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Chapter 16: Hunting

“Well … the second princess, Shana, came with me.”

Shana bowed her head.


Sophie … scary? Even though I was asked a lot about what we were talking about yesterday, is she still suspicious? It’s not like I’m going out with her.

“We’re wasting time, let’s go quickly.”


I was in a hurry so I rushed into the carriage with Sophie.

“This is your armor and weapons.”


I was given equipment such as a breastplate in the carriage and learned how to put them on.

“Um … will Shana-sama also hunt monsters?”


Is that OK? she had a face that said that it would be fine and the knight didn’t disagree.

As for weapons, I use a dagger, Sophie uses a mace, and Shana also uses a dagger.

Finally, we arrived at the forest.

“I won’t help you guys, think for yourselves!”

The knight stood a little less than 10 meters away from us.

“Shall we go straight for the time being?”

“Let’s do that”

As I started to go straight, Shana pulled my arm.


“Huh… you mean this way is better?”


My arm was pulled, so when I looked at Shaina-sama, she was pointing her finger diagonally forward to the right. That direction is good and I honestly don’t know which one is better, so I’ll go with the direction Shaina says.

“Let’s go over there”

And the moment we started moving, Shana whispered in my ear,

“Shana …”


“Call me Shana …”

“Uh, okay”

Shana went forward while giving a nod of approval.

“Sophie! We’re going!”

“… Yes”

After stroking Sophie’s head, who was glaring a little, we headed into the forest.

“There …”

Immediately We were able to find three goblins.

“Sophie … can you take the one in the middle?”

“Yes …”

“Shana sa… Shana, can you take the right one?”


When I tried to say Shana-sama, the highlights of Shana’s eyes disappeared, so I hurriedly changed what I said. Then the highlights of Sophie’s eyes disappeared. What should I do …there’s going to be a sermon when I get home …

“Blow! Wind Spear!”

As soon as Sophie cast a spell, I and Shana jumped out. Sophie’s magic spear pierced the goblin’s head cleanly killing it instantly and confusing the other goblins. In that gap, Shana and I jumped out and stabbed the goblins on their necks.

“No complaints on your first battle.”(knight)

“Thank you”

Let’s keep silent about defeating a Goblin once.


“Let’s keep going.

So we continued through the forest, killing goblins as we went.

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  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    lol he’s in deep women trouble at the age of 8

    TL wouldn’t it be better to say “the light in *’s eyes disappeared” over saying highlight disappeared ?

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