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Chapter 72: Sophia’s Perspective 2

“Stone ball …”


Shana cast magic from behind. But the magic hit the ground without hitting me. And I immediately realized her aim.


I fired a spell at Shina, who’s invisible but probably coming towards me. The reason she used her remaining magic power to cast stone ball is probably to make a foothold for coming here. The ice was shattered where the magic hit. And there are stone debris all over.

“Stone Bomb …”

“What!? Wind Bomb!”

But against my expectation that she would come from the front, I heard Shana’s voice and magic released from right above me. I panicked a bit, but had no problem blocking it with my magic. Shana must have jumped high above me before my fireball was released.


Cling cling …


Distracted by the magic coming from above, I was late to notice the presence of the chains wrapping around me.

“Wind Bomb”

I would be tied if things stay like this. If it wraps around, I’ll be thrown outside by Shana and lose. So I hit the ground with my magic and flew up to Shana in the sky. I got a slight wound on my leg because of the magic, but it’s bearable.


“Ku …”

And I swung the one-handed mace that I had on my waist with that momentum at Shana. Shana held the chain in one hand, so she had no choice but to guard with a dagger in the other. However, there was no way that a dagger can prevent a mace that was being swung with added momentum from magic, and Shana was knocked to the ground.

“Fire Spear” “Wind Spear”

This is the place to fold, and I unleashed my magic with multiple chanting. Shina couldn’t avoid some damage but managed to avoid the magic.



And she’s heading over to attack me even before I reach the ground. She’s already thrown away the chains she was holding and now, the hand that was holding the chain holds three things like throwing knives.

“Stone ball” “Wind Bomb”

“Fireball …”

I hit the stone ball with a wind bomb and caused it to explode and make a small stone blockade. Shana could have dodged, but if she avoided it here, I would land on the ground. She knew it would be difficult to create a chance once I land, so even if she got hit by the magic, she just rushed through it.


Then I threw the mace at Shana, who was heading for me. Unlike my older brother’s throwing, the mace itself doesn’t have the power to defeat Shina, but if it goes toward the face, she will naturally guard. And Shana slowed down a little by guarding. I wanted that little moment.

“Illuminate! Barrier!”


I used light magic to create a barrier about 30 cm to her knees at Shana’s feet. Shana was staggering a little after recieving my mace. I’m sure the mace had affected her legs. And since Shana is moving around unlike me, she’s lost a lot of energy. If something like a 30 cm wall suddenly appears at your feet in such a state, of course you’d stumble. However, Shana didn’t just fall down, but threw the knife she was holding while she fell.

“Stonewall” “Wind Arrow” “Stone Arrow”

When I landed on the ground, I had already expected Shana to throw the knife, so I magically made a wall to prevent it. And I cast two more magic around Shana’s neck. She knew that they would immediately stab her in the neck as soon as they were released.

“………I give up”

“… Eh!? Ah! The match is over! Winner! Sophia Adolfo!”

“” “……………” “”

The announcer seems to have regained his sanity, but the audience is still stunned.

“Are you OK?”


Since the medic hasn’t come yet, I pulled Shana’s hand and helped her stand. A little later, the medic came, so we were taken to the treatment room. The audience, who finally returned to reality on our way to the treatment room, got excited. But it was good. I managed to beat Shana. It was unexpected that I even had to use light magic. However, I still have some hidden cards. It may be better to lose for my older brother, but this time, I will seriously go for the win.

“Are the both of you okay?”

“No problem”


While I was thinking about that, my brother came into the treatment room in a hurry.

“Lingalia-sama will be picked up by carriage, but what about Adolfo-sama?”

“I’m going home with Zero.”



By the time the older brother came, both of us had been treated. The skill of the person in the treatment room here seems to be high.

“Then let’s go home”


And I decided to go home alone with my brother.

“Sophie … Shall I give you a piggyback?”

“I’m sorry. Please …”

My injuries have healed, but I haven’t returned to the physical strength I consumed in the game, so if I was swaying, my brother gave me a gentle suggestion. So let myself be spoiled for a bit and was piggybacked by my brother. It’s strange to say it myself, but I think I did my best. So please forgive this much reward.

“Would you like to bet again in the finals?” (Sophie)


“That’s right. How about a bet that the winner hears three things the loser says?”

“There are more than before.”

“Isn’t it boring the same as before?”

“Well, I’m the one who wins, so there’s no problem.”

“Fufu … don’t forget that word.”

Even so, It’s good that the final was the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow, I won’t have recovered, both in terms of magic power and fatigue. I’ll finish the match as soon as possible tomorrow. Ah … I’m been feeling sleepy though I’m on my brother’s back after a long time … It’s a waste to spend time sleeping even though it’s such a great opportunity …

“You can sleep if you’re sleepy?”

“Hey … Zero ni-sama, other than that …?”


It’s dangerous …  I’ve been trying to force myself to stay up even though I’m sleepy, and my thoughts are getting more and more jumbled.

“I … did my best today? But I haven’t been praised yet …”

“You did your best, Sophie”

“Yeah, so stroke my head …”

“Yes Yes”

And I felt comfortable as he stroked my head while being piggybacked and fell asleep as it was …

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