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Chapter 9: The Strongest Onmyouji Goes for the Third Round

TN: I'll be starting this translation from the latest released chapter of the manga (Chapter 10). I will also begin translating the previous chapters but if you want, you can start with the manga and then continue the series here, happy reading.

 Kyle, the evil eye user, won the second round in the same way.

 His opponent was a strong swordsman, but he seemed to be helpless before the evil eye.

 Some of the spectators were very excited to see the dead body that had rolled over again.

 Kyle was within the expected range, but Reynas was a little different.

 The young knight, who had shown earth and wind magic in the first round, used fire and water magic in the second round and won another brilliant victory.

 A magician who can use all four attributes seems to be quite rare, and coupled with his cool face, he was the talk of the town. He was also the odds-on favorite.

 After the second round was over, it was time for my third round.


"Here comes Seika Lamprog! Seika, it seems that there are girls from the same grade as you cheering for you. I am so envious!"


 A part of the audience booed. Don't say unnecessary things.

"Now, I wonder what kind of fight he  will show us against Keady's deadly beast!"

 I look at my opponent.

 Standing in front of me is a woman with white hair.

 It's hard to tell her age, she looks like she could be a girl or an old woman.

 But it didn't matter.

 I told Keady, the magician, what I had been thinking all along.

"Isn't that kind of unfair?"

 The wolves were spread out like a pack of wolves with black fur, protecting the female magician.

 However, in some places the flesh is rotting and bones are visible.

The woman laughs and replies in a wrinkled voice.

"Hie hie hie. What's unfairy?"|

"I thought trainers, tamers and summoners were forbidden to compete."

"Hie hie he, I'm a necromancer! it is not a monster to use, but a dead beast. What are you complaining about?"

 The woman said.

 No, a spirit in a corpse is not much different from a monster.

 It's just a matter of what you call it, isn't it? I don't agree.......

"Keady has so far won her matches by sheer numbers using dead beasts. Seika has yet to show us his depths, but does he have the means to counter the multitude of mosters? That will likely be the deciding factor."

"Hie hie hie. The battle is in the numbers."


 The necromancer woman laughs.

"It doesn't matter if you are a swordsman or a sorceress. The many are the natural enemy of the individual. No adventurer can dive a dungeon alone."


"Are you confident you can survive a pack of beasts?"

 No, I know what you mean.......

"Then ---- let the games begin!"

 The whistle blew with the MC's voice.

"Go, dead wolves!"

 The wolves', black corpses spread out in a fan shape, rushed out and approached me.

 I crossed my arms and muttered to myself.

After all it's the same. Please be quiet for the time being.

《The phase of earth and water ----》

 A wave of gray mud spewed out from the ground and swallowed the pack of wolves.


 The mud swallowed Keady as it was and swept her away.


 And then it completely froze.

"Are, what's this? Seika's ...... is this earth or water magic? Mud attacked Keady and the dead beasts! It looks like they are just barely not out of the field, but the ...... mud has hardened like a rock! Keady and the dead beasts can't move!"

What the hell is this?

 Keedie calls out, sticking out only one arm and her head from the hardened mud.

 I walk on the mud and stand in front of the female magician while the wolves struggle around me.

"There are astral monsters out there, but there's no reason to think that spirits aren't monsters. That said, you're incapable of continuing, isn't it?"


"And there's the whistle! The prodigy of a prestigious count's family was strong! Seika Lamprog is through to the semi-finals!"

 As I turn on my heel and start to walk away, Keady starts to struggle as if in a panic.

"Hey, come on! no way, You're not going to just leave me here like this, are you?"

"Don't worry, I'll get you out."

 I climbed down from the mud and cast a spell on a few of the talismans that I had embedded inside.

 At that moment, cracks appeared in various parts of the mud, and the whole thing shattered.

 The female magician, who was struggling at the edge of the stage, tumbled off the stage.

 I can't see it from here, but the wolves moved, so I hope she didn't hit her head.

 Yare yare( how troublesome.


'It was an unusual jutsu, wasn't it? I'd never seen it before. Seika-sama can create mud that turns into rocks like that, can't you?"

 I chuckle at Yuki's words.

"No, that was originally a building material invented by a human builder. I just reproduced it with my jutsu."

 Even if you don't use onmyouji techniques, you can make that cement by mixing just the right amount of volcanic ash and limestone with water. It is an artificial rock that hardens over time.

 I knew this technique, which was once used in Rome to build huge amphitheaters and public bathhouses, by Islamic engineers. The ingredients have been slightly modified to make it quick-drying, but the basics remain the same.

 The material is strong enough to withstand a thousand years, but it is vulnerable to pressure from the inside. If I put a charm inside and give it a shock, I can easily break it.

"You know everything, don't you, Seika-sama? I think Seika-sama is the only one who likes to learn building techniques."

I never liked to study.

 Unexpected things are useful in this world.

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