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              Chapter 21: I Can’t Keep Money


To be honest, the new “Precision” ability was unclear.

Since it was called “precision,” Tauro thought it would be useful for detailed work, but since he rarely did any detailed work, he couldn’t think of how to go about it and several days passed.

In the meantime, he tried to train with his bow and arrow as usual in the guild’s courtyard and he was able to hit the target at his usual distance with a hundred shots. He was showing signs of improvement.

“I wonder if the “precision” skill has anything to do with this kind of thing! I think there was a term called “precision shooting”.”

Looking back at his previous memories, it occurred to him that he was still very weak and his power was literally that of a child.

“I’ve got a vague idea of what “precision” skill is, but I’m more interested in the mithril ore.”

Tauro was worried that he might get a lot of attention as the boy who “accidentally” discovered the mithril ore, but he didn’t need to worry about that.

The fact that a considerable amount of mithril ore was discovered in a quarry owned by the city of Saïsi was in itself important.

The city of Saïsi’s finances could change at a stroke and not just for the better.

Moreover, if the fact of this mithril mining spread throughout the country, there was a great possibility that many strangers who dreamed of getting rich would come to the city.

The more people there were, the more chaos there would be in the city and that would affect public safety.

Tauro didn’t want to be the center of such a commotion, so he decided to sell the mithril through the guild as soon as possible and went on with the procedure.

For Tauro, there was a possibility that he would be targeted if he got his hands on a huge amount of money.

In fact, the quarry was supposed to buy it on the spot, but things went differently.

So, they decided to ask the guild to intervene and find a buyer.

As soon as the item was sold, Tauro planned to rent out the guild’s store and invite all the Saïsi branch staff, officials, people from the town, and adventurers to a party.

Even so, there was a great chance that he wouldn’t be able to use all of the money, but in that case, he would donate all the rest to the orphanage.

According to Taro Sato’s experience in his previous life

“You can learn to spend money by throwing it away.”

That was his theory. It would be better to spend it all on good things.

It would be good for his safety.

The next day, the mithril ore was purchased by a Viscount of Saisi, the lord of the estate.

It was the first mithril to be quarried in his domain and he thought it would be a good omen to keep it with him and in that sense, he added some color to the purchase price.

“So, after deducting the guild’s brokerage fee, you’ll be getting 105 gold coins.”

The amount far exceeded Tauro’s expectations.

“Mithril is so rare.”

He was simply amazed.

Tauro confirmed this with his “True Eye”.

The sale price of the mithril was 1.5 million Japanese yen, which is too much for a ten-year-old kid to have in his possession.

At the branch manager’s office, Tauro was handed a bag of gold coins and when Leo, the branch manager, asked him what he was going to do with it, Tauro told him his exact thoughts.

“Hmm. You want to use up everything? you’ve already started making that kind of decision at your age huh?. Well, okay. Let’s make a splash!” 

The branch manager Leo laughed loudly and took Tauro to the lobby in front of the reception desk on the first floor of the guild.

“Everyone listen up! As we all know, Tauro Satou found mithril, but he wants to buy everyone a drink with the money from the sale. In a few days, we’re going to rent out the whole neighborhood for a party!”

He announced.


At these words, the staff, adventurers, and others in the guild erupted in excitement and the next moment, the guild was in a festive mood.

“Yay! We can eat a lot of burgers!”

“Baka! You’re supposed to drink alcohol at times like this!”

“We’ll both be eating and drinking!”

“Satou, Thank you!”

Tauro was showered with words of gratitude.

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