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Chapter 8: The Strongest Onmyoji Knocks on the Gate

Keltz is a commercial city.

How could a city in the northeastern outskirts of the empire become a commercial city? There are several reasons for this.

Being close to the breadbasket in the north, it is easy to purchase agricultural products. Due to the proximity of the imperial army’s garrison, there is a constant demand for wholesale of various products. Also, one of the reasons was that the demon territory was close.

Humans and demons are hostile to each other, but there is still some interaction between them depending on the race. The resources that can be mined in the Demon Territory, as well as the gold and textiles they make, were distributed in the empire, albeit in small numbers.

That’s why there were a number of large branch offices in Keltz, but on the other hand, there were more small and medium-sized firms whose names were unknown in Rodnea and Lakana.

The slave trader Rurumu mentioned seems to be one of the small businesses here.

The next day after the commotion in the forest.

The six of us were walking together in the Keltz commercial district.



Beside me, Rurumu and Nozuro, wearing overcoat hoods, are walking silently.

Surprisingly, these two demons seemed to be taking inns in the city normally.

Well, if you think about it, it’s difficult to procure supplies for your trip without entering the city.

And if it’s a city with a lot of adventurers, you won’t be questioned about your background. Both of them were always wearing hoods to hide their conspicuous pale skin even after the black lines were erased, giving off a suspicious atmosphere, but there are many human adventurers who also wear strange clothes. So It didn’t draw anyone’s attention.

Although, it’s probably possible because they are divine demons that look like humans.

If it was a beast man or demon, it will be difficult even to enter the city.

And while thinking that, I look back at the two demons.

“Where is this Hermann Negg Trading Company located?”

I had heard that it was in the commercial district of Keltz, where many companies were lined up, but I hadn’t heard the exact location yet.

Rurumu answered with a slightly stiff expression.

“We just need to go a little further. There’s a big sign on it, so you’ll know it when you see it.”

Then she stutters slightly and says

“...Hey, what are you going to do?”


“How are you going to talk to the slave trader?”

Rurumu continued.

“Even you are an adventurer, can you just go to him and see if he'll take care of it ......?.”

“For the time being, there is an answer.”

I can’t say for sure, but it’s worth a try.

Rurumu had a suspicious look on her face, but perhaps thinking that it would be useless to say any more, she silently closed her mouth.


After walking for a while, the company’s signboard came into view.

Hermann Neg & Co.

It was a small two-story building, but since they could rent the entire building, they must be earning a decent amount of money. At the very least, it doesn’t seem like a place where an ordinary adventurer would come suddenly.

“So, let’s go in right away.”

“Are you okay?”

Rurumu still seemed uneasy, but I started walking regardless.

“You guys should keep quiet as much as possible. I’ll be in trouble if the rags come out.”

As soon as I finished saying that, I pushed open the heavy wooden door.

The inside had a splendid appearance, as expected of a trading house.

Although the number is small due to the size, the furniture placed here and there looks expensive.

At the counter in front of me was a young receptionist sitting alone.

Looking at the six poor-looking adventurers who suddenly entered, she became openly uncomfortable.

I made a smile on my lips and called out to the receptionist.

“Hi. Sorry for the suddenness, but I need a slave. Please call the shopkeeper.”

“……Excuse me”


The receptionist glares at me and says.

“Do you have an appointment?”


“Well, then, please leave us. We are not a stall..”

“Oh come on.”

With a half-smile, I said to the frowning receptionist.

“This is a customer. I have money.”

“Unfortunately, our company does not handle cheap slaves.”

“I’ll say it again. Please pass it on to the owner.”

“Please leave, the representative will not meet you.”


After making a dumbfounded face for a moment, I let out a loud laugh.

“Hahahaha! No, I’m sorry. If you think about it, you were also a firm. I forgot about it because it’s a lot more cramped than the place I usually go in and out.”

I leaned closer to the receptionist who had a questioning face――――I rolled the golden certificate onto the counter.

“I am such a person. Please call your representative.”

The receptionist, who dropped her eyes on the certificate, frowned for a moment and then... her eyes widened.

“A first-class adventurer certificate!?”

“You got it? Then your answer......”

“One moment, please!”

Before I could finish, the receptionist went into the back of the room.

The air between us was delicate.

“...... Seika, what was that?”

“Don’t ask me. You know what it was. It was an act, an act.”

I answered Mabel’s flat question with some embarrassment.

...... I could have done a little better.


“Because if you laugh from this point on, you’ll ruin it. Amiyu.”

“Mmm, kohum, kohum.”

Amiyu, who had been trying to hold back his laughter, faked it by clearing his throat.

Ifa continued to say in a somewhat troubled tone.

“Haha, Seika-kun, that kind of thing doesn’t suit you at all.”

“Don’t tell me...”

Because I won’t have the energy to continue after this.

“You weresuch a great adventurer.”

Rurumu said, a little surprised.

I replied with a pout.

“I just became one the other day. But I didn’t think ...... this certificate would be so useful.”

Amiyu told me that wherever I went, I would be treated like a big shot, but to be honest, I was skeptical.

I added, 

“In case you’re wondering, you guys are members of my party. Try not to make a mess.”


At that moment, Rurumu nodded silently.

A person appeared from behind the reception.

“No, no, thank you for waiting.”

He was a mature man with a beard.

His slender body was wrapped in fine clothing, and he had a merchant-like smile on his face.

“Sorry for the disrespect from the members of this firm. I’ll reprimand her later.”

 “I don’t care.”

I made an arrogant expression and said languidly,

“I want to buy a slave.

“This .... Thank you for choosing our company from among the numerous slave traders in Keltz. If we are favored by first-class adventurers, our company’s status will rise. Well then. Hurry up and go inside... Seika-dono.”

The man called my name, as if the receptionist had told him the name stamped on the certification card.

I tilt my head and narrow my eyes slightly.

“How about giving your name first?”

“Oops, sorry again and again. I’m sorry, I’m a bit nervous. Actually, it’s my first time dealing with a first-class adventurer.”

He put his hand to his forehead and said as if troubled.

Then, when he turns to face me, he deepens his suspicious smile and introduces himself.

“I apologize for the delay. I am Herman Rod Trivas, the representative of this society. Please get to know me, Seika-dono.”

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