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Chapter 49: The Curry Shop Opens


Half a month has passed since the quest to defeat the bandits.

Today is the opening day of the curry specialty restaurant.

The curry was served at Yasuragi-tei for a short time before the opening, but it soon became so popular that there was a line in front of the store even on the first day.

Using the memories of his previous life, Tauro introduced a system that had never existed before, where curry is topped with whatever you want to eat.

He also prepared desserts, because after spicy food comes sweet food.

Fruit cakes, crepes with fruit and cream, puddings, cookies, and buns with red bean paste, all of which are expensive because of the precious sugar used. All of these were made possible because of the different concept from Yasuragi-tei.

The desserts were visible from the front of the restaurant through the glass, so the customers in line were quick to point them out.

“We’ll be opening now.”

When the time came and the employee opened the door, customers who were tired of waiting rushed into the restaurant, took their seats and immediately opened the menu and started ordering.

As a curry specialty restaurant, the curry was of course popular, but the desserts were also popular as well.

Even though they were rather expensive, a lot of customers wanted to try them because they were made of precious sugar.

And when they ate them, they were so impressed with the taste that they forgot to look at others and customers who saw them ordered more.

The pudding, in particular, had a new texture that they had never tasted before and even though they had prepared a lot of it, it was sold out first.

However, as soon as the customers realized that the other desserts were also delicious, they rushed to order them and before the evening was over, all the desserts were sold out except for the Anko Manjuu (Bean paste buns).

“I can’t believe we didn’t sell out the buns…”

Tauro was shocked that his personal favorite buns remained unsold.

The buns were absolutely delicious, but the people who ate them were so creeped out by the black filling that they avoided them. They were all asking…

“What is this black stuff?”

For the time being, he stored the unsold ones in his magic storage, because this way, they wouldn’t get spoilt. 

Tauro observed for a few days, but the buns did not seem to be selling explosively….

One day, he talked to Nei.

“Why don’t we advertise them along with cookies as portable snacks for all adventurers?”

Indeed, the buns and cookies could be wrapped in cloth and easily eaten by hand.

So Tauro decided to have them placed at Yasuragi-tei, a place for adventurers to relax.

They also provide portable food for quests, so he asked them to give them some for free as a trial.

This sparked their popularity.

The sweet buns became popular as a tasty treat for tired bodies after quests.

Some of the adventurers even said they were good as snacks.

As adventurers became the main customer base, they decided to sell the buns at a lower price to make it easier on their pockets.

It’s good to be lenient to adventurers, because I’m an adventurer too. Tauro

 * Tauro’s poetry is his personal impression.

Tauro was also doing very well in his quests.

Thanks to his success in defeating the bandits, he was accepted as an extra member of the quest team.

Until now, many people had been hesitant to take him along as an adventurer because he was still only ten years old.

However, even though he lacked firepower, he was able to provide solid support and earned the recognition of those who trusted him with their lives.

This was the moment when his abilities were recognized.

One day, after such a fulfilling day, he was summoned to his room by Leo, the branch manager.

Leo, the branch manager, had a serious expression on his face.

“Viscount Saisi would like to have you.”

Leo told him

“What do you mean?”

“It seems that thanks to the mithril mining, he’s been able to meet more and more high-ranking nobles when he went to the capital. They want to use you as a foil because your name comes up so much.”

So this is the reason… Tauro wanted to refuse at all costs.

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