Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Port City Bay Road 2

 Taking breaks along the way and rocking slowly in the carriage, it took us about three days to reach our destination, “Bay Road,” which is the capital along the coastline.

 When Takaya and his group set foot in the city, which was built on a bay that had been shaved off by the waves for many years and had become a complex terrain, the sea breeze with the scent of the tide greeted them.

“Wow … it’s kind of like a foreign resort.”

 While listening to the cry of birds flying comfortably in the deep blue sky, Takaya gave such a childish impression.

 For Takaya, the “sea” was a small beach where people wriggle like ants, but this street, which was also known as “port city” (I heard from the others), is quite different from that of the original world. 

 The large bay was lined with no less than a hundred or two hundred ships, and fishermen were returning from today’s work bringing in their catch of the day to the nearby market. At the same time, a number of wooden boxes, large enough to be carried by a dozen people in cooperation, were unloaded from a ship perhaps from another city. 

 Even in the original world, there were scenes such as fish markets and industrial areas by the sea, but Bay Road has an atmosphere that enhances the scenery with fantasy.

“Takaya, how about our base?” (Meirir)

“Well … it’s amazing. It’s the first time I’ve been to such an amazing place.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that but it’s a bit shabby compared to other countries. If you go farther, there are places where it’s so prosperous that it makes this place seem like a pea.”

  If this is a pea-sized city, how big would the world’s largest city be?

 Takaya, who has been living in a small country, in a small region, and in a small community with a narrow view, can’t imagine.

” Takaya, after all, the best place to be is at home. If you’re a regular customer, they’ll even give you backstage services and then some–. “

 For the time being, I’ll leave the story of Dike, a lewd man who was talking about a sex shop as usual.

 Don’t ignore it, just leave it. For now.

“Takaya, we’re going to put off the sightseeing for now and have you come with us to our base, the adventurer’s guild in Bay Road. There, we’ll measure your abilities. You’ll also meet our boss, so keep that in mind.” (Roar)

“Adventurer Guild …”

 Takaya finally realizes that it’s become a fantasy, although it’s been a long time since he was blown into a different world.

 Searching for ruins and treasures, subduing monsters, bounty hunting, e.t.c … The situation he had always dreamed of while pretending to sleep on the desk in the classroom, ‘if I could enter the world of games’, is now a reality. It was right in front of him.

 Although the reality was so overwhelming he had a hard time accepting it to be honest.

“What? That’s the end of our job, right? Hey, leader, since Takaya’s here, let’s go for lunch, it’s noon.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s our job to complete the report. Besides, we didn’t bring Takaya here as a tourist, we brought him here to be one of us.”

“One of them……”

 Takaya felt a pang in his chest at Roar’s casual comment.

 This was the first time in his life that he had heard such words and it was even from someone he only just met in a different world.

 It made him happier than any words he had ever heard in his entire life.

“… Yosh yosh, Takaya”

 As he tried to keep the tears from spilling from his suddenly moist eyes, a soft, white hand gently stroked Takaya’s head. The smiling voice that said, “Hihihi,” belonged to Meirir.

 Meirir really cares about Takaya. At that time, she was probably the first to discover Takaya, who had his wrist cut, but she hasn’t asked about the situation. Knowing he’s shown a considerable blunder, he’s also too embarrassed to ask.

“You’re free to be emotional, but we haven’t decided yet. First, let’s check your aptitude in the guild.”

“Yes, that’s right, then please take me to your adventurer’s guild.”

 He wasn’t sure what his true abilities were yet, but he was anxious and hopeful, then the three of them took him to their base near the port.

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  1. Had to go to a parallel fantasy RPG-like world to find people who sort of care about him. Too real mang.

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