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Chapter 16: The Strongest Onmyoji Arrives at Academy City

 It’s been seven days since I left the Lamprogue territory.

 Inside the carriage, I was simply looking out the window while Ifa rubbed my back.

“Seika-kun, are you still sick?”


 I completely forgot.

 I’m not good with horse-drawn carriages.

 I rode in the West in my previous life, but that time was terrible too…

 It’s too fast compared to cows. My butt hurts and I’m sure to get sick.


“… Ifa is fine?”

“Well, yeah. But I’m a little tired.”

 While saying that, she seemed to be 100 times more energetic than I was.

 I felt a little pathetic.

“Oh, look. We’re almost there.”

 I silently watch where the carriage is going.

 In the distance, I could see a city surrounded by long walls.

 Academy City of Rodnea.

 A fortified city where academics gathered.

 That was the place we were aiming for.


 After saying goodbye to the coachman, we arrived at the inn where we were planning to stay, and as soon as I entered the room, I collapsed onto the bed.

 Ah, I feel sick…

“Seika-kun, are you okay?”

 Ifa, who put down her luggage, said while sitting on the edge of the bed.


“Seika, you have a weakness too. I’m surprised.”

 Ifa laughs slightly.

 What do you think of me?

“I’m a human being……Oh, Ifa’s room is next door….”

“That’s right. Hmm…”


“What’s wrong…?”

“I have a room too…”

“That’s right… In the small towns along the way, we had no choice but to stay in a large room or a single room… but we’re staying here for days…”


 Ifa says while fidgeting.

“Um… My current master is Seika-kun, right…?”

“Eh, ah… it seems so… I got something that looks like a certificate, from my father…”

 It seems that there are various ways to get the lord’s slaves out of the territory. Some kind of legal thing… it’s no good, I’m too sick to think properly.

“Well, you see, Seika-kun.”

 Ifa said as if she had made up her mind.

“Should I come over to-…… tonight?”

 I answered blankly with my face down.

“Huh? Why……”


“Ah, are you talking about food? I don’t have much of an appetite……so go ahead and get something to eat…….”

 After being silent for a while, Ifa let out a sigh.

“I’ll buy you some fruit so you can eat when you’re hungry.”


 Ifa left the room to put down her belongings.

 The door slammed shut with a bang.

“Humph! Hah, how hateful!”

 Yuki is loud above my head.

“What’s the matter with you……?”

“She’s so full of herself, that girl!”


“Let’s receive Seika-sama’s favor! She’s just a squire!”

“What……? oh, was that what you meant? “What is it now?”

 Come to think of it, Ifa is fourteen this year.

 It is a little early in this world, but in a previous life, she would have been married by now.

 I lay on my back on the bed.

“Ifa, she seems to be quite conscious of her status. I hope you don’t mind.”

“That’s not right, Seika-sama!”


“That girl is in love with Seika-sama. She wants to use her status as a squire against yourr will and be embraced by you!”

“Yeah… no way”

 Or rather, Yuki is free to say what she wants.

“It’s true! Yuki understands.”

“Really? What does a yokai know about the human heart?”

“At least I’m able to understand more than Seika-sama. Like a woman’s heart.”

 Don’t say that, this fox. It must have just read it in a courtroom novel or something.

 I tried to say something back, but realized I couldn’t say …… anything back.

 Come to think of it, I was not so fortunate to have such a connection in my previous life.

 After completing the law of immortality, even decent people stopped coming to me.

“… I don’t understand a woman’s heart anyway.”

“Don’t sulk, Seika-sama. If you don’t study properly, you’ll have a hard time, you know?”

  I don’t want to hear it.

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