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Chapter 15: First F-Rank Quest

The day after his promotion to F rank, Tauro decided to accept an F-rank quest.

“You’re taking on an F-rank quest, aren’t you?”

Nei received the quest paper with a smile and checked the contents.

“I’m surprised. Is this what you want?”

Tauro had chosen to collect medicinal herbs instead of trying to defeat the unicorn hare, one of the monster exterminations available at F rank.

Nei had thought that Tauro who trains his sword skills on a regular basis would have loved to subdue monsters as soon as he knew the value of the sword on his waist.

“Yes, there are things I want to try, so I chose this.”

Nei was surprised that he wasn’t feeling boastful about the promotion, but she was impressed that it was just like Tauro to be cool-headed.

He heard from the guild that there is a place in the forest near the city where medicinal plants grow naturally.

The guild had also given him a piece of paper with its characteristics.

But he decided not to rely on them because he wanted to try something.

Yes, he wanted to try out his new ability linked to the true eye, “plant identification”. 

Tauro arrived at the forest, carrying a basket loaned to him by the guild.

“Plant appraisal…!”

As soon as he arrived, he tried to see if he could find only the medicinal herb Heera, which was specified in the quest.

Heera grass showed up not only in the grass nearby but also from a short distance away.

“Great, it’s as I thought. This will make it easier to find and collect them!”

Tauro went about collecting herbs from all over the place.

In just a couple of hours, he had collected a lot of healers’ herbs, far more than he had planned.

Since he was quite deep in the forest, it was likely that there were other medicinal herbs as well, so he searched even harder, focusing on the most valuable ones.

Then he saw a lot of indications.

“Poisonous herbs for detoxification…yes?”

The bushes at the back shook.

It was a monster, a goblin about the same height as Tauro, with green skin, sharp eyes, fangs peeking out of its mouth, and an overall appearance clearly different from that of a human being.

It was holding a stone axe in its hand.

Tauro hid himself in the bushes as quickly as he could.

It was just one monster, if he succeeded in getting one hit, he could win.

If this were a fantasy, he would have defeated the monster here and made his debut.

“I also want to test the power of this sword”

The hand that grasps the sword is also getting stronger.

“Take advantage of my +5 agility and run!”

Tauro ran away like a rabbit.

The goblin was startled by the sudden appearance of the child from the bushes, but was stunned to see him fleeing at such a rapid pace.

The power of +5 agility was more than he had imagined, his body felt lighter and he felt like he was running faster than usual.

On the contrary, he could move so fast that he felt confused.

If he could move this fast, maybe he should have taken on the E rank goblin? No, it’s not good to be too proud. If he died, it would be all over for him, so it’s best to be cautious.

Tauro said to himself and returned to the city.

“Oh? You’re early, Tauro-kun. You’re done collecting the herbs… Eh! What’s with that amount?”

Nei, the receptionist, couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw the amount of herbs in the basket that Tauro was carrying.

The guild gives you baskets so that you can collect as much as you can if you happen to find a cluster of plants, but most of the time it takes half a day to find the quota of three bunches of 30 plants.

Few adventurers can collect as many as to fill their baskets.

“Did you find a colony?”

“That’s right.”

Tauro thought that explaining it would be troublesome, so he just decided to play along.

“That’s good to know. We’ve been running out of herbs lately, so everyone will be happy.”

“By the way, there was one goblin, but I escaped from it.”

Adventurers are obligated to report the discovery of monsters, so Tauro told Nei straightforwardly.

“What? There are goblins in that forest? I’m glad you escaped. Goblins usually act in groups, so there must have been more than one. Thanks for the report.”

After hearing what Nei had to say, Tauro was glad he escaped.

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