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Chapter 78: Time for Two

"Mmm ... Hmm?"

"Um, good morning"

I found myself sleeping in a bed somewhere. Perhaps this is the treatment room. That means I lost ...

"Ah, Sophie ..."


And then my eyes met Sophie's, who was looking at me anxiously from the side of the bed, but I quickly looked away. It seems that Sophie has also been treated since there is no sign of injury. Because it’s a mock sword, she won’t be cut, but I hit her body with my sword many times, yet now she seems to have no problem at all. By the way, I'm so tired I can’t get up from the bed, but I don't have any body ache. The recovery magic skill of the person in this treatment room should be good.

"Oh, you got up."

The curtains surrounding my bed were opened and a woman in a white lab coat came in.


"Can you get up?"


"If so, the awards ceremony will be held 30 minutes from now, so please come to the waiting room of the arena 5 minutes before that."


"Then I’ll leave you two alone"

After saying that much, the woman went out of the treatment room. Maybe she went to tell the person in charge of the awards ceremony that I was awake? Now there were only two people left in this treatment room, me and Sophie.



Maybe it was awkward for both of them, they remained silent for a few minutes.

"I won this match"

"Yes you did"

They were still facing different directions, but Sophie started talking.

"So listen to my three wishes."

"Oh, yeah. That's right. No, it's okay."

By the way, we made such a bet. I waited for Sophie to tell me what she was going to say while feeling nervous.

"First of all ... forget what I said during the match ... you don't have to do anything, please don't worry about it and treat me as usual."


"I don't think I'm ready to go out with Zero ni-sama right now. I still have something to do ... (and I haven't got to know who I really am, plus I haven't paid for it yet ...) "


"No. Nothing."

I didn't hear what she said after “something to do” because she was talking in a voice so low I could never hear it from my place, no matter how good my hearing was. I wondered why she kept it silent, but thanks to my skills and title, I realized that she was surely saying something to herself. But I decided to ignore it because it was something I shouldn't ask.



"thank you"

There are still two requests that can be made with the bet. I waited for what was coming this time with a lighter feeling than before.

"And second, if you have something to say to me like you did in the match, please feel free to tell me. I can overdo it, so I want Zero to be my stopper."


"thank you…"

Certainly I was hesitant to get angry with Sophie. On the contrary, Sophie may have felt there was a distance between us because of that. From now on, I’ll clearly say my feelings.

"And last but not least ..."


After saying that, Sophie thought about something for a while. Then, as if she had gathered her thoughts, she continued.

"It seems that there are times when you want me to leave you alone, but from now on, I will continue to be with Zero ni-sama without ever leaving."

"Well ... what if I say no?"

"This is a bet, I’m not asking Zero's opinion at all! It's already confirmed!"

"Hahaha! I understand!"

"thank you!"


The first and second requests were very unlike Sophie, so I thought she was being reserved with me, but she wasn't at all. It was just Sophie as usual. And as usual, she’ll keep staying by my side.

"More than that! What you did at the end of the match wasn’t fair!"

"Fufu ... what do you mean?"

"That dark magic!"

"It was a strategy to win!"

During the last attack, my attack hit before Sophie's magic did. But it was a fake made with dark magic and Sophie was a meter behind it. I managed to jump and hit the real Sophie with my sword, but at the same time I was hit by her magic. And since I was in an unreasonable position, the momentum of my sword slowed down. Plus, I was in the air and showed a lot of openings and was hit by Sophie's magic at close range.

"When and how did you switch!"

"I might fight you again someday, I can't reveal my cards."

"Mm ..."

I can’t say anything back since it’s a good reason.

"Why didn't you use the magic that slowed me down or the magic that makes you move faster from the beginning?"

"I'll tell you that much! Those two consume a lot of magic power, in fact I spent most of the stored magical power on those two spells."


"And since those two constantly consume magic power, I can't use spells that consume a lot of power, like Storm, just by using one or the other."

"Wow ..."

"It also takes a lot of concentration, so if I’m doing that, I can't even omit chanting when using a new spell."

"But even though it's such a difficult spell, you can use both at the same time?"

"They're very similar spells, so I can use them at the same time, it doesn't change that much in terms of concentration."

"So that's it…"

Then I asked her if it was okay to keep using that gravity spell, but she said that once it is cast, the rest is automatic, so it wasn’t a problem.

"The plan was to use those two when I was sure I could take you out with just a single blow.

"And yet you used it in frustration.”

"That was ni-sama’s fault, you fought in the match while almost ignoring me!"

While we were talking about the match, it became time for us to go.

"Shall we go then?"


I got out of bed and stood up, but I was more tired than I expected, and I wobbled.


"Are you okay?"

Then Sophie supported me from the front. Therefore, our faces close to each other. If we move our heads just a little, we can even kiss. Until now, I had only seen her as my younger sister, but after what she said, I became conscious of her as the opposite sex.

"When did you become such a technician?"

"This is just the beginning. Please be prepared for more things in the future."

"Please be gentle"

"No, I'll give it my all.”

Then, with Sophie lending me a hand, I made my way to the waiting room. By the time I reached the arena, I was able to walk by myself. It was worth the effort to enchant recovery magic with the little magic power I had left.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 78”

  1. Wait just him enchanting himself with recovery magic is enough for him to stand steady?
    I feel like Sophia had the healers not heal him up to full health so that she could have him lean on her…

    1. To be fair to him he doesnt know his sister is also a reincarnator with cheat skills. Shes let it slip a couple of times now but he doesnt seem to notice it. Shes storing surplus magic power to use spells beyond her capability. That cuts down a major weakness of mages and allows her to spam spells and use higher level magic than she should be capable of using. Depending on her storage capacity she could become the most fearsome mage on the planet so long as she doesnt get attacked shortly after draining her tank.

      If they fought again right away once he had recovered he would no doubt kick her butt.

      1. If I remember correctly she went in without any cheat skills? It was the agreement between her and the goddess. The only thing she was allowed was to be his twin sister and to retain her genius.

    2. Well, she wouldn’t get any ridiculously cheat skills, but only have her capabilities from previous life converted into related skills. Maybe it’s enough for her, considering her being perceived as a universal genius (a polymath?) before?

  2. Bro is taking so many Ls it’s kinda sad. All his training for what T-T I know his sister is a genius but there’s boundaries to someone’s natural excellence. This dude literally has cheats given to him and is getting the best training possible. How do you still manage to lose? It’s like walling but still getting one tapped, like ain’t no way you’re still losing that fight.

    1. This is just reality. Even with cheats and training, there will always those genius who can over take him with natural talent on certain things.

      I also think that it is sad that he has so many L’s but with all these, he could improve more and learn how to counter his opponent.

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