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Chapter 3: The only thing you can do

Takaya could only watch from a distance as his classmates survived the hardships one after another with their awakened talents.

He spent his days lost in their luggage, hoping that the enemy wouldn’t pay any attention to him.

He thought he could become "something" like everyone else.

However, that time never came, and he became an outcast in this other world.

"--Is that all your luggage?"

"...... Yes. I don't have a lot of my own stuff.”

Takaya put most of his luggage in the storage space of the bus, so he himself was almost empty-handed in this new world. By the way, there was nothing left in the bus covered with ivy.

There is only the change of clothes in the backpack that I brought into the bus, and the "something" that I’ve had for a while since I came to this world.


"Hey, Harukawa-kun. It's my work tool, but what should I do with..."

"Oh, Nagami. My bad to interrupt while you’re talking, but please do a little bit more at the end."

When he tried to ask Akito about the treatment of "it" that he was holding in his hand, a demon beast that looked like a wild boar was thrown in front of Takaya with a shameless remark from the side. Of course, it was already dead.

It must have been hunted early in the morning, and the rigor mortis had already set in, and even touching it from the top of its fur, he could see that its muscles were stiff.

"Hey Suetsugu, Nagami is no longer in our party ... And you’re leaving such a big job to him."

"Oh? There's only this much that this guy can do, so let's use him all the way to the end.”

One of the classmates, Shunichi Suetsugu’s Gaze is directed toward Takaya. Compared to Takaya's, his large and muscular body is as different as an adult’s from an elementary schooler’s.

"I’m ... Gueh"

When Takaya opened his mouth, Shunichi's log-like arm wrapped around his neck and squeezed without hesitation. Takaya was suffocated by the quick work of a guy who had the ability to compete in national competitions in judo. He’s also a mainstay of the vanguard of the party, and has demonstrated his skills to the fullest in this world.

"What? I? I just want you to handle this corpse? Then your answer should be " YES ". I didn't allow you to say" I am " right? "


"Hey stop! No matter what the problem is, we’ve decided with everyone in class to stop violence !?"

Akito, panicked at the sight of Takaya flapping his limbs, obviously in pain, immediately tried to pull Shunichi's arm away.

"Hey, it's a joke, Akki, don't be so annoyed by such small skinship. That's why you’re an honor student."

As expected, he couldn't go against Akito, and released Takaya while mumbling.

"Goho ... goh ...!"

"Hey, Nagami. So what's the answer to the previous question? YES or let me do it? Which one?"

"Yes, I'll do it ... Goho"

"Oh yeah, then that's fine. Do that and get the hell out of here.."

Perhaps satisfied with Takaya's answer, Shunichi returned to the circle of friends in a good mood. When Shunichi opened his mouth, the people around him burst into laughter.

"Nagami, I'm sorry"


"It’s okay, there are only so many things I can do."

Takaya then thrust his "corpse dismantling knife," the only decent piece of luggage he had, into the corpse of the magical beast in front of him with a familiar hand.

The job of dismantling the magical beasts caught by his classmates and transforming them into food and other materials.

This was the only job he had been given in this world, within this party.

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