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Chapter 17: Level Up

"Picon! 』\

"Your level has risen"


After that, we all killed about 10 of them together, and my level went up. I did a small guts pose, but I didn't tell anyone about the level-up so that they wouldn't notice it was happening too fast.

Then, immersed in joy, I headed to defeat the next monster.

"Congratulations" (Sophie)

"…good for you" (Shana)



When we finished defeating the next monster, they said that.


""Level up""

Sophie has been with me for too long, so it's understandable to get caught, but I didn't think I’d get caught by Shana. No? There's no way either of them would normally find out, right? What's going on?

As I hunted the goblins while trying not to worry, a demon that wasn't a goblin finally appeared.


A wolf-shaped monster has appeared. It's one now, but I read in a book that it calls its friends by howling.

"Sophie ... can you match my movements?"

"It's easier than breathing."

"Thank you ... Wind Enchantment"

With that said, I started running towards the Wolf. A Wolf basically calls his friends when it thinks it’s is in a pinch. It won't immediately call for my smaller self.


I deliberately swung my sword from right to left in a big swing to make it easier to avoid to the right.

"Harden! Stone Spear!"

Sophie's magic flew to the Wolf, who dodged to the right. It couldn't avoid it completely, but it succeeded in protecting its vitals.

"I won’t let you!"

"... Waon ..."

It tried to howl, so I stabbed him in the neck with my dagger.

"Oh! My level has gone up"

"Oh, me too ..."

Sophie was a little too obvious, but I decided to take advantage of it and claim I just leveled up


"That was excellent, I have no complaints."

The knight said so.

"Then, I’ll teach you how to dismantle it."

Inside monsters, there’s a magic stone. Goblins' are too small so we take only one ear as the subjugation proof, but a Wolf has usable magic stones.

"I never thought you could hunt up to E."

Monsters are generally ranked from S + to E-. It seems that SSS can be attached to legendary monsters. However, some monster's ranks, especially goblins, are very confusing cause their rank changes depending on the number.

"Ugh ..."

The dismantling is over. As a Japanese, I don't feel very comfortable dismantling a creature that's still warm.

"Then Let's move on to the next monster?"

After saying that, we headed for the next monster.

"Is it a Wolf again ..."

If it's a wolf, Sophie and I might be able to hunt it consistently, but then Shana won't be able to enter the battle.


"What's wrong?"

Shana was staring at me as I was thinking of what to do.


"Picon! 』\

"You have acquired the title Ishin-denshin "

"You have acquired Telepathy Lv.1"

"Um ... can you match my actions?"


When I was thinking of Shana, who was silent and expressionless, I got the title of Ishin-denshin and acquired the telepathy skill. {TN: Ishin-denshin, basically communication through unspoken mutual understanding}

"Wind enchantment"

I jumped out and slashed from the right as before. The Wolf dodged in the same way.


"What !?"

Then Shana suddenly appeared and stabbed Wolf's leg, maybe she used stealth like Sophie.

"Burn! Fireball!"


And I cast magic on the Wolf's face from a close range while it was surprised that its leg was stabbed. I can't use a spear like Sophie, so I made it a ball.

"So ... dismantle it ..."(knight)

It took a while the first time cause It was my first and I didn't know the location of the magic stone, but this time I know the location, so I can do it quickly.

"Then let's go to the next!"

We went hunting for monsters again.

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  1. No kidding. Did author just write that mc is uncomfortable dismantling newly dead animal because he’s japanese? What, japanese didn’t eat meat? I understand if he said he’s not a butcher.

    1. You do know that in our world that not everyone hunts and not everyone can handle dismantling dead animals.

      With the convenience of super markets, all that’s already done for you by manufacturer’s or butchers. The only one’s who’d not have issues easily would be those who deal with farm animals or hunting.

      I think I’d be okay but I never had to dismantle a dead animal. I know some of my friends wouldn’t be able to. That’s also why not everyone can be a mortician; not everyone can deal with dead bodies (and the nightmares that come with it).

  2. Even before super markets though, a lot of Japanese didn’t eat much meat. Diet usually consisted of rice and fish(which is typically seen as something different from other meat-heck some modern Japanese even be eating fish while they still alive).

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