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1. Exiled


“We’re finally just one step away from SS rank …!”

SS rank, It’s the highest rank among adventurers and the only way to become a noble.

If you become a noble, you would become a lord and a powerful person. 

As a member of the Silver Wing, an S-rank party with a shot at becoming a noble, I was cleaning up the mess of alcohol and food scattered in the room at the inn. I’m not a cleaning maid by any means.


Very rarely, humans with skills are born in this world. While there’s a wide variety of skills, skills are said to have absolute value and corresponding abilities.



“In the end, we didn’t need Nigris’s appraisal skills to get this far.”


My skill is [Appraisal]. I’m able to see a brief status of a person.

However, it can’t be helped if it’s called a garbage skill cause it’s useless and unusable in battle.

Even so, the reason I was in this party was not because I wanted money or power.

I was invited as an orphan with similar scars, and I went along because I felt a sense of camaraderie with them. Over time, though, we naturally came to S rank.

At the party, I’m almost like a slave. The leader Azel even cuts my reward.

“Alright, Nigris. Get out of here.”

“Huh ……?”

“I said, get the fuck out of here.”


I was about to say something back, but I restrained myself. This is not the first time this has happened.


It’s the usual treatment. If I handle it poorly, Azel will pull out his sword with serious murderous intentions. Let’s keep silent here.


“… Then I’ll leave the room.”

“No, no, no. Didn’t you understand you garbage?”


He makes a fool of and throws his empty cup at me.


“You’re banished from this party. Understand?”

“You’re kidding …?”

“Do you think this is a joke? You’re quite an optimistic piece of shit”

At this time, Mina, the user of attack magic, approaches and pokes me with her finger.


“You! You’re useless! Do you think you can become SS rank by parasitism? Shame on you!”


She was throwing a tantrum, she had a sharp look in her eyes and was grinding her teeth.?Are they serious …?

“I want to know why.”

“You’re disgusting. Don’t you get it? Or are you too stupid to know?”

“You tell him Azel. I want this piece of shit out of my life. I don’t even want to be in the same room with him.”

I knew I was disliked by Mina, but it was the first time I received such clear hate. The same was true for the other members, the priest Anne and August, the shielder, also looked down on me like a parasite.


“Oh, we originally intended to work with just us four. You were a person with appraisal skills, so I took you in because of mercy. Baggage … No, there’s no point in working further with trash”


Very rarely, skilled humans are born in this world. I was one of them and had appraisal skills.


But my only value is my appraisal skills. I felt like that had been said but even that was being denied right now.

It’s worthless.


“Sure, my appraisal skill only knows the target status, but it should have been useful enough.”


In the status, you can see the potential and detailed abilities of the opponent. It may not be useful for battle by itself, but it’s possible to check the state of the opponent such as [State: Relief] or [State: Alert] of the monster.


Your actions change depending on whether the other party is alert or not.

You can tell how effective this is in combat.


“Can’t you see we don’t need that??Aah!?It’s because of your appraisal skills? We can smash it head on. I’m the genius swordsman, Azel-sama.?I don’t need to sneak around with your trashy appraisal skills?

“… I have healing magic, even if you don’t need appraisal skills. At least I should have done enough work here.”


I haven’t lived on appraisal skills alone. As a healing magician, I was quite active at this party.

I’ve explained it many times and they should know it.


“” “Buh, buhahahahaha !!” “”


I stood stunned.


“I can’t believe this guy …! Is he crazy.”

“Are you still talking about your habit of pretending to use healing magic? You’re not accepting your incompetence and you’re being delusional!”


Being ridiculed by Azel and Mia.

I finally noticed something.

…… Is this how you treat a friend?


Thinking about the party, I took the initiative in accepting chores and constantly developed magic so that my allies wouldn’t be hurt during the battle.


“You’re … stupid. The last time we got injured was more than a year ago. We’ve become too strong, unlike you.”



“Ah, did we serve the country? We’re getting rid of the parasites!”


For three years, I’ve been trying to contribute to the party by being involved in the encampment, carrying luggage, and doing things outside of my appraisal skills.

Even if the reward I received was small, I put up with it if it would be used for party expeditions. However, in reality, it was all taken as a joke.

It was neither recognized nor evaluated by anyone.


Don’t screw with me…….


“What the hell? I’m going to kill you if you keep staring at me.”

“… I see. Then I’m leaving this party.”

“I’m glad the incompetent is leaving. Oh wait, you don’t need any equipment anyway, leave it.”

“I bought this on my own …”

“Ah? You’re talking back to me. You have no allies anymore. Should I kill you?”



This completely convinced me.

These guys are not my companions.


I left my high-class self-defense cane and silver-winged cloak and left the room.?


“Now, let’s drink more! This will get us to SS rank even faster! We are the strongest, silver wings!”


I never looked back.

These guys were never my friends … I’m going to make my own friends.



The S rank party, Silver wings, did not know.


Nigris was doing healing magic and support at the same time. He didn’t want to let them die, so he stayed at the party no matter how badly he was treated.


And Nigris, who used his appraisal skills, knows.

That their status hasn’t changed at all since three years ago.


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  2. Thanks for the chapter. Nice work with the translation, too many in this genre aren’t much better than unedited machine translations.

  3. Looks like a quick revenge is coming and that’s satisfying. The Mc doesn’t look like those depressing bastards who don’t have an ounce of confidence in them. At least he knows where he stands and where they stand. And that’s refreshing as the common trope for this kind of stories is: ” oh I’m weak as fuck , lower than average, I’m nothing compared to my ex party….Oh looks like I wasn’t that weak just a little above average(op in reality)”. Which I hate with my guts.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. I’ve read quite a bit of stories that start off with same situation. I’m glad the Mc was like okay cool, bye bye. Can’t wait for the party to realize they done f’d up lol.

      Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Based on the summary and this first chapter it looks pretty good. Plus, I have a weak spit for appraisal skill users. Looking forward to more.

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