Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Inauguration of the Branch Manager

Everyone was surprised when Chloe, the receptionist, was announced as the branch manager.

Tauro was also surprised, but not that much.

She’s kind, calm and collected, so people tend to think of her as cold, but she has as much emotion as anyone else.

I was working with Chloe on some paperwork.

“What should I do, Tauro-kun?”

she asked with a tearful, anxious look on her face.

“Please calm down. It’s just an extension of the work we’ve been doing. On the other hand, the reception can be left to the newcomer and the paperwork can be left to Shiroi-san, the assistant branch manager. Chloe, you only have to make the final adjustments, so it’ll be much easier than before.”

Tauro appeased Chloe.

“But the responsibility…”

Chloe’s anxiety wouldn’t go away.

“We’ve been doing just fine up to this point. It’s fine to continue as before. You can just tell the adventurers what you want.”


“It’s the same way you’ve dealt with me in the past, you’ll be fine.”

“That’s because you’ve only been an adventurer for a few months and you’re still at F rank…!”

“If you don’t understand something, ask everyone for advice. If you do that, you can handle almost anything. There’s no need to take it all on yourself.”

Chloe nodded, feeling as if Tauro’s words had stabilized her.

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Thus, Chloe agreed to take the post, and the Adventurer’s Guild in Dansas Village had a new branch chief.

Even though Chloe became the head of the guild, she still did almost everything the same as before.

Sometimes she works as a receptionist, sometimes she does paperwork.

Most times she would go to the big guilds in town to discuss things, but it was almost the same as usual.

If I had to pick one thing that was different, it would be the change from the staff uniform to casual pants and the badge on her left chest indicating that she was the branch manager.

The Adventurer’s Guild Dansas Branch has decided to make it a basic policy to add potions to the equipment of the adventurers working in this branch.

The reason for this is to reduce the fatality rate during quests.

In addition, the village of Dansas has an abundance of medicinal herbs that are less expensive than elsewhere.

In order to achieve this, it was important to streamline the process of refining the potions by pharmacists so that they could be made in large quantities.

If we could do this and provide them to adventurers at a lower price, both the branch and the adventurers would be happy.

Many of the adventurers in this branch have been helped by the potions.

Therefore, there were not many people who objected.

The ones who did object were those who had never been seriously injured before, but knowing that the potions had saved the lives of some of the chapter’s most famous adventurers, they were reluctant to speak out.

In addition, Chloe promoted Bob to D-rank, Tauro to F+ and Shin and Rumeya to F under her authority.

This was because of their performance in the quest to defeat the Killer Ant.

First of all, they were on a larger scale than previously reported and secondly, there was a queen and they quickly defeated them and saved the village with minimal damage.

She would have liked to raise the four of them two ranks, but that was impossible under the guild’s rules, so she couldn’t.

She was going to cite the previous defeat of the Goblin Knight and Sorcerer, but that had already been dealt with, so she couldn’t do it.

 But for the four of us, this was a windfall.

Bob, in particular, had only been promoted to E+ for a short time and D- was not something that could be achieved by simply completing quests.

There was a screening process to see if you were worthy of the promotion and your personality, background, and contribution to the guild were also involved.

This was the barrier between the E rank band (ordinary adventurers) and the D rank band (skilled adventurers).

There are many adventurers in this rank range who remain at E rank until they retire.

Bob had cleared all of these requirements.

There was no one to oppose him, especially since he had contributed so much to the village and worked hard to improve its image.

As for Tauro, Shin, and Rumeya, they were F-ranked adventurers, so the conditions were still loose and the promotion was based on the hope that they would have a promising future.

Shin and Rumeya were very happy.

It was a speedy promotion just from sprinkling powder. 

They were thankful that they had followed Tauro.

Tauro, however, was calm.

He wanted to get their fighting styles in shape before the three of them moved up to the E rank.

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