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Chapter 66: 30% more Mofumofu

 The two queens, who are in a very good mood, are relaxing in the living room, full of energy and waiting for dinner. Of course, Iris and Natalie seem to be preparing a lot of supper with that in mind.

“Luke, are there any other types of medicine that are good for your skin?”

“That’s right…this sunscreen cream is good for the coming season.”

“Does sunscreen mean that you won’t get sunburn when exposed to the sun?”

“Yes. Do you have any sun protection?”

“When I go out in the summer, I take measures by using a parasol. But on days when I have to go out for half a day at a ceremony, I get a little sunburnt.”

 Mifa’s mother replied…by the way, Mifa’s mother also has light albinism, so she seems to be vulnerable to the sun.

 However, since there’s healing magic and healing potions in this world, even if you get a slight sunburn, it would be healed immediately.


 But, I dared say I have such a thing. The Navi sunscreen is amazing…it almost completely provides UV-blocking just by applying it thinly. It’s much better to take proper measures before melanin accumulates.

“It’s better to take measures against sunburn from a young age because the traces of sunburn will cause spots in the future. Parasols are also effective, but there are also reflections from below.”

“” Luke! Please share some of that cream with me! “” 

Even Mifa, Erica and Emilia who were listening to the conversation seemed to want some.

I’m sure Iris and Natalie, who are cooking, are also looking at me, so they must want it.

If it’s for the skin of beautiful girls, I will work as hard as I can to mass-produce it.

In the meantime, it seems that Iris and the others have finished preparing supper.

“Master Luke, shall I start serving?” 

Iris asked me, the owner of this room, not the two queens.

“The queens can eat before going home, right?”

“” I’d appreciate it if I’m allowed. “”


 The two queens answered while glancing at Mifa as if to see her expression…by the way, she’s been quiet from a while ago.


At that time, someone knocked on the door.

I wondered if the King came again, but it was one of the guard knights.

“I’m sorry….the King said you have matters to attend to tomorrow and has instructed me to bring you home, and not be a nuisance.”

It’s a bit pitiful to be glared at by the two queens who were in a good mood.

The two of them reluctantly decided to go home…

 At first, I thought it would be okay to have them eat and go home because the preparation was finished, but I thought that the three maids would be nervous if the two queens were here, so I didn’t say anything to keep them…

“And His Highness Luke has been entrusted with this item from the King.”

Ah! It’s Hati’s baby bottle!

“It’s already ready? I’ll tell him myself later, but please pass on my thanks”. “

“I understand. Then I’ll leave this with you.”

* * *

After dinner, Iris and I did our usual diet training in the living room.

The other members of the group have not returned to the girl’s dormitory…instead, they are taking a bath at my place.

 Emilia and Natalie seemed to have intended to do so from the beginning and brought a change of clothes and of course, so did Mifa and Erica.

 I don’t want to hear strange rumors, so if possible, I’d like them to return to the girls’ dormitory.

“Hi, 37 ~! ​​Luke, please stop listening to the bath and concentrate more! Hi, 38 ~~~!”

After all, I can hear the voices of four people who seem to be having fun!

“Speaking of which, Iris, the position of the hole in my belt has reduced by one.”

“What? Already? Congratulations!”

“Well, if you’re this fat, you’ll probably lose enough weight that it’s visible at first.”

 Iris was very pleased to hear that I was losing weight because she had been helping with my diet and training.

If you’re happy with this, I will try harder.

After getting out of the bath and drying her hair, Emilia came over to talk to me.


“Thank you, Luke, for something so wonderful.”

“If you like it, it was worth making it.”

Both Emilia and Natalie seem to like the shampoo I made.

 There’s a distance across the table, but it’s a good sign that Emilia is talking to me by herself. Let’s regularly apply the [Mental Recovery] obtained from the divine beast’s protection and blessing.

“By the way, Spinel’s hair has become a little more fluffy.” (Luke)

“Yes! My Spinel is too cute!”

Mifa looks happy with the fluffy Spinel.

Hati also sits on Mifa’s lap and sniffs Spinel’s scent.

“Is the scent too strong for the demon beasts?”

《♪ It’s a super faint scent, and it will disappear soon, so it’s okay.》

“That’s good. I don’t want Mifa and others to wear perfume.”

《♪ Yes. I feel sorry for Hati and Spinel.》

“That’s one thing, but perfume attracts demon beasts, and everyone already has a good smelling [personal scent], it’s a waste to wear a strong perfume that erases it.”

“Personal scent?”

“Yeah. I’m planning to raise everyone’s level in the near future, so I’llban the use of perfume on a daily basis. Even if we suddenly decide to go leveling up, we can’t take anyone who smells too strongly of perfume because it would be dangerous.”

That’s why regular use of perfume is banned in my group. It is too strong for Hati, a wolf who is very sensitive to smell.

I went to the bath with Hati, but Diana and Navi came along of course.

“Hey Diana…I don’t think this is a good idea?”

“Are you telling this mistress to get out?! You used to wash my back a lot…I’m very sad.”

Diana looks really sad and has tears in her eyes.

 Certainly, Luke remembers not only [clean] magic, but also getting on the Drake’s back and scrubbing it with a scrubbing brush made of withered straw.

 Diana would be pleased and shake her tail as he scrubbed her back and wings, which the dragon couldn’t reach.

“Hmm, well, I don’t mind if you say so…but, you had a dragon figure when you were a drake. Now your cute version is a little hard on my eyes.”

According to Navi, Diana is about 14 years old when converted to human age.

14 years old…Diana has a slightly bulging chest.

It feels like an out for me.

《♪ It’s okay, isn’t it? Just think that you’re lucky. Master isn’t lustful for Diana, right? 》

“I don’t have any lust, but…I mean, why is Navi here too! You’re totally OUT! You are small in size but you look like a full-grown woman of about 20 years old!”

《♪ Is Master lustful for Navi? 》

“No way! It doesn’t matter how cute you look with elf ears and wings looks, it’s not worth talking about if you’re hand-held size!”


 Navi may be palm-sized, but she has great breasts! I mean…I was the one who took an hour to create the MMO character when I was playing in Japan. That figure is what the goddess traced as the pixie fairy, Navi, in this world.

In other words, the appearance of Navi is an ideal form that I created perfectly to my liking.

《♪ It’s okay if you don’t feel like doing anything sexual…both Diana and I want to take a bath with master.》

“That’s right! This mistress is saying that it is okay, so the master shouldn’t complain and just listen to this mistress’ wish and wash me!”

Huh? What she wants me to wash her body? I won’t know which one of us is the master then…

It was going to be fruitless to fight, so I gave up and washed them.

“Ohhhhh! It feels good! It’s awesome!”

Well, it is okay because she’s cute…

Navi, who I washed first, is relaxing in her pail filled with hot water.

“Does Hati feel good?”

“Myan ♪”

Covered in bubbles it kept flipping its tail. I’m glad because some dogs don’t like baths.

And I was washed clean by Diana….it was nice.

“This mistress also wanted to wash danna(master) for a long time. Thank you  goddess for making me a humanized ancient dragon species!”

The cuteness of Hati who dried its fur after taking a bath was 30% amplified!


It’s Mofumofu’s Mokomoko! (Furry and fluffy)

He’s not defeated by Spinel!

“♪ You’re a typical idiot owner who says, “My child is the cutest!”

“I didn’t say it because I didn’t want to argue with Mifa! 』\

I immediately try using the baby bottle on Hati, who is still adorable.

It’s  100% apple juice made by squeezing apples and straining them with a cotton cloth.

At first, it seemed it didn’t know how to suck, so it just sniffed.

 I coated the mouthpiece with the juice and thrust it into his mouth, then he started sucking with great vigor and wagging his tail like it was going to come off.

“” Hati-chan is cute! “”

“Do you also want some Spinel?”

“Kyun ♪”

Kuu! It’s cute too…It looks just like a fox squirrel from a certain anime.

I put it on a flat plate, it’s drinking in a cute way.

“”Spinel is cute too!””

While everyone was making a big fuss, Iris who was going alone to take a bath looked a bit pitiful.

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