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22. Mediation of excellent human resources

"Um... isn't this the place where the empress of the slums is!?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Could it be I'm going to be publicly executed? If it makes you feel any better Nigris-san...”.


Oh yeah. Is this like hell for people who don't live in the slums?

Florence is also rumored to be ruthless, villainous, and devious, but that’s just a rumor to show off her dignity.

"I told you I had a good job for you.”

"Well, then you want me to work like a slave.”


Hmmm, it's different, but I don't think I can resolve her misunderstanding no matter what I say.

Well, will it fade over time?


"Nigris-sama. I will admit that this mistress does not discriminate against talented people and that I pay based on performance. But...... Why is it a girl !? "

"There it is!"

Arisa shouts without thinking.

I know what she means, but if there's a place where talented people can help, there’s no way I won't introduce them.

"There a lot of work going on behind the scenes? That's why I’ve been looking for someone who’s highly dexterous with my appraisal skill."

"... That eye is sometimes troublesome. People with high dexterity are useful for sewing and making things. I want to create a production line in the slums."

Florence, who controls the slums, is very capable.

She has a solid understanding of what is important.

Also, I think the reason why the residents of the slums don’t grow up well is that there’s no place to educate them.

If the adults are poor, the children will be poor. The adults have their hands full just trying to make ends meet.

"That's why I'm here. This is Lisa. She's a very capable person with an "S" for dexterity. She's probably good at teaching, so you can get her to sew or even teach a school."

In fact, Lisa was the best at her job as a receptionist.

It’s not just me who knows of the amazing work she did at the Adventurer's Guild reception for over a decade.

" School, Is it... I see. Lisa, I'll hire you. You can thank Nigris-sama for that."

"Yes ..."

Florence shouldn't treat her badly.

She's unexpectedly kind.

"By the way, Nigris-sama. It seems that the silver wings were aiming for this mistress, does that mean you were protecting me?"


"Well, I guess in a roundabout way?"

With a zukyun sound effect, Florence wilts.

Why zukyun? {TN: Kyun generally indicates a heart throb so I guess it has to do with that}

"Oh, yeah. I heard that Florence' murder was commissioned by a great nobleman.”(Nigris)

"What? A great noble ... then it’s as I thought ..."

I wanted her to tell me if she knows something but I also didn't want to get into trouble by asking too much.

Florence, with her shoulders relaxed, stands in front of Lisa.

"Well, follow me. You’re too pretty to be dressed like that"

Lisa is taken by Florence.

…… The same is true about when I allocated human resources, but aren't the slums gradually getting richer?

I’m a little worried about the future.

"Nigris ~. Why did you bring the person named Lisa~? Love at first sight?" (Arisa)

"Of course not. It wasn't my idea, it was Fels'.” (Nigris)

"No, no ... I thought It would be better this way." (Fels)

"Why?" (Arisa)


Fels looked at me and shook her ears as if she wanted me to explain instead.

"... Lisa apologized on behalf of the Adventurer's Guild. This should buy a lot of resentment from them."

Adventurers can work because they are under the patronage of the Adventurer's Guild.

The Adventurer's Guild must never bow. I broke that rule.

I won't tell Arisa, but Lisa isn't the one I'm really pissed off at.

...... If they really wanted to apologize, the Guild Master should have come out. He unilaterally pushed it all on Lisa and charged her with the sin.

I quickly realized that the guild wasn't going to apologize.

"What awaited Lisa, who quit the guild, would have been a terrible bashing and a dark future."

Well, they would have put pressure on her and made her unable to work anyway.

Knowing that, Lisa apologized.

I can't abandon such a person.

"Every man fails, but you shouldn’t forsake those who admit it and try to move forward."

"Oh, I see. That's smart."

Arisa is convinced and claps her hands. As soon as she saw that the case was solved, she grumbled and walked off to go eat.

She’s as energetic as ever.

“Um, Nigris-sama......?"

Fels walks up to me, biting her lower lip and flushing slightly.

Her elf ears twitched and her upturned eyes looked very cute.


Do you want me to praise you?

"You did a great job with Lisa. You didn't kill any of the Silver Wings. That's great.”


When I stroked her head, she twitched her ears rapidly and was delighted.

  I don't want anyone to be unhappy anymore.

I want at least those within my reach to have a happy ending.

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