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Chapter 1: Class Trial

"Then I'll be taking the majority vote now. Raise your hand if you agree or disagree to remove him, Takaya Nagami, from the class." 

The voice of the boy who was in charge echoed while a heavy atmosphere dominated. 

He was a well-liked member of the school committee in the original world and was also the captain of a strong athletic team.

No one disagreed with the agenda he raised. 

"First of all, those who agree" 

With his voice as a signal, the hands of those around him rose all at once. As if to show their will, unapologetically. 

There were many thoughts in my mind, but in the end, the hands of thirty-seven people were raised to the sky, receiving the warm sunshine through the trees, except for me, the center of this agenda, a dull boy named Takaya Nagami, who is the defendant in this class trial. 

"--Then, those against" 


Takaya was also given the right to raise his hand, but he just looked down and shut up. 

"You’re not going to raise your hand?"

 "No, it's useless anyway." 

From between his long bangs, Takaya looking at the chairman, Akihito Harukawa, muttered so. 

"Wow, that’s disgusting ..." 

"Hey, stop it..." 

“But it’s true right ..." 

At that moment, a faint ridicule rose from a group of female classmates who were watching. 

Even in such a situation, they are weak-minded idiots who don't miss putting on their make-up every morning and only care about their appearance. 

For once, Takaya clenched his fists as if he was going to punch them, but he stays at home all the time except for going to school, and his grip isn’t that strong. 

Even if he did, he would be suppressed as a group by the idiots of justice who only care about their evaluation from the women around.

That's right, Takaya muttered. 

'I don't know who came up with this, but as soon as it came up, it was clear as day what was going to happen to me'. 

Takaya had spent his school days without any friends or even acquaintances, there was no way he could find a messiah or angel to save him from this predicament. 

" I'm sorry, but this is the consensus of everyone in this class. Please understand." 

Akito, the chairman, put a small bag of gold coins in Takaya's hand. It may have been a parting gift, but there was no point in giving him a sum of money that would run out in a week. 

If this was a school, it would still be fine. Even if he was kicked out of the class, Takaya had some escapes. It could be a staff room, the infirmary, or even his own home. 

But now he doesn't have that option. 

Because this was a world in a completely different dimension from the world they used to live in, in terms of culture, language, and ecosystem.

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  1. After catching up on the latest chapter of another story you’re translating, I decided to try one or two others for a short time.

    Leaving a comment here mostly because of your TL Note at the end of Chapter 28 of that other story (that other story, which I enjoyed enough to try other works you’re translating).

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