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Chapter 73: The Savior of the Village

When they arrived at the village, it was a battlefield.

The villagers were resisting the killer ants with mulberry tree sticks and sickles, but the overwhelming difference in numbers made them desperate to protect their families.

Then a carriage arrived.

The coachman of the carriage said.

“The adventurers have come to save us!”

Everyone turned at the sound of his voice.

Four adventurers gallantly descended on the village and three of them, including a child, started sprinkling white powder into the air.

Then, the adventurer who seemed to be the leader of the group rolled up the powder with wind magic and began to attack the swarm of killer ants.

One by one, the swarm of killer ants began to struggle and die.

It was as vivid as witnessing a miracle.

As the adventurer man manipulated the wind, the killer ants died one after another.

In between them, a child was running around doing something, but the villagers didn’t see it. 

Tauro retrieves the white powder with his magic storage, puts it back in a bag to hold it, takes it out, gives it to Shin and Rumeya, they scatter it in the air again and Bob manipulates it with wind magic.

Bob continued to do so while recovering magic power with the occasional magic potion Tauro gave him.

Before long, the killer ants were defeated.

The villagers had just been shown magic.

With the help of a single adventurer’s miraculous magic, the killer ants that had been so hard to defeat even by the knight in charge of the village were eradicated.

He was truly a savior.

The villagers crowded around the adventurer and all expressed their gratitude.

They asked the adventurer who he was and he told them that he was Bob, the dog-man adventurer who had saved the village of Dansas.

He said modestly, “I just created the wind.” 

What a wonderful personality he has.

He is not conceited at all.

They were certain they were witnessing a hero.

The villagers were truly grateful to their savior.

“When I saw the number of killer ants attacking the village, I almost despaired.”

Rumeya said honestly.

“yes, I did too. Bob and Tauro were the only two people who were calm at the time. Besides, we were just spraying the powder.”

They defeated the swarm of killer ants without much hesitation.

The only people who were busy were Bob, who was using wind magic and Tauro, who was occasionally collecting the powder.

“All we did was spread the powder.”

“But Tauro-kun also played a role.”

“I guess so. It’s nice to be appreciated, but I don’t want to be tortured by the villagers like Bob.”

The two men looked at Bob, who was in trouble, surrounded by the villagers.

With such a large herd, it should not be surprising if there was a killer ant queen.

Tauro went around to check the corpses of the killer ants.

His prediction was correct and he found the queen on the outskirts of the village.

It was large, almost a meter tall. She was holding a wand in her paw.

She might be able to use magic.

It was very weak, but he couldn’t let it go.

There was no guarantee that it would not breed and attack again later.

Tauro immediately blocked the Queen’s movement with the dark magic “Paralysis” and quietly stabbed her in the back.

He also retrieved one of the antennae and the magic stone, the proof of her defeat.

Now that the crisis in the village was over, all he had to do was return home and report back.

However, he might not be able to return home today.

The villagers and the knight in charge of the village have begun preparing a thank-you party.

Bob says he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do as an adventurer, but the preparations are progressing rapidly.

We can’t leave without Bob and it looks like we’ll be staying the night, Tauro thought.

Bob was well received at the banquet.

He and the knight seemed to have hit it off and were talking a lot.

After all, Bob is not an ordinary person.

He has accepted this situation and is enjoying it.

Shin and Rumeya were drunk, but they couldn’t keep up with the tension of the villagers.

Tauro, being a child and not drinking, remained calm and enjoyed the happiness of the villagers.

They had been useful to these people. It was times like this that Tauro felt he was in the best position to be an adventurer.

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