Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Mifa’s servant

“Hey, there are knights deployed around the summoning area.”
“♪ Although demon beasts that respond to summons are usually quiet, there are some that go wild when they know that they can’t make a contract. The knights and teachers are here to ensure safety. ”

“But if an S-class demon beast goes wild, It may not be suppressed even with them, right? 』\
“♪ The summoned demon beast cannot leave the summoning circle until It signs a contract, so there shouldn’t be much threat.”

Then it doesn’t seem to be so dangerous. If It can’t move, it’s just one-sided.

There are about 150 first-year knights alone, so the magic department will start in the afternoon.

Since it’s F class, most of the demon beasts that come are lower class monsters.
But two people made a servant contract. Blue slime and horn rabbit.
He said the blue slime would be cool to sleep on as a pillow in the coming summer. The girl who signed with the Horn Rabbit said it was cute. It’s completely an aristocratic pet.

After that, summoning and repatriation are repeated, but when goblins are called, people laugh. The summoner who calls It is embarrassed and returns it.

Why? No matter how I think of it, I don’t understand why they’re laughing.

“♪ There’s a reason. The demon beast called is related to the temperament of the summoner, so anyone who summons a goblin which attacks women will be embarrassed. “

“So that’s it! I’m convinced with that. It can certainly make you laugh. If your temperament affects it, they might think, “This guy is erotic” or “He has a desire to rape.”

A Drake was called at the end of the B class, but there was a problem here.

“That’s why I’m saying I don’t need it!”
“Wait! It’s a drake!”

It seems that teachers and knights are trying to persuade him not to send it back and sign a contract, he’s saying he will return it cause he doesn’t need it.

“Why are you doing a summoning when you say you don’t need it!”
“I’m telling you I don’t need it!”

♪Time passes and no conclusion is drawn.

“I want to graduate from the knight department and become a knight! It would be a hindrance if I had such a big thing!”
“Is that so, Luke-kun, are you here? Please come up”

Huh? Why me? Who are you?
I don’t know this knight teacher, right?

“You were a dragoon right? I want you to tell him a little about being a dragoon.”

Huh? Explain it yourself …

“You want to be a knight, but do you hate dragoons?”
“Dragoon? Is that also a knight?”

You don’t know dragoons?
Do you not know what a dragoon is even though you want to be a knight?

“♪ He seems to be from a village where they don’t even have a knight. It’s a small mountain village with a population of about 120 people. “

“I don’t know how it is in this country, but in the neighboring Kingdom of Wolg, a dragoon who graduated from the dragoon school is given a baronet rank and can take on the duties of a dragoon. The rank is high, and the salary seems to be many times better than a knight’s. “

“Oh, really? I can become a baronet … I see! What should I do?”
“Thank you for persuading him Luke. If you want to be a dragoon, you will move from the knight academy to dragoon school. Fortunately, your future with a Drake will be bright. Congratulations! “

Applause came from the venue … Everyone envies him.
He named the Drake and was taken away by his teacher. After this, he’ll be busy with changing schools.

After that, all the summons were returned as usual.
After seeing that, no one wanted a contract with a lower-class demon beast.

* * *

After lunch, we will start from the F class of the magic department.

The king came to visit during the afternoon.
It’s an impromptu inspection, but I think he really came to see Mifa and me. And also, maybe his niece Emilia.

The demon beasts called in the magic department have higher ranks than those of the knight department, and sometimes a good monster is summoned. After all the amount of magic power and the quality is different from the knight department.

The most notable thing about the afternoon summons was when a B-class boy called an Arachne.
It’s a demon beast with the upper body of a super-beautiful woman with a thin shirt on top of a big spider of about 5m, but this student was very confused.

“Danna-sama, would you please sign me?”

“Hmm, as you can see, Arachne is a demon beast whose main characteristic is a beautiful woman. At first, it was so intelligent that it was thought to be a demon, not a demon beast, and she could talk. However, It’s a B-class demon beast that properly possesses a magic stone inside it’s body. It can be mounted, Arachne’s thread is useful and can be used in battle and for sale. It’s not bad as a servant, but this demon beast has a little problem … “

“Problem? What is it?”

“For some reason, Arachne only give birth to females, and they serve as companions to their master, but … She is jealous. And when she has a child, she has the habit of giving her own body to the child to eat. The man will be left behind and feel lonely. If it was a wild Arachne, she will eat the man who was her spouse first when she conceives, that doesn’t happen with contracts but the child will be lost. Well, this only happens when the male side accepts the appearance of the arachne. “

“Oh, I can’t have that kind of relationship with a spider woman. I want it as a servant …”

“Everyone says that at first … Arachnes seem to really do their best. Now she’s big, but she can make herself smaller as well, she’ll do her best to cook and clean. Even if you don’t like the spider part, you’ll fall in love with the woman part … “

At first, it seems that the spider part is unpleasant, but as you get used to it, the beautiful woman part starts to seem more attractive, and while they’re being taken care of, they completely fall in love with it. It’s indeed a creature with a problem.

The schoolboy looked at her … the moment she met his eyes, he turned red.

You’re no good already! You must have thought so from the beginning.
The B-class demon beast will be subsidized by the country, so it seems that she will become his servant.

And the turn of A class finally came.

Iris returned a Red Slime.
Natalie summoned a boar-like demon beast called Stamp Boar, but she returned it saying she doesn’t need it.
Erica got a silver wolf, a demon beast that can be used quite well, but said it was not needed.
Emilia got a Lucky Rabbit, and it seems her luck will increase a little if it’s by her side, but it seems it’s not a rare demon beast, so it was repatriated.
Mifa seems to have summoned a mysterious creature with a red jewel on it’s forehead, similar to a Fennec fox.

“” Wa! Cute! “”

The whole venue was heated, but Mifa herself couldn’t see it.

“What is this? It’s a demon beast I’ve never seen?”
“Hmm, I haven’t seen it either. What is this? It’s a very cute demon beast.”

It seems the teachers don’t know it either. Is it that rare?

“Someone use appraisal magic!”

“This is! Holy Beast Carbunclo!”

Oh, by the way, there was a guy like this in the MMO.

The king came down when he heard it was a holy beast. It seems it will be in the national interest just to have a holy beast.

“You did it Mifa! I knew you’d call something great!”

“Luke! Please give this child a name!”

Mifa-san, are you ignoring the excited king right now…

“No, you have to name it properly Mifa.”
“But I can only see vaguely, so I don’t know what name fits.”

“Then, I’ll tell you the characteristics. It’s about 30 cm in size, it’s not very big. It’s similar to a fox, but its ears and tail are unusually large and cute. The hair is fluffy and has a very nice coat color. The coat color is golden and the forehead is filled with red jewels. “

“A jewel? What kind of jewel?”
“The color is bright red, either a ruby, garnet, or spinel?”

“Spinel? That’s great! I’ll name this child ” Spinel “!”
“Kyu ~ ?”

It seems that the fox liked it.

It’s finally my turn, but I know that Navi is coming, so I’m not as excited as everyone else. I’m glad to finally meet you.

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