Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Continued Magic Experiments

I had been trying not to use creation magic too much.

One of the reasons was partly because I had almost died once, but I also felt that the magic seemed too unreal and my dreams might just be destroyed.

For example, I don’t know how much magic power I would use, but it occurred to me once that I could make a pistol.

But of course, I rejected this idea, because it is too dreamless a weapon.

Besides, I don’t really understand much about its structure, so I’m afraid that even if I make it, it’ll explode.

That’s why I tried to use creation magic only as much as necessary.

However, it is also true that it is a highly versatile magic, so it would not be wrong to experiment and learn more about it.

When I recap, this magic is “Creation magic (weak)”.

I had a vague idea of the meaning behind the “(weak)”, but I thought it might have something to do with the amount of magic power consumed and the fact that it requires materials.

After all, the amount of magic power consumed is too great.

The more complicated something is, the more useful it is, the more magic power it takes, but even so, the consumption of magic power is too great.

As for the magic sword that nearly killed me, I had made it without even recognizing how great it was, but it seemed that It had consumed enough magic power to nearly kill me due to the effects of using multiple techniques, including the creation of the sword there was the use of the labyrinth core, and the magic stone that imparted magic.

I was thinking that if I could get this (weak) removed, maybe the magic consumption would calm down a bit, but here I am with “Magic Manipulation (extreme)”.

If it goes in the right direction, it may be possible to open up a way to make more use of 『Creation Magic』.


That didn’t happen!

For a start, I tried making a chair without joints using wood, and somehow I felt that the consumption of magic power was lower than before, so I decided to make weapons for Ragune and Ankh, thinking that this might be a good idea.

First, he tried to create a special weapon that could only be used by Ragune using the iron ore he had prepared for Ragune’s spear, a piece of labyrinth core, oak wood, and the magic stone from the ogre that Tauro had previously defeated.

The result was another near-death experience due to the amount of magic power consumed being too much. He only survived due to the magic recovery potion he drank just before and that Aeris quickly ceded her own magical power to him, a healing magic that saved his life.

At this time, I heard the “voice of the world” in my distant consciousness, but that is a story for another time.

“I thought a spear would be …… good since the only metal part of the weapon was the tip, but nope…”

And when Tauro woke up dizzily, he reflected on how he had miscalculated.

“Does this mean that ‘Magic Manipulation (Extreme)’ cannot affect ‘Creation Magic’?”

Aeris pointed out the results of the experiment as he drank the magic recovery potion.

“I don’t know ……. I’m not sure if “creation magic” is special or if the fact that it has (weak) attached to it is the problem. I don’t think “Magic Manipulation (Extreme)” has any drawbacks when it has (Extreme) attached……”

Tauro pondered over Aeris’s point.

“But in the end, it’s good that we were able to create a spear specifically for Ragune. Great job Tauro!”

Aeris accepted the positive outcome and praised Tauro.

No, because it almost killed me, again!

If it weren’t for Aeris this time, there’s a good chance I’d really be on my way to the afterlife!

Tauro inwardly retorted.

“But it would be unfair if I didn’t make a great sword for Ankh, right?”

Tauro was convinced that if this was what happened with a spear, considering the size of Ankh’s great sword, it would be an instant death this time.

“I though about thist, but ……. Isn’t it dangerous to make everything at once?”

Aeris pointed out sharply.

“…my goodness, that’s……?”

Tauro asked back, beginning to faintly realize something he had overlooked .

“we’ll divide the process. First, make a large sword and then recover magic power. Then, use the labyrinth core then recover magic power. Then also use the magic stone then restore magic power ……This would reduce the amount of magic power consumed at one time and lower the risk of losing one’s life, wouldn’t it?”

darn it

Aeris is right!

Tauro was shocked at his own stupidity as he fell to his knees in disappointment.

He had been so focused on efficiency that he had overlooked something simple.

If Aeris is right, it will take more time, effort, and cost more, but the chance of losing my life will be much lower.

“…… Okay, let’s give it a try. Aeris, stay with me a little longer.”

Tauro gulped down the magic recovery potion and took out a large amount of iron ore from the magic storage.

“Okay, but don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”

Aeris replied, and just in case, she too drank a magic recovery potion to recover.

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