Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: The Village of the Dragon People (4)

The setting sun casts a shadow on the village of the Dragon People.

“Oh? Is it this late already? How about staying with us today?”

Chief Ryuga asked if they would like to stay with him.

“No, I can’t take you up on your offer. Besides, I can go home right away with spatial transfer… Is it okay if I visit here again?”

Tauro confirmed with Chief Ryuga if he had permission to visit again.

“Of course! Tauro-dono and his friends are always welcome. And I, too, have a favor to ask of you, so I look forward to seeing you again at your earliest convenience.”

When Chief Ryuga said that, he stood up from his seat and bowed.

Tauro and the others stood up from their seats at that and bowed deeply, then left the chief’s mansion.

Accompanied by the captain of the garrison, they made their way back to Ragune’s house.

“…Tauro. By putting Ragune in the ‘Black Golden Wings’, does this mean that we’ve interfered with the Dragon People’s long-held dream of conquering the dungeon?”

Aeris was concerned about the fact that Chief Ryuga had leaked the fact that Ragune’s “dimensional corridor” was necessary for the dungeon capture.

“Yes, that’s right. Ragune is now in a position where she doesn’t have to follow the customs of the dragon people, so that might be the case…Maybe that’s what the chief was asking me to do.”

“Ah, you mean carrying the dungeon conquering group down with your ‘Spatial Transfer’.”

Aeris pointed it out as if it made sense.

“If that’s what the chief is asking for, I’d appreciate it if you’d listen to him. If the “spatial transfer” is as the legend says, it would mean that it would take only a short time to reach the lowest level, which in the past took several months to reach. If this is realized, the burden on the conquering team will be greatly reduced. If it weren’t for the epidemic, I would have been diving into the dungeons as a member of the conquering group to support them right now.”

Ragune talked about her planned life as she entered their conversation.

‘If Ragune asked me to do this, I wouldn’t say no. Well then, when the dungeon capture team is ready, I’ll help you then.”

Tauro replied and drank a magic recovery potion he took out from his magic storage.

He used a lot of magic coming to the dragon people’s village, so it’s for recovery.

“It’s outrageous that there are so many strong monsters in the dungeon that even the dragon people haven’t been able to conquer it yet.”

Ankh looked at the garrison members who were accompanying him, and was dumbfounded.

“The dungeon conquer team is an elite group with even better power than our garrison, but the dungeon has demons, traps, tricks, and depths that make it difficult for them. I myself once dived into a dungeon in the past, but I couldn’t reach the bottom level, where the past conquerors had dived, and I had to turn back.”

The captain of the garrison responded to Ankh’s words.

“You look pretty strong too, but is it that much!?”

Ankh was surprised because he had guessed that the garrison leader was quite strong.

“At that time, I was in the support group, and there was a huge gap in ability between us and the conquer group. Hahaha!”

The captain of the garrison answered with a smile and continued.

“There is an adventurers’ guild in this village as well, so if I were to rank them, I would say that the strength of the conquer group would be in the S-rank range.”

Tauro and Aeris were taken aback by the garrison captain’s casual comparison.

The S rank band means the legendary level.

It is a band where one must have the highest level of skills, the highest limit of ability, and must be able to sublimate them through blood-soaked efforts, and is said to be impossible unless you are blessed with further luck.

To be frank, the adventurer’s guild’s past top-ranked skill holders are treated as the best even in the A rank range.

It may be a kindred favoritism toward hometown adventurers, but that’s how great the dragon tribe’s conquering group is.

“What kind of skills do they have, if you don’t mind my asking?”

Tauro asked, intrigued.

“Skills? Ah, the skills of the conquering group include the great hero, the great sage, the true saint, the extreme warrior, divine mage, and the heavenly flying dragon knight.”

……A rare skill I’ve heard has something like “great”, “true”, “extreme”, or “heaven” at the beginning…? I’ve heard of all of them, but I’ve never actually seen them..!

Tauro was beginning to feel that it would be better not to ask about the incomparable level of the dragon people.

“…… haha. I thought I had pretty good skills, but the Dragon People are far above that …….”

Aeris couldn’t help but laugh in dismay at the difference in level.

“Even in the village of the dragon tribe, the skills of the elite group are a valuable part of the village. I hope I too can surpass the limits of a dragon knight and become a ‘Flying Dragon Knight,’ but that’s still a long way off.”

“Huh? Fixed skills grow!?”

Aeris asked Ragune in surprise.

“Huh? Not by normal means, but they say if you can push past your limits, you can grow, right? The conquer group is those who have crossed that limit. Well, the dragon race is a long-lived race, so it might be difficult for humans. ”

Ragune answered casually, something that would cause a big fuss as a major discovery if it were announced to a national research institute.

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