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Chapter 73: Finals Day 3

"Sophie ... wake up" 

"Mmm ..." 

"We’ve arrived" 


Sophie fell asleep while I was giving her a piggyback ride. And when we got home, she hadn't woken up yet, so I was trying to wake her up. 

"Today ... I'm going to sleep like this ..." 

"No ... isn't it better to take a bath?" 

"Water wash ... there’s no problem now right?" 


"No ... what about food?" 

"I’ll eat tomorrow" 

Sophie is the type who doesn't listen to anything once she’s decided, so I decided to leave it at that today. Is it okay since she cleaned her body with magic? Even so, it's amazing that she can use magic even though she’s sleep talking. By the way, I can't do it okay? Then I took Sophie to her room on a piggyback and laid her on the bed.


"Do you two have a minute?”

"What is it?” (Ziel)

"What's wrong?”(Ygg)

I went back to my room and lay down on the bed and told my two spirits what I was thinking. 

"Should I also think and fight like Sophie and Shana today? 』\ 

The two spirits can see what I'm seeing through my vision while inside me when they feel like it. This time, they also watched Sophie and Shana’s match. 

"You don't have to think about it, right? 』\ 

"You don't have to think" 

"why? 』\ 

"Because you’re an idiot" 

"There’s no point thinking" 

"Hey! 』\ 

That's right... These two give me good advice, but they aren't careful with their words.

"If you're stupid and think, it'll make it easier for smart people to read your actions.” 

"So that's it…" 

"That's why idiots don't have to think about strategies in vain." (Ziel) 

"Uh, thank you ..." 


"It's not like you're thoughtless while fighting, right?』\ 

"Well, that's right." 

I'm not stupid enough to be absent minded while fighting. 

"If you can always choose the best move while fighting, it doesn't matter what the opponent plans." 

"Thank you" 

They’re still harsh but what they’re saying makes sense. Certainly, even if I think about the strategy against Sophie, I feel that it will only be used against me. 

"By the way, has Ygg ever thought about a strategy? 』\(Ziel) 

"No? 』\ 

"Huh!?? Never!?? Not even once? 』\ (Zeros) 


I was surprised at the question Ziel asked Ygg and asked again. 

"Because strategy is something that weaker ones think about to beat the stronger ones, right? Then there’s no need for Ygg to think about it, right? 』\ (Ygg) 


"That's how it is. Aim for this level too. " (Ziel) 

"It's impossible, but I'll do my best ..." 


I don't think I can reach that level at all, but let's aim for it.

I talked to them like this, took a bath, ate rice, and went to sleep, then the next day came in no time.

"Then! We will start the first match of the third day!" 

"" Waah!!!! "" 

The crowd was incomparably more excited than yesterday and the day before. Is it because it's a day off? And I heard when I entered the arena, but it seems that most of the people are here to see Sophie, who has a match like yesterday. I also heard some people saying that they would have liked to see yesterday's match in the final.

"First Match! Zeros Adolfo vs Watts Colekin, Begin!"




They’re only paying attention to Sophie and Shana, and it's kind of annoying that their treating the other matches as just a filler, so I used Shukuchi (ground shrink) to place my sword at the opponent's neck the moment the game started.  

"And the match is over! Winner! Zeros Adolfo!" 

The audience does not understand the situation in a slightly different way than yesterday. This is probably the first time the match has started and ended less than five seconds later. This time, the opponent also has a sword, so it was a melee battle. I feel a little bad for the opponent, but it's good because I’m now in the best 4 so I can participate in the inter school competition. And when they heard Adolfo, some people noticed that me and Sophie were brother and sister, and I heard them talking about it loudly.


"Next, we will start the second game of the third day!"


"Good luck Sophie"


"Huh? Do you support me?"


"I want to fight Sophie after all"


"I see. Then I'll do my best."


I told Sophie, this when she was eating breakfast in the living room. Now Sophie went up to the arena. 

"The second game! Salona Venus vs. Sophia Adolfo begins!" 

"Fire Spear"

"Wind Spear"

"Stone Spear" 

"Wind ...eh!? Ahh..." 

She was sent out of the field by receiving Sophie’s three spells which were weakened in power. The opponent seemed to be a magic type, but she suddenly saw Sophie's three spears and her head turned blank. Her own chanting stopped halfway through. 

"The match is over! Winner! Sophia Adolfo!" 

Again, the crowd froze, unable to comprehend the situation. I'm sure the audience was not amused. It's free for students, but the general public has to pay, though it's not expensive. But tomorrow I'm going to make them glad they paid.

"Let's go home for the day?”


So I and Sophie left the arena and went home together.

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