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Chapter: 37 A Walk in the Royal Capital 

The day after the stormy day with the Prime Minister and the nobles passed.

Today, for the time being, was a day off.

Early in the morning, the Prime Minister’s messenger told him that he was scheduled to meet with the prince tomorrow.

For that reason, Tauro wanted to take it easy today, but Mina was waiting next to him as she was his bodyguard.

If he was lounging around in his room alone, Mina would be stuck there too.

“Would you like to take a walk in the royal capital?”

After much deliberation, Tauro called out to Mina and decided to go out.

“Do you need anything, Mina-san? I don’t have a destination in mind.”

He asked her as they walked.

“Shouldn’t we stop by at the Chamber of Commerce?

“I’ve heard that they’re busy preparing for the launch of Reversi tomorrow, so I don’t think we should drop by.”

“Well, I want to buy some souvenirs for my parents and younger brother, but I still have a few days left.”

“So you have a younger brother?”

“Yes, he’s the same age as you.”

“I see. Your brother must be very proud of you, Mina-san.”

“My brother is a fan of yours. He’s seen the puppet show so many times that he wants to be an adventurer just like you.”

“Fan? He’s a fan of mine?”

Tauro was surprised.

Her younger brother must have misunderstood the exaggerated content of the puppet show, which pleased him but was also a bit troubling.

“The scene where you chased away the collector is recreated using copper coins.”


Is that story spreading too? That was so chuunibyo that he felt embarrassed every time he remembered it!

Tauro blushed, not only in his mind, but also in his heart.

The royal capital is just so big and huge with many people.

The large plaza was filled with people, as if there was some kind of festival going on, and the stalls were full of life.

The streets surrounding the square were also wide, and carriages were running all the time.

Tauro and his aide crossed the large square on foot and headed for the street of magic tools that they had heard about at the inn.

This was Mina’s wish.

There were also magic tools stores in Saïsi, but the scale of the royal capital was different.

It would take them days just to look around.

The two of them found a large store and went in.


A shopkeeper greeted them.

Tauro looked around the store and saw that every single item in the store was carefully displayed.

It’s not a shop where you can just pick up something and look at.

He had entered the wrong store!

The atmosphere in the store made Tauro realize that they were in the wrong place.

“Hmm? This is…!”

There was a backpack on a pedestal in front of them.

The name of the product is “Magic Storage (Large) Backpack Type”, and the price tag says “Please check with a nearby shopkeeper for price”.

“This is our pride and joy. A one-of-a-kind item made by the famous legendary magician Jean Fellow, worth ten platinum coins.”

The shopkeeper was giving off the vibe that a dirty kid had just arrived and that he wondered if he could afford it.

It could be seen that he didn’t have a good feeling about Tauro.

But it didn’t matter, one platinum coin is worth 10 million yen in his previous life, which means 10 coins is 100 million yen.

If he uses his true eye, it will show the value as about seven platinum coins.

Thirty percent should be a modest profit considering the store’s overhead and other expenses. It may be a surprisingly conscientious store.

But for now, the problem was not that, but the product itself.

Tauro was leaning forward like a child staring through a glass at the toy he wanted.

Magic storage is a fantasy’s promise.

It was one of the things Tauro wanted.

“We don’t need a big one, do you have a small one?”

Mina ( previously translated as Meena), who was watching from the side, asked the shopkeeper.

Tauro was surprised that Mina was not surprised by the price and asked the clerk.

“Are you buying it, Mina-san?”

“I’m just looking, I just want to know the price, the performance and the design.”

It was a declaration to the clerk that she didn’t want to buy it, but still wanted to see it. That was what Mina said without an ounce of fear.

The shopkeeper was overwhelmed and led them upstairs.

After that, they just looked at the various products and left without buying anything.

“Hahahahahaha! You’re really courageous Mina-san!”

“You also enjoyed the second half, didn’t you?”

Like this, the two of them enjoyed their day off to the fullest.

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      1. Raw says 商会 which is like a business, or a company. More literally think of it as a ‘place to do business’. Deepl does translate it as chamber of commerce, google tl and bing tl both translate it as company.

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