Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – Death of the Dungeon

The decision to destroy the core had already been made, the question was who will destroy it.

No one knew what would happen when it was destroyed.

Everyone was cautious.

“I’ll destroy it.”

Bob came forward.

“I’m the one who originally brought the whole idea of finding it. I’ll take full responsibility for it. And if something happens, I’ll run for it. I’m confident in my agility.”

“Then I’ll stay with you to see it through. I’m also confident in my agility.”

Tauro came forward.

The leader of the B-team thought about it for a moment, then said, “Let’s get this over with before the orcs start forming again. Everyone get out of the dungeon.”

The group ran to the entrance.

Aeris said to Tauro, “Take it easy, okay?” and left with the others.

When Bob saw that everyone was gone, he said.

“I’m going to destroy it, okay?”

He gave the signal and then swung his sword at the core.


The crystal-like stone that was the “core” cracked.

But nothing happened.

It looks like it needs to be shattered.

Bob swung his sword again and again, and the core cracked little by little, but it didn’t shatter.


Bob enthusiastically swung his sword down.


Bob’s sword broke against the hardness of the core.

“I’ll do it then.”

Tauro drew his small sword.

“…Sorry, please.”

Bob said apologetically.

Tauro got on top of the pedestal and thrust the small sword into the gap between the cracks in the ‘core’, pushing it in.

He also took out a handkerchief from the magic storage and drove the small sword in like a chisel.

It was at the moment when he struck it several times.

The stone shattered with a small sound like breaking glass as countless lights flooded out from the ‘core’.

At the same time, Tauro heard the voice of the world in his mind.

“ Confirmed one of the conditions for activating the special skill [&%$#] <Shattering the Dungeon Core>. [Creation Magic (Weak)] is acquired.”

“Tauro! The lights on the floor and walls are disappearing!”

Bob warned.

Immediately, Tauro illuminated the surroundings with the spirit magic of light, “Illumination”.

At the same time, the light on the floor and walls completely disappeared.

That’s when they realized that the dungeon was “dead”.

The two of them could feel that the shiny floors and walls had lost their vitality and had become mere stones.

Contrary to their imagination, the dungeon did not collapse.

“It’s over…”

Bob murmured, relieved.


There was a raised area on the ground at the back of the pedestal, it seemed that the ‘core’ had tried to create something before it was destroyed, and when Tauro used “true eye” it showed a “treasure chest”.

Bob urged Tauro to get out of here, but Tauro stopped him and pointed to the ground.

“There is something there, can I dig it?”

He askes Bob.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’ll help you.”

The two of them peeled away the stones from the floor and cleared away the dirt to reveal a literal treasure chest.

I can’t see what’s inside, but in this case it’s probably not a treasure chest-shaped monster mimic.

“How did you notice this?”

Bob was dumbfounded, but urged him to open it.

“I’ll open it, then.”

Tauro opened the treasure chest and found a bow inside.

The bow was simple and didn’t look expensive at first glance, but when I looked at it with my “true eye”, I saw that it was the Bow of Artemis.

Its value was hidden, and its ability was also hidden.

I’ve never seen anything like it before, so I thought it might be some type of curse, but I don’t get that kind of vibe.

“I’m not going to use the bow, so Tauro can have it. Here, let’s quickly put it in the magic storage and get back to the others, they’re probably worried by now.”

Tauro nodded and put the entire treasure chest into the magic storage, and decided to take the pedestal and a piece of the labyrinth core with him.

We went outside and sure enough, everyone was in the middle of organizing members to go back to check on us

“Tauro, are you okay? Did anything happen?”

Aeris walked up to Tauro.

Shin and Rumeya also followed suit, surrounding Tauro.

“The dungeon seems to be dead for now, so there shouldn’t be any more monsters forming.”

“That’s right. Thanks to that, my sword is ruined, though. Hahaha!”

Bob laughed and patted Tauro on the head.

“Well, then this quest is all over. Let’s get out of here.”

The B-team leader said, and the group nodded. They all decide to head back to the village of Dansas in the dusk.

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