Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Creating a textbook that even monkeys can understand

 After drinking apple juice, the servants began to feel sleepy, so Mifa and the others returned to the girls’ dormitory.

“”Well then, Luke, good night. “”

“Good night everyone”

I think I’ll do some work while Iris is taking a bath.

I had a crayon made by mixing pigments with candle wax at the Navi Studio in the subspace warehouse.

Black: charcoal

Red: A mixture of iron oxide and red clay

Blue: Lapis lazuli crushed into powder

Yellow: A mixture of turmeric and ochre

Green: Azurite crushed into powder

White: Ork bone crushed into powder

“♪ I can add more colors, but which do you want? 』\

“For the time being, these 6 colors are all we need. Navi, I know you were sleepy, thanks for doing your best. “

I shook her while she was dozing on Hati and asked her to make crayons.

“♪ It’s okay. This is what you asked me to make the other day, is this what you want? 』\

“Yeah, this is good. The explanations don’t look complicated. You can go ahead and sleep. I’ll take over the rest.”

“♪ I understand. Good night Master ZZZZzzzz. .. .. 』\

She’s already fallen asleep….I’m sorry, I forced her to wake up.

By the way, what I asked Navi to prepare was a picture book to explain “viruses” and “bacteria”.

 However, I don’t intend to convey modern medicine in detail, so I made it a picture book with no text in it. If they discover that there’s such a thing as “bacteria”, medical researchers in this world will do their best to investigate it.

 Since a relative was involved this time, I’ll give some hints on the treatment of labor cough, but I think that the development of this world should be done by people of this world.

 I don’t know much about it myself, but I don’t think it’s right to simply teach what I’ve searched using Navi’s information network.

 I put the picture drawn by my avatar on the table in the living room and colored it with the freshly made crayons.

 It’s just a coloring book, but it’s surprisingly fun because it reminded me of my childhood.

“Huh? lord Luke, what are you doing?”

Iris, who came out of the bath, asked as if she was interested.

“I’m making a textbook of tips on how to cure labor cough for the temple staff tomorrow.”

After I said that, Iris became somewhat grumpy.

“What’s wrong Iris?”

“…I want you to share that important knowledge with me as well.”

 That’s right…I promised that I would teach her every day, as my disciple. Iris volunteered to be my maid and even prepared herself to be deprived of her chastity.

“Well, of course, after this was completed, I was going to have you look at it first and get your impression.”

“Is that so? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Apparently it was a good idea to say “first”, and Iris’s expression softened.

“Since you’ve had a bath, Iris, you should rehydrate first. Can I get something cold?”

She made me iced lemon tea with lemons floating in it….it’s delicious!

“Can you help me color this, then?”

“Yes. Oh? This oil stick is very colorful, isn’t it?”

There seems to be something like a “crayon” in this world, and it is called an “oil stick”.

 Instead of crushing ore into powder and mixing it with wax, like I did, white bone powder is dyed with a dye extracted from plant juice and then mixed with wax. That seems to be mainstream.

Iris helped me, so it took about 30 minutes to complete.

1st: A figure of a person coughing

2nd: Depiction of black particles popping out of the coughing mouth

3rd: An enlargement of the black grain, showing something spiky like a sea urchin

4th: Depiction of the black grain being sucked into the mouth of someone opposite the coughing person

Fifth: Depiction of black particles entering from the mouth and going into the lungs, where it grows

6th: Depiction of the affected person coughing further and worsening the condition of the surrounding people

I made only 6 pictures.

“Then, I’ll explain. Let’s compare the model to Emilia’s mother. That’s the case with the first coughing person. And the second picture is Sasha coughing and some black particles are popping out.”

“Luke, what are those black particles? Are they the cause of the disease?”

“Yeah. I used black particles for easy understanding, but in reality, they’re so small that they can’t be seen visually without special tools and skills. The third picture makes it easier to visualize.”

“It looks so evil!”

 I made it look like a spiky sea urchin with three white eyes. I drew it like this because I wanted people to see it as something bad for them.

 In reality, the shape and color may differ depending on the type of bacteria. The sea urchin-like shape in this picture is similar to a cold virus…the tubercle bacillus is supposed to be a collection of long, thin pieces.

“Ah, that’s just an image. It doesn’t have a face.”

“Is that so? Then the image is chestnuts….” {TN: Didn’t get what the author meant here}

Perhaps the image will be effective for those with such a virus in their system.

“I’ll show you some real images specially for you….don’t let anyone else see them.”

 Navi gave me a lot of images taken with an electron microscope on the internet, so I sent some of them to Iris by e-mail.

“Eh⁉ This is the source of the illness!”

“The one Iris is looking at right now is the source of a cold, looks like this picture, right?”

“Yes! It’s a bad-looking spike! Colds also have an invisible source of illness!”

“That’s right, and this is the source of labor cough illness.”

“That? They aren’t round and spiky.”

“Yes. As I said earlier, the color and shape vary depending on the type of illness. The picture I drew is just an image.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be better and more accurate to show this image to everyone?”

“Illnesses can be treated with the image of eliminating the cause of the illness, so those specialized in medical research have to make an effort. There’s no reason for me to teach everything.”

“Well, if it can be cured with the image of black grains, then I guess it’s okay…where did you get this knowledge and images Luke-sama? Is it still from the Great Sage?”

What should I do?…….

 In the world I was in, only a few people say they don’t know about “bacteria” and “viruses.” Nowadays, it’s commonplace to wear a ” mask” when going out and to “wash your hands” and “gargle” when you get home. I don’t have any medical expertise, but I do have a shallow and broad knowledge from watching TV and the Internet.

“This is the knowledge I got from my research. The Great Sage doesn’t even know this either. The images I got with a skill. Don’t tell this to anyone.”

 Yeah, it’s not a lie because I researched it on the internet. The image is not a lie either because Navi itself is like a skill of mine.

“That’s amazing!”

Huh? Isn’t Iris’s favorability rising again?

It’s a good sign, so let’s attack a little more…It’s kind of cute.

“You can treat the illness with the image of black grains, which are the source of the illness and are bad for your body, but if you imagine it being eliminated in the exact form of the real thing, the effect should be maximized. I’ll only teach this to my disciple, Iris, but like the question you just asked, you’ll probably be asked how you got the skill to see these invisible little things, and other derivative questions, so please keep it a secret.”

“I see…I understand! Thank you for sharing this with only me! I’m very happy ♪”

That’s cute…I’m glad she’s feeling special. She has a very nice smile.

“In the fourth picture, when a person with labor cough keeps coughing, these black particles come out of his mouth, and the person on the other side takes them into his body as he breathes.”

“Then, does the fifth picture mean that the source of the illness increases in the body of the person who inhaled the black grain?”

“Yes. It gets nutrients from the person’s body and grows, and it’s a depiction of a person who has a developed labor cough and coughs even more, causing more people around him to become infected. This is the sequence of the spread of labor cough. This is not only with labor coughs but also with colds and diarrhea, such as dysentery, which often occurs in the summer.”

“Is the diarrhea prevalent in summer, also caused by an invisible cause of illness?”

“Yes. It seems that there are many types of particles that can be the cause of these bad illnesses but don’t worry too much about that. When you cast antidotes and recovery spells, you should strongly imagine that the source of the illness is being eliminated from the body and die.”

“I see! I feel like I understand something now!”

Wow! She’s looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Well? Did you understand this picture book?”

“Yes! I think even a monkey can understand this!”

“Monkeys may not be able to understand this, but I think a higher ranking species of orc can.”

Apparently Iris’s liking for me has risen again.

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      1. Chestnut probably refers to it’s round and prickly shape

  3. Chestnut probably refers to it’s round & prickly shape

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