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Chapter 6: Luke the Disliked

I’m worried about the survival of the girl who I tried to help, but I have an important project first.

Let’s go to the bathroom!

I felt the urge to urinate, so I opened the door of my room to go to the bathroom, but the guards there stopped me.

“Where are you going, Luke sama? Please return to your room … The King has strictly that  you’re to remain in your room.”

It seems that they’re keeping an eye on me so I don’t run away. But seriously, two people … It’s a waste of human resources.

“I want to go pee. I might even need number 2 …”

“It can’t be helped if it’s the toilet. I’ll accompany you.”

“I wanna take it slow while pooping … I can’t run away, so can you leave me alone?”


“I won’t fall for that! I’ve been angry ever since you ran away before …”

Was it so?

After mischief, Luke has run away from home many times because he didn’t want people to get angry when things were more important than expected. He’s run away from home for up to a week. Unlike ordinary households, the prince’s runaway is treated as him being missing, and it seems that a considerable number of people were devoted to the search in case of kidnapping. Needless to say, the things he did were so big, they should get angry.

Where did he run away … Inns, general stores, churches, private houses of ordinary citizens, etc., He knew that if he had a child’s problem of no money, he would be able to do something about it. It’s such a case because he didn’t have enough friends to rely on.

“Okay … don’t look inside?”

“Hmm … (who looks at a fucking pig)”

I heard some blunt words …

It’s a voice that you normally can’t hear, but Luke has a passive [physical strengthening], so he’s a hellish listener … abusive words against the prince … it’s a serious crime, but it’s a very bad idea to stimulate my father anymore. ..

Let’s not hear it …

The toilet is on the first floor. There are no toilets upstairs in this large castle or mansion. The reason is that the toilets in this world are lonely toilets. A hole is dug in the ground, a large barrel is placed, a board is laid to close it, a gap about the width of the shoulder is opened, and the work is added across it. And when manure collects, ask a specialist to collect it on a regular basis. The excrement that is pumped out is processed by a trader as fertilizer and sold cheaply to farmers.

While moving to the bathroom, we passed by a maid and several butlers, and although she bowed lightly, she had a gaze full of contempt. Wow, Luke’s really hated! Especially by the women, they look like they were looking at G. {TN: G for gokiburi, you can google it}

For some reason … Yeah, Luke had done a lot!

Usually, if you’re a prince, you try to sell yourself and exude charm. It’s a ball if you can handle it. However, “I hate only the pig prince!”  It seems that the women who work in this castle have a common understanding. I used to do all sorts of mischief, such as peeking into the changing rooms and the bathroom, making the bath cold, and getting the washed laundry dirty.

I straddle the door plate to poop, but it’s hard work for me who is fat. And above all, it smells!

I decided to develop a flush toilet with a Western-style toilet seat as soon as possible.

I noticed when I entered the bathroom, but to my surprise, I had no hair … not only pubic hair, but also stubble, armpit hair, and no growth on my hands … Everywhere I had smooth skin. I’ll check later if it’s just me … I’m a little embarrassed.

I asked the guards who were waiting outside the door to get some information.

“Hey, how long was I unconscious? The fact that I was wearing a patch means I slept for so long that I couldn’t react, right?”

Instead of diapers, clothes were wrapped around the waist … It used to be like this when Japan didn’t have proper pants.

“It’s been about a day and a half. The chef is preparing a meal now, so I’ll bring it to your room as soon as possible.”

“I’m really hungry so I’m looking forward to it.”


I heard the guard muttering “Fucking pig” again.

It’s annoying, but it’s a fact, so let’s ignore it. I could die if I blame him, cause a scene and get beaten by my father again.

He was disgusted because I got hungry near the toilet where the smell is so bad, so I can’t blame him for saying that.

From the mouth of this guard, this thing will soon be known throughout the castle. In this world without entertainment such as television, such gossip-like material becomes a hot topic. It will have a tail fin and a dorsal fin and will grow wings.

‘He was happy to talk about food while grinning at the toilet which smelled like that. ‘ Whew—

It seems that Luke is completely isolated in the castle.

I can see that the people around me are tired of being burdened by a stupid prince.

Many of the maids and butlers in the royal castle are daughters of aristocrats. It’s said that the main purpose is actually to learn the attitude of a master and the complaints of the servant by being used once by higher-ranking aristocrats.

The general maids and butlers are also elites who are proud to work in the royal family. It’s annoying to my servants that I’m shaming the name of the royal family. It may be natural since the evaluation of any servant who works for me is lowered.

Luke is bad and “It’s not me!” I want to say, but —

Goddess … This situation is really hard!

After doing some extra work, I was taken back to my room, but two visitors were waiting.

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  1. This is the first time I read about the toilet system of medieaval era in a novel in so much detail. And yuck, that’s nasty. Anyway thanks for the chapter.

    1. Diana Kurosawa

      I researched that topic back in highschool and I already experienced something like that so it’s kinda common sense to me, lol~

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