Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Still the First Strike

A few days have passed since Nei’s matchmaking fiasco.

The fact that Marco had tried to make Tauro follow Nei, was a big problem.

“It seems that everyone used Tauro to follow Nei, but I wonder how it turned out?”

The branch manager Leo and Nei were angry at the adult adventurers when they found out about it.

Now, everyone is sitting on the floor in front of the guild’s reception desk.

“We all have quests to do, so isn’t this enough…”

Tauro tried to speak up.

“You’re a victim of exploitation, you should be angry too.”

The branch manager, Leo, scowled at the seated adventurers.

The adult adventurers shuddered at the piercing glare of his one eye.

“It’s a disgrace for adventurers to use a child to spy on the private lives of guild officials.”

Leo, the branch manager, had a point.

“I don’t mind, Branch Manager, so you’ll have to forgive them.”

Nei spoke on their behalf.

“So sweet…  an angel.”

I heard a voice from the adventurers seated in front of her whispering praises of her.

“If she says so, then fine. It’s good timing. You’ll be doing errand quests for the next month.”


It was humble, hard and dirty, but worst of all, the reward was small

It was literally a punishment for any adventurer.

For Tauro, who had been a G-ranked adventurer for quite a while, most of the quests they had to do were ones he was used to and didn’t bother him, but from now on, there would be some incredibly tough quests.

For example the quest to repair the walls of the castle, which Tauro was too weak to take on at G rank.

It was one of the less popular quests because it involved a lot of hard work, from quarrying, transporting, and stacking stones, and the reward wasn’t very large.

“This time, they’re short on manpower, so they’re giving us a bigger budget. The rewards aren’t bad.”

The branch manager, Leo, smiled wryly.


For some reason, Tauro was now at the quarry, the site where the stone was cut.

The foreman was showing him the ropes of quarrying.

“Do you understand? If it gets too small, it’s useless, so be careful. Also, sometimes minerals are found in addition to the stone, so if you see anything that looks like it, let us, the field workers, know. If it’s worth something, we’ll pay you in addition to the usual fee. Although it’s not very common to find them on the surface.”

So it seems.

Tauro had taken this tough job as a normal quest.

He told Nei.

“Tauro, you don’t have to feel responsible for this you know?”

Nei was worried, but he was just curious.

He wasn’t interested in hauling and stacking at all, but for the quarrying and mining, he figured his eyes would come in handy.

He was also interested in minerals since he had started to learn blacksmithing at Angus’ place.

“All right, boys, time to get to work!”

The foreman ordered, and everyone dispersed to the surroundings.

Tauro quickly looked at the quarry with his “true eyes”.

There was almost no reaction.

It seemed that the upper layers of weren’t much of a big deal.

However, there was one strong reaction on a pile of stones.

It was a pile of scrap stones that had been quarried, but the reaction was coming from inside a slightly larger stone. 

Tauro ran over and swung his ice axe at the stone

“That pile of stone is trash, so it doesn’t matter.”

The foreman called out to him as he saw Tauro run up to the rubble.

Tauro swung down with his ice axe and a shiny ore came out from inside the broken stone.

In his “true eyes”, it was labeled mithril ore.

Then, the voice of the world echoed in my brain.

“Confirmed one of the activation conditions for the special skill [&%$#] <He who digs for treasure on the first throw>. The skill [Precise] is obtained.”

”Boy, that’s a pile of scrap stone after quarrying, there won’t be anything there.”

The foreman approached.

There, Tauro showed him the mithril ore…

“That’s mithril ore! I didn’t expect to find mithril in this quarry…! This is a big deal. Everyone stop working for a moment!”

The quarry was mainly used for quarrying stone and when it did yield, it was only a little iron. 

If Mithril which is a special ore in this world is discovered, then their method of working will have to be adjusted.

“I’ve only wielded the ice axe once…”

Tauro forgot about getting a new ability in his excitement.

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