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Chapter 13: Guild Master Uncle

"Oh, I can read ...the characters!"

 On the way to the adventurer's guild, while observing the streets of the Bay Road, Takaya was alone in his excitement.

 He was able to understand all the signs and languages that were flying around, Unlike how it was in Aria.

"By the way, which country do you come from, Takaya? I thought it must be very far away considering your strange outfit.

"Oh, um, it's an ...... island country. It's all surrounded by the sea, and there doesn't seem to be much interaction ...... with other countries these days. However, it is certainly very far from here.”

 Takaya answers with half truth and half lie, and a little vagueness. In the first place, there's no way that people will believe me if I say that I wandered into another world due to a bus accident.

 However, since the language of the original world is called "world language" or "common language" in this world, there might be some kind of relationship.

 It has nothing to do with Takaya anymore though.


"We're here. This is the adventurer's guild "Searat", our home base.

 The three adventurers' base was located on the main street leading to the harbor.

 Beside the front door is an emblem with a rat-like image against a background of raging waves. And, there was a big sign with an arrow that said "Request here!”.

"Our guild widely accepts requests from customers at first sight. The Sea Rat is a term coined by our boss, but it means we'll take care of any request that happens in this city, even cleaning sewage.

 Rather than a guild, they probably work as a do-it-all shop.

 In this seemingly peaceful city, it's unlikely that you'll be asked to subdue demon beasts or capture a bounty, so they may have to do some other small work.

 It's still morning, but when I look inside, there are already several customers talking to the counter staff about some kind of request. They seemed to be doing well. 

 Instead of the front entrance where customers come and go, we entered from the back entrance dedicated to employees.

"Oi Mitta. Is the boss in?"

 As soon as he entered the guild, Roar called out to a female employee carrying a large pile of documents. Like a beastman, she has big, fluffy dog ​​ears hanging down.

"Oh, the three idiots are back. The president? Well, I think he’s in his room since he's been at work since morning. And the boy over there, is he a customer or something?"

"He's a prospective member. His office right, thank you.”

 As soon as they were done talking, Roar quickly took Takaya up the stairs to the second floor.

 The second floor of the building has only one door, except for the space where office equipment and other things are placed in the corner. Apparently it’s a room for employees. 

 After this, I'll have an interview with the president to find out about "skills" that I don’t fully understand and my own potential.

"Um, Meirir ... what am I going to do now? It's the first time I've had an interview like this ..."

"Hmm? Oh, there's no need to be nervous. He may have the title of "president," but he’s usually a friendly person. I'm sure he'll accept you just fine.”

"That's right, Takaya. If you show master your abilities, I'm sure he'll want to make you an employee right away."

 Boss, president, and master. Apparently, each of them adore the president of Searat.

 And even though it was an interview, the three of them were by his side. Even if Takaya can't explain well, they would follow up for him.

"Boss, I'm back now. Boss? Are you there? Can I enter?"


 Roar knocked several times on the door with a small sign saying "President's Office", but there was no answer from the other side of the door.

 According to Mitta, he was in the room since morning.

"... Maybe he’s out?"

"No, the door doesn't seem to be locked, and I can hear him talking from inside, so he must be there. Boss, I'll open it. All right--"

 After saying that, Roar opens the door without waiting for a reply.


"Oh! Yes, yes Miss! Please curse this pig more and more, step on me with your beautiful feet!"

"No, stay away, don't come any closer you orc-man! Don't touch the body of this noble forest mistress with your filthy, swollen fingers!”

 There was a fat uncle who was on all fours with his face uplifted and drooling, and a little elf-eared girl who was stepping on his head with her feet.



 Silence reigned in the room as the gazes of all four, including Takaya, and the two of them facing each other met at the same time.

"Eh ..."

 After turning his eyes from each of the three familiar faces, the uncle's eyes stop at Takaya.

"Hmm, ehem ..."

 The uncle put on his clothes and sat down in his chair as if nothing happened.

"--I'm Rudra, the Guild Master of Searat."

"""We know!!"""

 Takaya thought as he watched the three of them shove into the boss at the same time,

 Is it really okay to join this guild?

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