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Chapter 56: I talked about staying in this country

King Zeno looked up and then frowned.

Perhaps there was a visual indication of the call. I wonder if he had a face like that because it was my father ...

"Is it a call from my dad?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did you see it on my face?"

"Yes, how many times since then?"

"Oh, I hung up once, but he’s been calling over and over again. I'm ignoring it now, but I can't ignore it forever. What to do?"

The call function is like a phone call, but it only works with people who are registered as friends. It's very convenient, but the bottleneck is that friend registration can only be done at close range. It's not like a phone call where you just need to know the number, or in this case, the full name.

When I first came to this country, my brother deleted my entire friends list. This means that I can't use the call function with people from my country. He said the purpose was to stop spies, but considering that they've already entered the royal palace and the school, I doubt there was any point in deleting them.


"What is my father's request?"

"He just says to return you. Even if it's his child, it's a bit domineering."

"I know. The moment I make an ancient dragon and a divine beast my servants, he just wants me back. It's not right to ask for the return of a child once you've given him as a son-in-law. Well, I can understand my father's feelings, but this is a little too much."

"What do you really think Luke? If you can go home, do you want to?"

My feelings?

It's Luke's feelings, but there is familial love. I was sent to be a son-in-law by my father, but I could understand that he did it out of love for me. But if I’m asked if I want to go back to my country, the answer is no.

"When I was attending the Dragoon Academy, I was a real slacker. I deserved it, but my classmates made fun of me quite a lot and hated me. Still, since I was a prince, no one did anything to me directly, but the backbiting was terrible. Honestly, I have no intention of returning to that country."

"Well, I'm sorry, but I’m a little relieved to hear that."

"You and Mifa should have an engagement party soon. If you want, I'd like you to marry my Elise as well.”

This person is King Zeno's wife, Carmilla, his first wife. Mifa's mother is Mirana, the second wife. Elise, I believe, is the youngest child of the first wife, and in terms of age, she’s 14 this year, I think.

The other day I asked Iris about the family structure of the king and learned he had two wives, the first lady had the eldest son, the second son, the eldest daughter, and the third daughter (Ellis). The second wife had the second daughter (Mifa), Third son, and fourth son.

"Mother Carmilla, that's a good idea! Father, let's get everything ready right away and make a big show of it so no one can interfere!”

"This is… Mifa, I understand your feelings, but Luke has a troubled face."

" Mother? Does Master Luke look uncomfortable?"

Thank goodness ... It was helpful that Mifa's mother was there to stop her.

"Isn't that a bit hasty? It's true that making a big announcement of our engagement would be a check on my father and other powerful nobles, but I told you, didn't I? I said we should take our time to get to know each other. To tell you the truth, I don't know anything about Mifa. I know that this is how noblemen marry, but I told you in the carriage that I didn't like that either."

"Yes ... that's right. I'm sorry. I was very worried that you would be returned to your country ..."

She apologized with tears ... that’s cute!

"Haha, Mifa is too cute. I won't go home, so don't worry."

"He said I was cute! I'm so happy?"

"Hmmm, but what should we do ......? I'm glad you're willing to stay, Luke, but I wonder if King Julius will make a forcible move?"


"Can you answer the call? I’ll talk to him directly."


"You finally picked up! Zeno! Stop pretending to be absent! Send my son home! 』\

"Father, you’re being vulgar! Your wording is unfit for a king! It's like the ill-bred bandits I met the other day."

"Luke? That Zeno bastard has been a friend since childhood ... Rather than that, you can come back! You did a good job of summoning a god beast! If this is the case, you can do live in this country as a Duke! Come back quickly! 』\

Was Zeno a friend of my father?

"♪ It seems they often met as next king candidates since they were children, and they deepened their friendship in order to support each other in making a better country.."

I guess both of them had higher ambitions when they were young, and it seems to be wonderful and amazing, but that was just before.

"Father, it’s domineering to try and get back a son-in-law just because he summoned a god beast. And I have no intention of returning."

"Is it a woman? Is the princess called Mifa such a good woman? Or is it Miss Emilia? This Zeno guy, How dare he entangle my son with a beautiful princess just because he summoned a divine beast and an ancient dragon? "

"That’s a misunderstanding. It was yesterday that I decided to go out with the princess, and it was before the summons. Rather, it’s you father who’s flip-flopping over the beast! You woke me up early in the morning when I was asleep without answering any questions, and you sent me to be a son-in-law without even letting me have breakfast… "

"I was thinking of you ..."

"Luke! Oh my cute Luke! 』\

"Oh, mom ..."

I'm still not good with her ...

Something that comes from Luke's memory, not me, is causing a rejection. Luke felt her love, but the form of love he was looking for was different.

I imagined her as an educating mother ...... Luke wanted a normal, gentle mother, but as a child of the royal family, he gradually became uncomfortable with a mother who was overly strict and tried to cram too many things into him. Of course, there is a mother's love in that.

"Amelia has been crying since then ... When she gets in a bad mood, she throws a tantrum and I was scratched several times. Luke, come back for Amelia’s sake. " (King Julius)

"'It's probably because you sent me to another country to be a son-in-law without telling her. Mother, please don't worry. I've been taken very good care of in this country. I'm going to have a relationship with the princess who says she loves me, and I have no intention of going back there. "

"Are you being deceived? 』\

"Ah, the princess is qualified as a first-class inquisitor. She can't lie at all, so it's impossible for her to deceive me."

"Oh, I'm sorry for interrupting. I'm Mifa, the second princess of this country. I'm going to be going out with Luke. Your Majesty King Julius, mother-in-law Amelia, please take good care of me "

"Miss Mifa, do you know Luke's rumors? What do you really think about it? Aren’t you being forced to get married for the sake of the country? 』\

"I know the rumors, but after all, it's just a rumor. I think he’s a very kind and lovely lord. who saved my life, touched by his personality, we just talked a little and I fell in love. I fell, I yearn for Luke. I'm not forced by anyone. "

"Is that so. You sound like a solid girl ... But I can't understand just by talking a little, so please come and visit us. "

"Yes! I will visit you with Luke!"

Was Mifa recognized by my eccentric mother?

"By the way, Luke. What are you going to do about Lulu? I don't think there's a better girl in the world.?You've been in love with each other since you were children, so you got engaged early.” (Amelia)

Was the engagement with Lulu decided at the age of 10?

Mifa looks uneasy next to me.

"I heard that Lulu is already in the process of a new engagement ..."

"Hmm, that kind of thing can be stopped with just one word from the royal family! Your feelings are most important! "

I honestly don't understand my feelings. I think this chest-tightening sensation is an emotion that comes from Luke's memory. I remember Lulu being a very good girl. However, when it comes to getting married, I think I should wait a little longer.

"Mom, I'll be back home with Mifa during the summer vacation. I'll think about Lulu by then."

"Are you not coming back to this country? Are you abandoning your mother"

"No, I was the one who was exchanged for the 10 sons of the aristocrats of this country. If you get angry, get angry with father. But I'm very fulfilled right now. It's a very happy life that I couldn't have had there. If you love me, would you warmly watch over me? "

"Is the country so comfortable? 』\

"Yes. When I went to school, I have a valet, or rather a disciple, who is very good and takes care of me perfectly, so I’m able to live very comfortably.”

"Is that so……. You have an excellent butler, don’t you? However, act with the knowledge that it’s a butler given by the speculation of another country. ”

A butler... It seems that she thinks it’s a boy, but I wonder if there’s a need to correct her. It would be awkward if even my mother says I’m entangled by women.

"Yes. I'm fully aware. I'll be back in the summer, so I'll leave father to you. King Zeno's in trouble. You never know what father might do to get the sacred beast, so please tell him If he says anything too outrageous, I'll take the ancient dragon and go spit a breath at him, okay?"

In the end, it was agreed that I could stay in this country.

I made him promise not to say anything more overbearing and hung up the call.

Mother ……. I was nervous because of Luke's weakness, but I think she’s a good person to talk to.

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  1. Holy excrement! What a toxic and manipulative family!

    King Julius Zeno had the gall to try and gaslight Luke!

    And his “eccentric” mother. Gee gods. To try and guilt-trip him into coming back to endure more disdain and ridicule?!

    Those two deserve something seriously horrible happening to them.

    1. The thing is that his mom was comparing him to his brothers which were geniuses. Luke was theoretical in learning so they didn’t see anything wrong in comparing to his brothers (even if they do love him).

      Parenting is not an easy thing, even more so as a royal with excellent genes. It sucks because there’s more to what they’re dealing with than us as commoners. I mean, he wasn’t disowned at least like some do in our world.

      Our world just recently learned that people don’t all learn at the same rate.

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