Chapter 17 part 2

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Chapter 17: The Young Silver Princess (Part two)

“…Aren’t you surprised?”

“Yeah, well. It wasn’t clearly stated in words, but I had expected it. A demi-god is an individual who can destroy a nation. If we cannot eliminate them, there is only one thing we can do.”

 If we cannot eliminate them, at least we do our best to hold them so that they do not fall into the hands of our enemies, and if we can gain some profit along the way, all the better. A demi-god is a well-known term, and if it is an existence with power equal to that of a god, it will be worshiped, its soul will be appeased, and it will be prevented from becoming a disaster. And, if you have to ask for the blessings of the gods, it is the most effective and efficient way to deal with the situation.

 Therefore, it is no wonder that more authority than that of a duke resides in the title of demi-god status.

“Fufu. As I have heard, you are a very intelligent person. I’m sure you understand that much, so I’ll get right to the point. Lute-sama, could you show me a little more of your normal self?”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“It’s exactly as I said. From what I have heard, you are more liberal than this. If that’s the case, then now that we are having a tea ceremony, I can’t help but wish that you would relax more as the master of the tea ceremony.”

 Liselotte lowered her eyes slightly while saying so, and Lute was at a loss for words.

 I was struck by Liselotte’s dainty gestures. It’s just that I had felt it in every word we had exchanged and every gesture she had made. The sensation I had felt from all of them finally took shape at this very moment.

 ──It’s hard to do.

 It’s not that Liselotte’s words and actions are offensive. Liselotte has beautiful silver hair and amber eyes. She has the mysterious beauty of a snow nymph, and her every word and gesture can be described with the adjective “dainty. And yet, she has none of the naivete that is characteristic of a daughter in a box, and her eyes convey an intelligence and nobility that are not matched by her young appearance.

 A girl who has both beauty and intelligence. She is a princess named Liselotte Klamm Froysel, and Lute can affirm that there aren’t many maidens who would be so well suited to the title of “princess”.

 ……But, should I say that because of it? Because she is such a brilliant princess, Lute feels something like an inexpressible sense of unfathomability.

“… I appreciate your concern, but such rude behavior in the presence of Her Imperial Highness is not ……”

“Lute-sama. I have just told you that in terms of rank, you are the superior and I am the inferior. I am very happy that you are pleased to have me, the princess, on your side, but a superior person should not be intimidated by an inferior person….. Or do you enjoy embarrassing me, Lute-sama?”


 Liselotte’s smile changed from her troubled tone, and while she was overflowing with mischief, there was a hint of charm mixed in somewhere.

 Seeing a strange glimpse from there, Lute’s cheeks twitched inwardly.

“Uh… Haa. Understood. It’s my loss. Are you sure about this, Your Imperial Highness?”

“Thank you for listening to my request. But It still feels a little stiff. Please call me Liselotte or Lise.”

“… Ah, that’s just as expected…”

“Then Lise”

“…… You’re a complete loser, Liselotte. Also, don’t just pick a nickname.”

“Oh, Lute-sama is mean.”

 Liselotte’s initial ladylike demeanor had changed, or rather, she had become slightly mischievous, and Lute somehow sensed her true nature. And then he understood. “No wonder it’s hard,” he said.

 Lute, realizing that the princess in front of him was more crooked than he had expected, let out a grand sigh without the slightest hesitation.

“Exactly… You have a pretty good personality for your appearance. How old are you?”

“Lute-sama. I am still young, but even so, I would like to give you a complaint about how it is not proper to ask a maiden her age.”

“I can’t deny that, but in your case, I can find out if I look it up anyway, right?”

“As expected, Lute-sama is mean. I just turned twelve years old.”

“… I see. The empire seems to provide excellent education.”

 Lute felt a real headache when he wondered if this was already the case at the age of 12. It’s really hard to do when you tell people your age without hesitation.

“Contrary to your cute appearance, you are a frighteningly talented princess.”

“I am honored by your praise. However, in the sense that the appearance, or rather the reputation of the people around you is out of proportion to the reality, I believe that Lute-sama is also very much the same.”

“What are you talking about? Didn’t you get a lot of information about me? I’m just as lazy and useless as reported.”

“Please don’t be modest, you who have been hiding your power as a demi-god by acting like that.”

 That was Liselotte’s honest and true feelings. Certainly, the report said that Lute’s words and actions were not complimentary. In particular, his behavior in the camp of the invading army was appalling even to Liselotte. However, Lute’s behavior deceived even the Imperial Intelligence Service, and at a perfect time, he thrust his power into the hands of the Empire.

 Although she wanted to cover her eyes when it came to his behavior that could be described as a useless person, but, Liselotte seriously respected him for the fact that he concealed his power.

“I respect your elusiveness very much, Lute-sama. This time, too, I thought you would treat me with the openness they had told me about beforehand.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve got a certain amount of decency, don’t I?”

“I guess that’s true, but… I really wanted to talk to the normal Lute-sama.”

“……so that’s why you’re biting back so hard”

“Yes. I want to get to know you, Lute-sama. That’s why I really wanted to talk to you, the normal you.”

“… what…”

 Lute weakly replied to Liselotte who smiled gracefully after saying that. Lute was already tired of dealing with her.

“──Come on, Lute-sama. Shall we continue our pleasant tea party?”

 However, the young silver princess laughed enchantingly.

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