfo!"

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  1. I’m glad she won. They both already qualified for the inter-school tournament and it’ll be waay more interesting if he has to do 3 things she says instead of the other way around.

  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    tbh from the start i knew the girls had to win against him cuz those 3 things would be used to further the rom side.
    lol that confession was funny ,unexpected and surprisingly well received from me

    and i wonder what the last title he got is when they traded final blows

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