Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Promotional Screening

Chloe, the head of the Dansas branch Adventurers’ Guild, and Shiroi, the deputy branch head, were troubled.

This time, It was about team “Black Golden Wings,” which had achieved phenomenal results in the limited-time free quest.

The other teams had also achieved good results, but they were commensurate with their ranks, and it is fair to say that the “Black Golden Wings” in the E-rank band were able to kill a large number of “higher-ranked” monsters, an unprecedented achievement in the Dansas Division.

“For now, this Ragune should be raised from F rank to E rank at once. It is in the guild’s best interest to raise this talent as soon as possible so that she can play an active role.”

“I agree. …… I’ll move Ankh up from E- to E+, both in terms of ability and battle record. The problem is Tauro-kun and Aeris-chan …… Considering the team’s record, they are qualified enough to be promoted to the D rank, but Ragune and Ankh’s performance is so great that it gets lost in the haze…. Hmm, in my ideal, I think it would be better to raise the four of them to the D-rank belt together to keep the balance……”

“Then there would be dissatisfaction from them. Even though the performance of the two vanguard is amazing, they must be proud that it is only with the support of the two rear guard that they are able to do so. I think they are aware of the fact that the team’s record this time around has put them in the D-rank belt.”

“……Yes, that’s right. I’m worried about those kids because they look like they don’t take it too hard, but they do some pretty dangerous things……. Tauro-kun and Aeris-chan should be promoted to D- rank.”

After much deliberation and consideration, the branch manager, Chloe, decided on an unusual promotion.

The next day, Chloe announced the promotion to each member of Tauro’s team who came to the guild in the morning.

“I’m ranked E! I didn’t know they would appreciate me that much. …… I’m not sure I’m good enough for an E ranking ……Kuuh…!”

Ragune, who had achieved the best results this time, seemed to be pleased, although it was worrisome that she said something disturbing for a moment.

“Two ranks up? That’s a great service! Ha ha ha!”

Ankh is also pleased, but his reaction seems to be somewhat unimportant.

Maybe he doesn’t really feel it.

And then there’s Tauro and Aeris.

“Oh, that’s still good.”

The two who had been the most worried about their promotions were the least responsive, and we’re simply dismissive.

“huh, it’s a big promotion!”

Chloe asked in surprise.

“I want to go up with everyone. I’d like Aeris and I to be together with them when we’re promoted.”

“Oh, but if Ankh is also E+, then it’s possible that by the time Ragune is E+, Ankh will be One up.”

“I’m sure Ankh will be fine. Ankh doesn’t seem to care about his rank. Besides, he and Ragune are good friends, so he’ll wait with us.”

“That’s true”

Watching their interaction, Chloe knew that the decision she and her vice had been worrying about in the middle of the night was unfounded.

“ I don’t want to say more, but Ragune and Ankh have been exceptionally promoted, and this won’t ever happen again, so please don’t overdo it in the future. Usually, aiming for higher ranks is not appreciated.”

Chloe, as the head of the Dansas branch, did not forget to nail the point

It would be a problem if a team like this one were to aim for a rank higher than their own and try to hunt in large numbers.

If that happened, it was obvious that there would be many deaths.

Even though it was the decision of the Dareder branch, I’ll submit a letter of opinion so that this free quest would never be issued again.

“Yes. But there are five days left for this free quest, right? If we have a result war in the meantime ……”

Tauro said something scary.

Chloe panicked.

“Hey, hey, Tauro-kun! This is a one-time thing! I’m not going to let you bring this quest to me again, okay? This is the last time! Don’t you ever do anything reckless again!”

She crossed her arms to express her disapproval.

“Ha ha ha! I understand. It’s a pity, but my goal was for Ragune to get a big promotion, so I won’t do anything reckless again.”

Tauro laughed and reassured Chloe.

Behind them, Ragune and Ankh, who had been talking together, entered the conversation.

“Tauro is a Spartan. I wouldn’t think twice if he asked me to do that one day after day.”

Ragune nodded with a serious face.

“Oh come on, Ragune. The leader and Aeris were coordinating behind the scenes to make sure you could finish things off, you know? I wouldn’t call that Spartan. Ha ha ha!”

Ankh is in the vanguard, but he can see well behind.

After all, he is a former mercenary, accustomed to melee combat and always paying attention to his surroundings.

“Then, since the both of us have been promoted, why don’t the four of us take on our first E rank quest together?”

Tauro suggested, and everyone agreed.

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