Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Visit of the Messenger

Tauro and his party were amazed at everything they saw and heard in the village of the Dragon People and made a new discovery.

When we arrived at Ragune’s house in the midst of such a harvest, the sky was about to turn from orange hues with the setting sun to darkness with the coming of night!

“Well then, everyone, we look forward to seeing you again.”

The captain of the garrison greeted Tauro on behalf of the garrison and went back to his rounds for work.

At home, Ragune’s brother Drago was waiting for them.

It was at this point that Tauro realized upon his return that Ragune’s house was too big for her and her brother to live in together.

Perhaps they live with their parents.

He wondered if there was some reason why they were not here at the moment.

“Welcome back, everyone. Would you like to stay with us today? Or are you going home now?”

In order to welcome this important guest, Drago had been making preparations while they went to the chief’s house, so that Tauro and his party could stay overnight.

“No, it was sudden today, so I think we’ll go home quietly. I apologize for the disturbance.”

Tauro thanked them on behalf of the team and bowed.

“Then everyone, the entrance to the ‘dimensional corridor’ is in my room, so let’s go in.”

Ragune opens the door to the house and invites everyone in.

Her brother Drago also took the lead and led the way to Ragune’s room.

In this way, the experiment combining “spatial transfer” and “dimensional corridor” was a success, and they succeeded in visiting the village of the Dragon People, were welcomed, and returned to the village of Dansas that same day.

After confirming that Tauro and the others had moved, Ragune was about to return to the village of Dansas as well, when her older brother Drago called out to her.

“Ragune, please bring Tauro-dono and the others back again. I would like to welcome them here in the village, not on a day trip like this.”

“Okay, brother. We have plans, so I don’t know if it will be soon, but I will talk to Tauro about it.”

The sister replied and returned to the village of Dansas via the “dimensional corridor.”

“… Are there people like that in the outside world? Makes me want to go there, too.”

Drago had never envied his Little sister Ragune, but this was the first time he did.

It was the morning of the second day after the emergency visit to the village of the Dragon People.

Tauro and Ankh, as well as Aeris and Ragune, who had come to have breakfast, were responding to a messenger from the city of Daredar..

“My master, Count Daredar, wishes to receive you as a guest in his household. Of course, this is not mandatory. Count Daleder simply wishes to see again the man who saved his life, the master of reversi…Tauro-dono.”

“I appreciate your kind words, but…, of course, I, as well as the team “Black Golden Wings,” only fulfilled the client’s request as adventurers, and it was only a coincidence that we ended up helping the Count. So we did not do anything to be welcomed as guests. Besides, I have already been thanked for it. Please return because it will be excessive.”

“Please wait! I have been directly asked by my master, so I cannot simply turn back. May I ask you to meet my Lord at least for a glance?”

“…Hmmm. We are adventurers. If it’s a job request, we’ll accept it, but in that case, can we get it through the Adventurers’ Guild?”

Tauro stubbornly refused to give in to the messenger who invited his sympathy.

“…I understand. Then I will tell my master so.”

Disappointed, the messenger nodded and left Tauro’s house to return to the city of Daredar.

“Why didn’t you at least meet him?”

Aeris wondered.

“I don’t really know what kind of person Count Daredar is. I didn’t want to meet him and be asked to serve him, and I thought it would only cause trouble…. This time, he felt indebted to me and wouldn’t be unreasonable in refusing, so I thought I’d take advantage of that and keep a certain distance.”

“That’s why you said something like putting the adventurer’s guild in between us.”

Ragune made a face that agreed.

“As far as I know, Count Daleder is a mild mannered fellow, so he’ll be fine. The messengers the other day weren’t very nice, though.”

Aeris remembered talking to the messengers in order to guarantee Tauro’s identity, and divulged her impressions of that time.

“I have that impression, too. I’m sure he was a bit tense, having just been targeted by assassins, so they were being cautious, just in case.”

“Nobles do take it for granted. It’s better to be cautious. Ha-ha-ha!”

Ankh laughed in support of Tauro and renewed the atmosphere of the place.

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