Chapter 20

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20. Fels VS Mia

The merchant from the carriage approaches to plead with Fels.

Fels wanted to go after Nigris, but she knew that he wouldn’t be beaten by someone of that caliber.

She just wanted to kill that man named Azel.

“Um, can you fight Miss …? I beg you! Protect me! No matter how much money you want!”

“… Then, please hide. Don’t get involved.”

“Ah, Yes!”

Fels is the only one left. She’s facing the wizard Mia.

Mia is sighing, looking as if to say, “Let’s get this over with!”

“You’re a slave, aren’t you? Sorry, you have to be a slave to Nigris. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it?”

“… No, I’m proud.”

“I see. A slave who’s been too soaked in slavery to get rid of it, you’re one of those huh.”

“You shouldn’t say anything more, I’ve decided not to kill anyone but that man.”

“Huh? If you have a stupid master, even the dog will be stupid. Apparently you’re a swordfighter. Do you know the strength of magic?”

Unlike for swordsmen, magic requires talent.

What’s more, you don’t need chanting or magic circles. You can use it just by imagining it in your brain and releasing it.

It’s a powerful attack from long range, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the natural enemy for swordfighters.

“That’s right, I’m a swordfighter. But magic at your level won’t hinder me in any way.

Few people can handle the swordsmanship that they have devised.

It takes considerable talent. If it isn’t Florence, Fels is second to none.

“Stupid slave. Then die early.”

Mia’s specialty is wind.

A wind blade is emitted from the tip of her cane and flies straight at Fels.

The sword is drawn and a slash flies.

Mia was astonished with a look that said she didn’t know what happened.

Fels blonde hair shone beautifully as it swayed in the wind.

“Uh, that’s impossible …? Could it be …, a magic swordsman?”

Normally, humans can’t be given two talents from heaven.

Therefore, the profession of magic swordsman was considered to be one that required high dexterity.

However, it was the perfect profession for Fels, whose talents were outstanding in all areas.

──── Dogoooon

A sound like thunder rumbles, the earth shook.

Fels holds her head and mutters, “Again?”

“What … is this sound!”

“Arisa-san was told to restrain her power, but she must have given up with all her might.”

“Ah, so refreshing”

While wiping her cheeks that were soiled by the explosion, Arisa walked over with a big smile on her face.

Arisa, who was facing two opponents, got tired of the fight and showed her strength to kill their fighting spirits.

“Huh? My party members … what happened to them !?”

“They ran away when I shot my magic. I didn’t even aim at them you know. It was really funny how they ran away shaking their hips.”


Mia tries to shoot her magic at Arisa. However, Fels moved faster than that.

“If you move, I’ll cut you. You’re not a child, so I won’t show any mercy.”

Mia threw her cane to the ground and raised her hands as the tip of the sword pointed at her neck.

Perhaps she didn’t understand her position, Mia threw a tantrum.

“… Wha, What is this! You’re just a slave … And you’re just a Nino!”

She lined up dirty words and desperately cursed at them, but they didn’t seem to get angry.

“This is nothing”

“That’s right”

They won’t get angry unless she spoke badly about Nigris.

They were mild-mannered from the beginning, but they would change their expressions at once at the insult of one man.

Only Nigris can stop them then.

“Why are you so strong … you guys are crazy!”

“I don’t want to hear that from you …”

“Fels. It’s useless to say anything, these guys are idiots. They don’t understand anything.”

“……I’m sorry”

She shook her pointed ears and closed her mouth.

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