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Chapter 19: The Strongest Onmyoji, Supporting

The eastern ramparts were now the most caustic battlegrounds.

There were many insect-type monsters that climbed the walls, such as Poison Rabbit and Hell Ant, and they were clearly outmaneuvered. There was a danger of being overcome several times, and adventurers with swords and hammers were rushing to fight them off.

“Damn, some sorcerers are starting to run out of magic ……! Those of you who can handle a bow, go around dealing with the monsters that are climbing up! Also, get the mayor to call for reinforcements for the sorcerers. ……”

I moved to the roof of the walled tower so as not to get in the way, and called out to Lloyd, who was sending instructions to the party members.

“How’s the battle going?”

“”Huh, Lamprog-san!? Ha… Haha, as expected of the mayor. Reinforcements are too early.”

“It looks like you still have time to joke about it.”

“Well, yeah. But that’s going to run out soon…”

“I see”

《Fire-Earth Aspect―――Onibi Jutsu》

A blue fireball hits the ant-shaped monster that was perched on the top of the wall and knocks its reddish-black body down to the bottom.

The adventurers did not seem surprised by my technique. They were too busy dealing with the two other monsters that had come up.

Lloyd smiles weakly.

“I’m glad you’re here. I think we’ll be able to hold out for a while longer.”

“That’s very kind of you. Shall we start by cleaning the walls?”


A number of invisible hitogatas were evenly placed on each part of the long castle wall.

This is the first time this technique has been used on such a large scale. I must make sure not to make a mistake in addition or subtraction.

I make a sign with my hand while looking at the crowd of monsters climbing up the wall.

I chant a small mantra.

《Yang Wood Fire Aspect ―――― Lantern Waterfall and Bakufu no Jutsu》

Overwhelming flames flowed down the wide castle walls like a waterfall.

A huge amount of flames engulfed all the monsters clinging to the wall and flowed to the earth, creating a scarlet ocean.

A terrifying heat surged up to the top of the castle walls.

It’s difficult to even look down at the hordes of monsters burning up directly below.

I say to Lloyd, who is at a loss for words along with the adventurers around him.

“Isn’t it standard practice to pour boiling oil on the enemy attacking the castle?”

The “tobakufu” is a simple technique of heating sesame oil, igniting it with fire, and then releasing it.

Such simple heat and mass are more effective than anything else against a large number of opponents.

I could have used melted metal, but it would have damaged the castle walls. It would have been difficult to repair such a magnificent wall.

“Ha ha-ha. …… Amazing. …… I didn’t think you’d be this …… good.”

“I think it’s going to burn for a while, so it will take some time before the monsters can climb up the walls again. I’d like to see what’s going on in the rest of the city, but can I leave this to you?”

Lloyd nodded, looking somewhat more relaxed.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Well, then.”

When I said that, I switched positions with the shikigami who was watching the south wall.


On the southern ramparts, there were fewer monsters climbing the walls.

Instead, there were many monsters with the ability to fly, and the adventurers on the ramparts were under constant assault.

Some of these monsters were of a higher rank and required several people to deal with them.

I spoke to Zamlug, who had smashed a sword gargoyle with his battle axe.

“You seem to be struggling.”

“Huh? It’s you, you scared me. ……”

“I’m here to help. I thought you might need some help.”

“I’d like to say, who needs it? ……, but I can’t afford to be coy.”

The number of adventurers fighting on the southern ramparts had visibly dwindled since dawn.

The walled towers were swarming with the wounded, and the few healers in recovery positions were working frantically.

Even though there were many monsters flying in the sky, this was an extraordinary amount of wear and tear considering the number of talented people in the area.

“There it is.”

Zamlug looks far beyond the monster’s attack.

Ahead of his gaze, he saw a monster.

It was huge. If it were only in size, it would be close to a dragon. It had a lion’s head and two fish tails. On its back were six bat wings.

It looked like a chimera that had grown too large.

I scrutinized it.

The flow of power was quite unnatural. It didn’t seem like an ordinary monster. Was this another effect of the dragon’s veins?

Zamlug’s face contorted as he watched.

Zamlug shouted, and the adventurers on the ramparts all braced themselves.

The lion-head of the chimera opened its jaws —- and howled.

“Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ——!!!!”

The impact was followed a moment later by a blast over the city walls.

The horrifying bass sound shook the very core of my body.

Everyone cowered under the pressure as if they were on a different level of existence.

Of course, it is nothing more than a whimper.

No one is hurt, no one is deprived of their freedom.

But the adventurers, under the pressure of the —- chimera, were clearly slowing down. They were unable to respond well even to the monsters that they had been pushing back earlier.

Zamlug, who had been covering his ears, spat out in disgust.

“Tsk, it’s that roaring howl! That thing makes my body not move like I want it to! He’s shooting at us unilaterally from that distance where neither bows nor magic can reach!”

I see.

The roar howl is a technique sometimes possessed by top wolf monsters. It is a cry that causes panic in the enemy who hears it.

The reason why the southern wall was having a hard time was because of the interference caused by that abnormal chimera’s roar howl.

That thing needs to be dealt with.

Of course, it would be easy to just teleport and smash it to bits, but there’s no need to go to that much trouble …….

“Please leave that roaring Howl to me.”

“Ah? What…”

 I float a hitogata and make a mark.

《Calling――――Yamabiko Yuukoku》

Due to the distortion of the space, a small youkai landed on the roof of the walled tower.

A black-haired figure that is neither a dog nor a monkey. He tilts his head and stares at me with wide-eyed eyes.

“I point at the chimera and say.”

“Turn away”

After a pause, the youkai opens his mouth and speaks in a voice that is exactly the same as mine.

“[Turn away]”

“Shut up. Just turn away. Next time you imitate me, I’ll kill you.”


Yuukoku Hibiki Yamabiko obediently turned to Chimera this time.

I turn my face back to Zamlug

“Well, this is fine.”


Zamlug had already stopped looking at me.

Staring at the chimera that was opening his jaws, he shouted.

“It’s coming again!”


The chimera’s howl roared again.

On top of the ramparts where the adventurers were crouching, I looked at Hibiki Yuukoku Yamabiko.

Hearing the terrifying roar, the youkai pulled back his stiff neck and opened his small mouth.

“[Gooooooooooooooooooooo ——ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!”

The howl, which was every inch the same, sounded this time from our own position.

The monsters that had been soaring in the sky crashed down one after another, as if they had lost their bearings.

Even the gigantic chimera took a few steps backward in horror.

The yūya yamabiko are demons that live in the deep mountains and scream back by imitating voices and sounds.

It’s weak enough to be beaten by children, but perhaps because of its characteristics, it doesn’t shy away from sounds at all. Whether it’s the voice of a demon or the roar of a dragon, if it hears it, it will shout back.

While the adventurers were stunned, I said to Zamlug.

“This is the monster I’m taming. Roaring Howl bounces back on its own, so I don’t think it’s going to be a one-sided disadvantage from now on.”

“Ha… Repel the roaring Howl…? What the hell is this monster…”

“I’ll leave it behind, so please do the rest. Ah, this guy is pretty weak, so please protect him so he doesn’t get hit by other monsters.”

“I understand…”


Just when I was about to use the teleport hitogata, Zamlug called me.

“Hey, Seika Lamprog!”


“Once everything is done… we’ll have drinking competition. Don’t forget.”

I answer with a snort.

“Yes. See you at the banquet table.”

Then, I switched positions with the shikigami who was looking at the northern wall.

※Tōbakufu no Jutsu

A technique in which vegetable oil heated to a high temperature is ignited and released. The fuel used in the 11th century was mainly olive oil in Europe and perilla oil obtained from perilla sesame seeds in Japan. In addition, the flash point of general vegetable oil is around 300 degrees, and it will not catch fire unless it is heated to that point in advance.

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