Chapter 2

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2. ≪Save the child

The next day.

I was leaving a nearby inn and heading for the Adventurer’s Guild.

Silver Wing was a lousy party. I felt ashamed and frustrated that I hadn’t realized it for three years.

Those weren’t friends.

No, I’ll stop thinking about that. First of all, what should I do from now on?

My total property is 1 gold coin, 5 silver coins, and 50 bronze coins.

You can spend a few days in an inn with a meal for about one silver coin.

Originally, I should have earned enough to live for decades …

I want money if possible. I’ve been poor since I was born, so I have a desire to be rich at least.


“I can’t join a party.”

In fact, Silver Wings had been spreading a lot of bad rumors about me in anticipation of this. Nigris is incompetent. He’s a useless piece of trash. He’s a parasite.

The groundless abusive discrediting words of the S-rank party were enough to keep people away.

I can be a solo adventurer, but what I want is a credible companion. Not fakes like Silver wing.

Like a family … I want a reliable companion.

The Adventurer’s Guild is in the heart of the royal capital.

Along the way, I heard angry voices in the back alley, which was a little off the road.

“Chi … the slave collar has been activated. It’s no good, she’ll die.”

“Sir, It’s not my fault. I took my eyes off her for a minute and this little brat ran away!”

“Shut up! You didn’t watch her properly, that’s why she ran away!”

Behind the slave trader and what appears to be his servant, there was a girl who was weakly convulsing and collapsed. A slave collar was worn around her neck, and she seemed to have received a strong shock.

I talked to him even though I didn’t have to get involved.

“What are you doing?”

“Huh. What the hell, outsiders should keep out of this.”

“That child is dying.”

“She won’t make it anyway. If a slave runs away from her master, she’ll die from the magic collar.”

…… I can’t leave it as it is.

I can’t abandon a child smaller than myself.

“… How much for the child?”

“Huh? You’re going to buy her!?”

“I’ll pay you”

“Well, then one gold coin … You’re a weird guy. Oh, you like corpses? Lucky for us.”

The slavers laughed as I took the coin out of my money bag and took it away.

My fortune was reduced at once, but it was a cheap purchase for me.

After the men left, I touched the dying girl’s hand.

……I see.

The slave collar seems to be causing a strong impact on her heart.

“……I don’t want… die……”

“You won’t die”

I can use healing magic without touching the opponent, but I’m able to apply more effective healing magic by touch.

In the meantime, I have a habit of using my appraisal skill.

When I found this girl earlier, I appraised her.

“Mu … ri … die … I …” {TN: Muri means impossible}

I reach out.

“Healing Heal”

The girl’s blonde hair was swept aside and I could see her long ears.

“I don’t want to die …”

“If so, get up”

“Eh? I’m healed …?”

Perhaps she was surprised by my voice, she opened her eyes and just stared at me.

She rubbed her eyes to see if it was real.

My specialty is neither attack nor defense. It’s healing magic.

Originally I liked healing magic and wanted to heal people. I wanted it to be good for everyone. I was never acknowledged for my efforts, though.

Still, healing magic is used to heal people.

“It’s my healing magic. If I focus on healing bad parts, it will be restored.”

“Wow … amazing …!”

If I couldn’t do this much, I couldn’t play an active role at that party.

Well, before I go into the main topic, I had appraised this girl.

My appraisal skill allows me to see the potential of the other person.

Because of this skill, I was able to belong to the previous party.


[Race] Elves

Fels 12 years old ♀ Condition: Relief


Small magic power

Swordsmanship D / SS

Magic D / A

Dexterity D / A

Loyalty 10


Due to the curse of the elves, her magic power is sealed, so the person cannot show her true ability.

Magic power is the total amount of magic a person possesses.

Swordsman is the talent to be a swordsman or warrior.

Magic is the talent to use magic.

Dexterity is the talent of dexterity and sense.

The aptitude rank can be SS, S, A, B, C, and D, the highest is SS and the lowest is D.

SS, monster

S, exceedingly good

A, excellent

B, mediocre

C, subtle

D, no talent.

Loyalty represents subordination to something, and if it’s low, it’s unreliable and the person could betray you.

The details displayed underneath it indicate the major problem the person is currently having.

Her prominent talent is the swordsmanship SS. I’m seeing this for the first time. It’s D now, but she’ll be a ridiculous talent if she grows up.

And about this curse … I’d like to hear about it from her.

“What’s your name?”

I know it, but I should ask since I appraised it without permission.

“Fels … who are you?”

“Nigris. Fels, so you have any other injuries?”

“No, thank you.”

It would be bad to talk in such a damp place. And it’s almost lunchtime. I have a lot I want to ask. Undernourishment can only be cured by eating. Healing magic is not that convenient.

“Then, let’s go eat”

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