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Chapter 87: A Moment for the Team

After asking Chloe, the receptionist, to take care of the formalities, the four of them headed out, accepting only the quest to collect herbs.

As they headed to the quest destination, Tauro made a suggestion for the future.

“Then I’ll leave the rearguard to Aeris and I’ll take on the mid-range and search for enemies with bows and arrows and stilettos since I have “sense presence”. Shin-san and Rumeya-san will continue as before.”

“Eh? Will you be okay? You’ve been guarding the two of them until now, right?”

Aeris was concerned that Tauro might have a hard time with his new role.

“I’ve learned how to use most martial arts, so I’ll be fine. I’m not very strong, but if you ask me to play the vanguard, I will.”

“Yeah. Tauro-kun taught us how to be a vanguard. So there’s no problem.”

“You’re right, Tauro-kun has a great deal of knowledge and experience.”


Rumeya and Shin supported Tauro.

“I’ve been wondering about this for a while… We’re a team, so let’s stop using ‘san’ and ‘kun’. We’re friends. I don’t think it’s right that I’m the only one being left out.”

Aeris complained to Tauro.

“That’s because I thought you were someone I wouldn’t meet anymore.”

“That’s a terrible reason!”

Tauro, Shin and Rumeya burst into laughter.

At any rate, the four of them decided to call each other by name only.

The rest of the time they were gathering herbs, they were discussing how to work together.

Tauro explained that if the three of them, Shin with the sword, Rumeya with the shield and Aeris with the support, worked well together, they could form a team and if he could be the go-between, they could work together smoothly in a short time.

“But wouldn’t that be too much work for you? You’d have to take part in the attack, provide support, and take care of the whole thing.”

Aeris was worried about him.

Despite her high-pressure attitude, she’s a caring child.

“While I’m reasonably handy, I’m not as good as everyone else, so I’m better suited to fill in the gaps.”

“I know that sounds a bit demeaning, but I understand what you’re saying. You’re a good judge of situations, and I feel safer when you’re right in the middle of everyone.”

There was a harsh word from Aeris, but she seemed to trust me.

“And then there’s Aeris, the rear guard. What exactly can ‘Priest’, ‘Wizard’ and ‘Barrier-master’ do? For me, it’s basically provoke and defend and if the enemy has an opening, counter it.”

Rumeya said confidently, describing his role, the basics of which he had learned from Tauro in the beginning.

The more honest and patient the shield, the better.

In this respect, Rumeya’s combination of skills and personality are well suited to the role.

“I just trust my back and focus on attacking.”

He made it sound like it’s all about attacking, but Shin is actually very good at it.


He’s able to take out enemies by thwarting attacks that focus on Rumeya and he knows which ones to kill early.

He has good attack power and is a good partner for Rumeya.

If the two of them are supported by the talented Aeris as the rear guard, they’ll make a great team.

“I’m good at healing magic, light (holy) magic and using “wands” and “maces” with my Priest skills. As a wizard, I’m particularly good with wind, water, and lightning, but I can use all the basics. A wizard should be able to use barrier magic and defensive magic in general, but there are still many things I can’t use.”

The more I listen, the more I realize that Aeris is blessed with skills.

This should certainly be expected.

Aeris is definitely a gem who can become an expert in the rear guard.

And it won’t be long before the three of them leave the village and become a famous team of adventurers.

I’m looking forward to that time, Tauro thought.

After collecting the herbs, the four of us tried a practical simulation of cooperation.

I realized it was good to be able to use Aeris’s first strike as a “magician”.

In this team, which had only physical attacks, magic would allow for more variation.

Aeris is also looking for possibilities in collaboration, suggesting her own role and asking for opinions on how she should move.

Tauro gave advice to her and he himself took on the role of the enemy to confirm their actual movements and a fruitful time passed.

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