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Chapter 5: What I left behind

Takaya thought he was as good as dead when he was banished from the class.

It may have been small in scale, but the classmates other than Takaya had literally survived the “battle”. Now miraculously everyone is safe, but it wouldn’t have been strange if any of them became a casualty.

In the future, in order for him to survive in this world, he will have to fight alone and without the help of anyone.

Would he, who can only mess with corpses, be able to fight off the demonic beasts and other creatures that come at him in the flesh, full of life and intent on attacking? Absolutely not.

‘I know that it’s useless to resist’, Takaya’s thoughts were negative and depressed and he thought it would be better if he died by his own hands.

“Fortunately, I have the tools for that …”

He picked up the dismantling knife he had been using until a few moments ago and lightly placed the blade against his wrist.

Since he was using it for work, he had to maintain it constantly, and even though the blade dulled a little, it was still sharp. If he pulled it with all his strength, he could easily cut the blood vessel in his wrist.


If it’s left like that, he would die of blood loss and then it’s goodbye.

It’s ironic that the weapon he had been using to slice and dice his prey would end up killing him.

It’s not like I want to do it- but…

“Well, where should I go now?”

Takaya was currently in the woods, a little further away from the neighboring village. His former classmates, who he had already separated from, are planning to continue through the forest and head for the city just beyond the mountain.

Akito said at a meeting a while ago that their current goal is to somehow return to their “original world” and to go to as many places as possible to gather that information. Takaya remembered. But now it has nothing to do with him.

When Takaya shook his head to forget about them, he suddenly remembered the little weight on his waist.

“Money and the magic stone… what should I do?”

The money in Takaya’s pocket was about a week to a month’s worth of living expenses, thanks to his stealing of the magic stone, but that wasn’t necessary for someone who was about to die.

However, it feels like a waste to let it rot.

“… Should I try to use it all up in a day?”

If he stayed at a cheap inn and saved food expenses as much as possible, he could extend it to two months. It’s not a small guilt for Takaya, who was small-minded, to use it all at once.

But he was going to die in the not-too-distant future anyway.

So he shouldn’t have any complaints about doing that. Besides, Takaya was alone now. There was no one to nag him like before and he would not be subjected to violence.

With that in mind, he felt his depressed mood getting better.

Takaya, wearing a jersey with his backpack on his back, decided to turn back and go to a small town nearby.

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