Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Magic Sword Awakening

 As Jocel held out the sword and explained how he obtained it, a blush slowly crept back into Gerhard’s exhausted face.

“Interesting, isn’t it really interesting!”

 Gerhard was about to pull out the sword in excitement, but Jocel hurriedly stopped him.

“Master, this sword may be cursed. Please be careful.”

“Hmph, I don’t feel any magical power from the sword. Besides, I have many magic tools for mental resistance.”

“Pardon me. But…”

“I guess you’re trying to tell me not to let my guard down. Okay, If I’m acting strange, you’ll stop me. Understood?”


 Jocel nodded strongly.

“By the way, Master, you mentioned katana earlier, but what do you mean?”

“Hmm, this isn’t the technology of this country, it’s a weapon called a katana made in the East. It’s not wrong to call it a sword.”

 Why was such a thing brought in, and who was the man who generously threw it away? My curiosity is endless, but now I should investigate the sword in front of me.

 Gerhard drew the sword and scowled.

“Those idiots…”

 And muttered with hatred.

 The blade was clouded with blood. It seemed to have just been wiped with a cloth or something after the self-inflicted wounding incident. If it had been in the possession of those who could not take good care of their weapons, it would have eventually rusted and become tattered.

 Gerhard stood up silently and prepared a whetstone. This is a workshop for conjuring spells, but it also has a certain amount of tools for caring for weapons.

 As he rubbed the blade against the wet whetstone, there was a sensation that ran down Gerhard’s back. Was it a chill or pleasure?

 It had a strange aura to it. I don’t know if I’m sharpening a sword or caressing a woman’s body.

 The 65-year-old equipment spellcaster was now painfully erect as he sharpened the sword.

 I was in the middle of a ” polishing process,” or should I call it “ken-togi” or “kyatogi”? I managed to finish, and then I pulled myself back to reality with a bout of self-discipline. Breathing heavily, I was convinced that I would be drawn to this sword if I stared at it without prior information or preparation.

 I wiped off the moisture, applied sword oil to it, and put it back in its sheath, where I finally noticed Jocel looking at me uneasily.

“I wonder how I am doing. To tell the truth, my memory is a little fuzzy.”

“With all due respect, you seemed terribly aroused. I was wondering if I should interrupt the sharpening…”

“Well, Jocel, I’ve learned one thing.”


“This is love”


 He wasn’t sure what he meant, but from Gerhard’s ecstatic expression, he seemed to be serious.

“The feeling that now I will produce a masterpiece, the best work of my lifetime. A pleasure that neither the King nor the Pope can enjoy, but only a craftsman can!”

 Gerhard laughed out loud while still holding the sword.

 Was this man also possessed by the magic of the sword? No, Jocel was troubled that the beauty of the sword had brought out the madness of the Master himself.

 Gerhard laughed for a moment and then spoke softly to Jocel.

“Jocel, you’ve done well. Thank you for matching this sword with me. Let me thank you.”

“It would be a shame to waste words.”

“I will enchant the sword from now on. You should go home now.”

“Is there anything I can do to help? I would love to observe the master at work on his masterpiece…..”

 Gerhard shook his head apologetically, though it was a natural desire for someone who aspired to be an adjunct spellcaster.

“I’m sorry, but I need to concentrate alone. Instead, I will be the first to show it to you when it is finished.”

 He couldn’t force himself to stay once he said he wanted to concentrate. As Jocel walked away, Gerhard apologized with a light bow of his head.

 He regained his composure and placed the sword on the ceremonial table and arranged the gems geometrically. Magic began to flow, and the ceremonial table pulsed like a bare heart.

 He wore several expensive magic-resistant accessories to withstand the backwash of the hex and sat in front of the ritual table with a fiendish expression on his face.

 A rush of magic power that had never been seen before. The prospect that I would be swallowed by the spell and die if I made a wrong move aroused joy rather than horror.

 I wondered who the author of this sword was, so I deftly removed the stopper, mekugi mekugi, and removed the hilt and tsubatsuba. I thought there should have been an inscription on the stem of the sword, the part hidden by the hilt, but there was none. (TN: the japanese words are sound effects)

 What does it mean that such a sword is unsigned? It is unlikely that the swordsmith did not engrave the signature because he did not like it.

 Is there a reason? It was an even more suspicious sword.

 If I knew the name of the sword maker, I wanted to talk to him. If possible, I wanted him to sponsor me to make a number of swords, but I had no choice. I don’t even know if he is a modern swordsmith or not.

 Gerhard began inscribing ancient characters on the blade of the sword on the ceremonial table, which glowed and pulsated eerily.

 With each inscription, a number of gems shattered and turned to sand. Gerhard concentrated all his attention so that his hand would not go haywire and he would not make a mistake in the procedure. He almost fainted several times, forgetting to breathe.

 When the dozen or so jewels shattered and the light from the ceremonial table subsided, Gerhard was covered in sweat all over and his eyes were dark with dark circles, as if he had been up all night for days.

 However, a satisfied, contented smile appeared on his face.

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