Chapter 31

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31. Go ahead

 A few days have passed since then, and we’ve been working hard to rebuild the city.

 With the apology money paid by the Adventurer’s Guild, we bought food and building materials for the residents.

 The people continued their work while sweating.

“Hey~, why did you give them all the money?

 Arisa was sluggish and weak due to the depletion of her magic power. She would recover in a few more days, but she couldn’t use her magic for a while.

She went around helping the city rebuild, I guess she wants the slums to return to their original state as soon as possible.

“Didn’t Arisa also give up the money she saved to travel the world?”

“Wha!? how do you know that!”

 Her face turns bright red and she gets angry like a cat.

“Fels told me.”

“I’m sorry …… you were talking to yourself about regretting your donation.”

“Ku, I do …… regret it. I regret it, but I think it’s okay.”

“Did you want to travel to another country?”

“Yes, this world is wide. I was thought of going on a trip to let the world know how wonderful my fireball is … but I feel comfortable here now.”

“I see”

 She shows a shy smile.

 …… It’s getting brighter.

“By the way, Arisa. How are you feeling after reaching magic aptitude SS?”

“Hmm. I don’t feel any particular change, but …… how, is it any different?

  I use appraisal.

 I also want to check if Arisa has a magic aptitude SS.

[Race] Nino

Arisa Scarlet 17 years old Condition: Peace of mind

Maximum magical power

Swordfighter D / D

Magic SS / SSS

Dexterity D / D

Loyalty 100

[Primitive fireball user]

I am destined to use only fireballs.

 Hmm, the magical power is maximum … maximum!?? Wasn’t it originally big?

 I see … Maybe it’s because she used a lot of magic power. Does magic power increase like that?

 After that … there’s no problem because the magic aptitude is SS.

“SS … SSS !?”

 wait a moment. What is SSS?

 Isn’t SS the limit …? It’s a new discovery.

“… You’re ridiculous.”

“I don’t know what it is, but that’s right! I’m the strongest wizard! You can praise me.”

 If you didn’t have this personality, I’d be happy to praise you.

 It’s just like Arisa to be so full of self-confidence.

“Ohh, you’re amazing” (Nigris)

“I’m starting to feel better! Oh! I’ll do my best!” (Arisa)

“Don’t overdo it”

 She rolled up her sleeves and went to help remove collapsed debris.

 Residents of the slums know the difficulty of living. Even though they were doing their best to live each day, everyone was smiling.

 When I first came here, it seemed a little more bleak.

 Florence came alongside us while we were taking a break.

“Really, I can’t repay you, Nigris-sama.”

“Don’t worry about money. We can always make money by being adventurers.”

“… You’re the man this mistress expected you to be, I’ll never forget this favor.”

  In my mind, it’s no longer an exaggeration to say Florence is my friend.

 It’s only natural to want to help if your friend is in trouble.

 Besides, the slum was already an important city to me.

“Everyone smiles. After all that’s happened.” (Florence)

“Is reconstruction going well?”

“Yes, in a few more days we’ll be able to make a modest recovery.”

“……That’s good”

 It may take a little longer to regain its original shape.

 But we’re definitely going to get it back.

“This place has changed since the arrival of Nigris-sama.”

“Is that right…?”

“For the better.”

 I’m not very aware of it.

 It’s been so since I was at my previous party.

 I was just doing what I could.

“There are people who have been saved thanks to Nigris-sama.”

“That … maybe so.”

 …… I saved them?

 I certainly hope so.

“Head! Could you come over for a moment?”

“Don’t you see! I’m in the middle of talking to Nigris-sama!”

“Um …You told us to call you if something happened …”

” So noisy! What is it?”

 Florence leaves her seat and I and Fels are left alone.

 She fluttered her elf ears and glanced at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“No,… I mean um … I’m weak.”

“Weak? You’re strong enough.”

 Her status is as good as the other two.

 What can she be ashamed of?

 …… Ah, Maybe it’s because I left her when Azel attacked the slums.

 I decided it was too dangerous for Fels, but simply because I thought that Fels’ could play a part by saving a lot of people in that place.

“…… Don’t worry, it’s not that I don’t trust you. If anything, I wouldn’t be here without Fels.”

 I once thought that I didn’t want them to get hurt because they’re important to me.

 But if they’re your true companions, you should rely on them. Fels taught me that.

 Even in the battle with Azel, I could never win by myself.

 I may have even been dead.

“I want you to stay by my side … will you?”

“………… Happily, Nigris-sama”

 With her delicate blonde hair fluttering in the wind, Fels puts her hand on her chest and swears strongly.

 ──── I’ll definitely get stronger. For Nigris-sama.

“I’ll be by your side for the rest of my life.”

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