Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Oath

 Five daggers on a slightly tilted table.

 Claudia picked up one of them and grabbed the black lacquered sheath pod.

“I don’t think you’re going to want to harm yourself or anything if you pull this out.”

 With a mischievous smile, she spoke to Lutz sitting across from her.

“Is it possible to make such a mysterious sword like that?”

 Lutz frowned and answered, Claudia nodded lightly and pulled out the dagger.


 It has a massive glow that makes those who look at it marvel at it. It was a little heavy for a knife used for self-defense, but this made it all the more powerful.

 It is a weapon that seems to give courage to those who hold it, although it does not feel like a bewitching spirit.

 However, Claudia said somewhat disapprovingly.

“It’s not worth 80 silver coins.”

“… I guess, how much then?”

“It will get five gold coins.”

 Without any words to reply, Lutz could only scratch his head and remain silent.

 If it is said to be 80 silver coins, it will have to fit in the work of 80 silver coins, this is an important skill.

 Of course, it was important to produce high quality products, but the market price of five times or more was too much. No compromises were made in forging or sharpening the steel.

 When I delivered the iron ax, I usually made something like that. His father, his master swordsmith, also taught him how to cut corners. There is no such thing as pride getting in the way and not being able to cut corners. It’s not like he lived a pretty life.

 Claudia compared the blade of the dagger and Lutz’s face many times before laughing lightly.

“I see, yes, yes. So it’s for me.”

“……Come on.”

 Claudia came to take orders by riding up to the person who seemed to have imprisoned her with false accusations. Handing over scrap iron or a lazy sword here would be a disgrace to her face. Such circumstances may have contributed to Lutz’s enthusiasm.

“Forging blades is a process that can be done either right or wrong. I’m not going to go into the red because it’s just more work for me, but the materials I used are the same…..I may have used a little more charcoal, but that’s acceptable.”

 Forging is a process in which iron is beaten, stretched, folded, and beaten again. In contrast, the process of pouring molten iron into a mold is called casting, which is more suited to mass production but less powerful than forging.

 Incidentally, the axe previously delivered to Claudia was sharpened from a casting, which is sufficient for everyday use.

“I see, hmmm…..”

 Claudia stood up laughing and went behind Lutz, wrapping her slender arms around his neck. She whispered to Lutz’s ear, caressing it with her lips.

“Hey, Lutz, you don’t really understand how lonely I felt.”

“You mean when you were caught by them. I know, I can’t even say that I understand….”

“In the dimly lit dungeon, all I could think about was that in a few days I would be humiliated by the beasts of the Knight Order, and then sold off to some other place where I would suffer even worse. I was so anxious, so crushed by anxiety, I couldn’t breathe, I was throwing up gastric juices.”

 Claudia’s voice was trembling.

 It is common for low-ranking aristocrats to threaten citizens. However, those who are threatened are not happy about it.

 I wonder if my resignation that this is a common occurrence has not numbed my senses somewhat.

 Lutz saved Claudia by throwing out a sword worth a hundred gold coins. However, he was not sure if he had tried to read Claudia’s feelings deeply enough. She was back to her usual cheerful self, so he must have thought that was good enough.

 How is Lutz viewed by Claudia after he rescued her from the deep, deep darkness of despair? He did not want to delve into that.

“Lutz-kun, I like you. But don’t think it’s so simple as just falling in love with you because you saved me.”


 Claudia lightly licked Lutz’s earlobe before continuing.

“I’ve always thought of you without hating you. And when I saw you throw your swords to them, I thought, ‘Oh, this man could do so much for me.’ I knew that if I was in danger, he would help me at any cost.”

 Claudia’s face fell as the arm around Lutz’s neck tightened. Maybe she was crying. Lutz did not interrupt.

“When I said I was going to barge into your house, you must have thought I was a brazen woman.”

“Sorry, that’s what I thought”

“You really are a dumbass. I summoned all my courage to say it, I was afraid I would be kicked out.”

 Claudia let out an exasperated sigh. Her breath hit Lutz’s hair, tickling it and making it feel nice and funny.

“I’ve said it many times before that you love me. I was thinking about what I should do to respond to that feeling.”

 Claudia unties her arm and quickly moves away. When Lutz turned around, Claudia was blushing with embarrassment while giving a gentle smile. Lutz’s honest impression is that she is cute.

“I get really excited when I see you counting coins with a sour face after you threw out 100 gold coins for me.”

“…didn’t want to hear that.”

“No, sorry. What I want to say is that…”

 She continued after a little hesitation.

“I want to dedicate my everything to you.  I want to love you with all my heart and soul.”


 It’s sincere, but it’s still embarrassing. Not long ago we were just business partners and bad friends. Claudia spoke a little too quickly.

“I will do anything for you. Of course, within the limits of common sense. Is there anything you want me to do for you?”

 Lutz stood up and stared into Claudia’s lustrous eyes. I already know the answer.

“I want to hold you. Right now.”

 Claudia is hit by a direct pitch and is bewildered. The summer sun is leaking in through the window. It is still early afternoon.

 I expected this to happen. She was ready and hopeful. Why should I refuse? No, nothing. Claudia smiled gently, worried that her heart might beat out of her chest.

“…Yeah, okay. Let’s make it clear soon. You are mine and I am yours.”

 Claudia clung to Lutz’s arm and squeezed her body close.

 It was a small house. It is only a few steps to the bedroom, but walking like this is a sacred ritual for Claudia.

 After this day, Lutz stopped worrying about whether it was the right thing to let go of the sword.

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