Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: They said it was absolutely necessary to have an exclusive servant

I really don’t need a servant … Even now, the tea maid is quietly waiting in the corner of the room, listening to the conversation. I don’t think I can relax if someone is always by my side, listening and would rather not have one…

“Hmm, I tried to talk to people, but there is no one who matches my family’s standards…. My daughter’s maid for school is a child of the same age, from an early age. I called out to different houses and let them compete, and I took the best one as her servant, but boys were not included. “

“In Wolg, it was possible to have a servant of the opposite sex, but is it not allowed in this country?”

“No, it’s allowed … “

“That’s why I’m saying I don’t need a servant!”

“Excuse me! I’m sorry to interrupt you during your talk! Would you please allow me to be His Highness Luke’s servant!”

The tea maid interrupted the talk … and she wants to be my servant! It’s an unthinkable situation compared to the royal castle!

“Are you saying you want to be the Duke’s side wife?”

The quiet but low-pitched voice of Duke Guile echoed through the room … a side wife? Why is that?


The maid is also surprised.

“You didn’t know that? Luke is the son-in-law of my duke’s family? The fact that he has the opposite sex as his servant will be seen by the public as having a second wife candidate or concubine.”

I see … this world sees it that way… if an adolescent boy brings in a maid instead of a butler, it usually includes sexual services.

“I’m not going to do that …”

“Even if you don’t do it, the world sees it that way. If a boy’s always around you, who’ll believe there’s nothing going on? If you were a viscount’s daughter, I could give permission. However, the eldest daughter of a Count family cannot be treated as a concubine. It’s impossible. “

“Hey … don’t talk without me … Who is this girl?”

“The eldest daughter of Count Michael, she’s a girl I recently took in as a noble apprentice.”

“My name is Iris. Thank you for your understanding.”

“I’m a little curious … Aren’t there a lot of noble apprentice maids? And they’re all cute girls … Is it a hobby?”

“Luke! You said too much again!”

“No. I noticed as well … Actually, I’ve been flooded with four times as many applications these days … Do you know why?”

“Why? Is there any reason?”

“Yes … it’s annoying for me …”

When I saw Iris san, I felt sorry for him …

“I see … Isn’t the Duke of Guile a good husband to marry after your wife’s death?”

“That’s right! Did you understand? We don’t have a boy to succeed, so the houses who see it as an opportunity sent their proud daughters … Luke, you’re excellent, unlike the rumors.”

“It’s complicated. It’s like the prosperity of their house is promised on the day when a boy is born to the Duke … If it’s like this, I’m a super troublesome person for those with such intentions. I wonder if I’ll be assassinated by poisoning … “

I’m afraid, I can’t say that it’s definitely not a possibility …

“I decided it was impossible to take a second wife, so I thought she might want to get in through my son-in-law, but that doesn’t seem to be the case …”

“No! I wanted to learn as much as possible from His Royal Highness’s about healing … I wasn’t even aware of men and women … I’m sorry.”

Iris-san … She’s a cute girl, but it will only interfere with the subjugation of the evil god. This girl will never be able to do it in terms of force. I’m sorry, but let’s give up.

“If a girl as cute as her is always by my side, I’ll definitely attack her!”
I Deliberately act vulgar to dissuade her.

After that, this topic was put on hold …

* * *

I’m trying to sleep in my room, but I can’t …

My limbs tremble when I remember the murder at noon.

Even if I knew that the other party was a villainous thief, today’s event is a heavy burden for me, who grew up in peaceful times.

While I was still awake, someone knocked and came in softly.

“Luke onii-chan … Are you sleepy yet?”

“What’s wrong Lara?”

“Lara has been sleeping alone since she was told that she shouldn’t sleep with her mother … Anna neesan sometimes sleeps with me, but i’m lonely.”

“Come on … you can sleep with me today”

“Yay? I’m happy?”

Lara sneaks into the bed and smells like sweet flowers … Is this a [personal incense]?

“♪ That’s right. Lara’s [individual incense] seems to have a [sleep promoting effect] and a [relaxing effect]. It’s a perfect effect for the current master. “

“Luke onii-chan, it smells really good?”

Apparently, I have a similar [personal incense] effect.

When I was holding Lara, my disturbed heart calmed down and I slept unknowingly.

* * *

The next morning, after the princess returned to the royal capital, I examined the remaining members of the duke’s household.

The family steward and two maids were infected. They were the ones who often act with Duke Guile.

“There seems to be a source of infection near Duke Guile … If anyone coughs frequently, force them into quarantine.”

“Hmm, I understand, will it not spread from those who have been infected?”

“It’s cured, so there’s no problem.”

I also treated mother-in-law and the slave who was her caregiver, after that I didn’t have anything to do in the morning.

Alright! Then it’s diet time!

I was guided to the training ground in the Duke’s house and asked my brother to practice.

“Luke …this is too sad…”

In less than 20 minutes, I couldn’t stand up because I was out of breath.

“it’s painful …”

“That’s a part of it … Get thinner and get stronger!”

“I understand……”

The knights who were training at the training ground saw me running with white eyes ….

I was motivated before the training and called my brother for a run, but I thought I would die seriously.

The reason why he stayed in the Duchy’s territory without going to the royal capital with the princess … was so we would go to the royal capital tomorrow by drake.

I was called by Duke Guile in the evening.

“I’m sorry … I haven’t found a servant yet. My brother told me to give you one, so not having one is no good.”

Is it possible to force a servant by a royal order?

“Hmm … Anyone is fine with me.”

“That’s not the case! There are people who do bad things to get into the Duke’s family. I need a servant who also has the role of eliminating such people. “

At that time, Iris, the maid, visited the room.

“Master … If you’re talking about the servant problem of the other day, isn’t it okay with me?”

“Does that mean you want to get taken in as a side wife?”

“No … I was worried overnight yesterday, but I really want to be a disciple of His Highness Luke. I also want to learn healing that surpasses the Pope …”

“But do you know the rumors?”

“Yes … but I don’t think he’s as terrible as they say. I’m on the side of Luke-sama, and I’ll learn from him as a disciple.”

If it’s my rumor … The Duke is talking about the erotic parts such as peeking in the bath and peeking in changing rooms …

“Even though my son-in-law hasn’t met his bride yet, I’m handing him to another woman first …”

“Why is it supposed to be my hand …”

“Why, do you have a problem?”

“It’s rude to have such a cute girl in front of me and not touch her! But is she even 16 years old?”

I was glared at by my brother and the Duke …

“Yes. I graduated from the Magic Department of the Knights Academy this year. I majored in the Department of Recovery and Pharmacy. I am 19 years old this year.”

“Even if he gets his hands on you, you want to be his disciple? Is that your parent’s command? Or your intention?”

“It’s my intention. I’ve been a maid of the duke’s family for three years, so I’m confident in cooking. I’ve never dropped below 5th place so I think I can help when His Imperial Highness Luke is having trouble studying. I’ll be useful, so please choose me as a servant! “

She’s really appealing! I have no idea what she’s thinking about!

“Fairy san! 』\

“♪ It seems she wants to learn the master’s skills and help people even if she’s treated by the master as a concubine, and at worst abandoned and dismissed.”

“Isn’t there something like a house convenience or a parent’s order? 』\

“♪ It seems she consulted with her house last night, but as a Count family, she was instructed to be taken in anyway, but she has no strange intentions … She’s a very good girl. It’s a hindrance to subduing the evil god, but it’s the same if someone else would do it anyway. Isn’t it better to have a girl who has respect for master? 』\

“Hmm, but I’m more comfortable by myself”

“♪ If the king gets involved, you can get the worst person at random right? I think it’s better to have a cute girl in front of you than a messy man to follow you … It’s 3 years, right? 』\

That’s right … 3 years is long … I don’t like it because I could get a shady guy or someone insidious.

“Duke Guile, if you’ll have someone follow me, please choose this girl.”

“Hmm, I have a good relationship with the Mikhail family …”

“By the way, isn’t your daughter androphobic? Can she marry me?”

“So you know … To be honest, this marriage was something that my brother had done without my consent. But Can the daughter of a duke’s family stay in the house without getting married? No. I don’t allow the aristocrats to stay home without fulfilling their duties, even though they live on the taxes of the people, so Emilia was given three years of grace like a typical noble family … … she would find my son-in-law while attending school … “

“Then, what would happen to me if she finds a good person at the school? A big laugh.”

“Emilia’s androphobia is considerable … I don’t think she can improve it while at school. At first, she said that she didn’t want to go to school with a man. …… I don’t know what triggered it, but she said that she wanted to learn magical techniques about a year ago … Well, I decided it would be impossible for Emilia to find a son in law by the time she graduates, so I reached out to my brother, I asked him to help find me a son-in-law. “

“I don’t think it’s necessary to search for a son-in-law for a daughter who hates men, but … there’s Anna-chan or Lara-chan, right?”

“The higher the family, the greater the rights of the aristocrats. But there are also obligations … If the higher ones give up their obligations, the lower ones will not be able to perform. And this is a commercial city, so Labor cough is quite prevalent in the territory … I was a bit impatient because I didn’t know when it would infect someone. Then I suddenly got told that my brother had decided on a son-in-law … “

In a commercial city, there will be a lot of people coming and going from the outside … It’s an environment where such diseases are easy to spread.

“You were convinced even though the son-in-law was the rumored ‘Orc Prince’ of the neighboring country?”

“I wasn’t convinced, but my brother wouldn’t make a deal that would be an absolute loss … I gave my daughter three years, but I wouldn’t wait any longer to hear Emilia’s choice. I have to face the people … “

“Is your daughter’s will ignored when the grace expires?”

“I’ve given her three years of grace. Normally, that’s when I’ll find one myself. If you were the man you were rumored to be, I’d just throw you out. But … I don’t think you’re so bad. I’d never played with Lara so much and in just a few hours … “

“It’s just easy for children to like me…”

“That child has a unique skill that makes her sensitive to the malicious intent of others. That’s why she became scared of people and became a character that hides from others. She trusted you in an instant … I believe in Lara’s ability more than people’s rumors … “

I don’t really need a maid or anything.

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